Why Is The Ego A Bad Thing? 8 Key Reasons!

Why Is The Ego A Bad Thing

Why Is the ego a bad thing? Like in everything there’s always good and bad. It’s not necessarily that the ego is a bad thing but that it can become a bad thing if left out of control.  In the world today, everyone has an ego; some have a big ego while others have a small one.

The ego can be described as an over the top™, puffed up, I’m better than everyone kinda attitude. As I am writing this piece, I can already feel my ego telling me things that I should never obey or listen to.

The ego simply makes you ignore the sense of rationality. Some people fail to differentiate between ego and confidence. The ego is a killer while confidence is healthy.

How many hearts have been broken in the name of ego? Many, right? The ego will take away your happiness, relationships, career, and talent.

Allowing your ego to lead your life means that you are already destroying your life. Below are the 8 key reasons why your ego should never be part of your life!

8 Key Reasons Why The Ego Is A Bad Thing:

1). It Stops You From Growing:

Too much ego will make you stubborn and therefore, you stop listening to other people nor take their advice. The ego will make you listen to yourself only. It’s a fact that we learn from other people – people who are more experienced in life. Therefore, your ego will easily stop you from growing and thus it hinders you from being successful.

I have worked with people like this, and its the worst. They think they are right and you are wrong no matter the facts. It’s their opinion that is most important, and if you don’t agree, they think your stupid or something.

Pretty sad, but also a MASSIVE turnoff and a terrible way to not have people like you.

2). It Makes You Greedy:

Ego simply makes you want more and win more in life. Being ambitious is a great thing, but attaching your ambitions to your ego, your ambitions become torn apart.

Some people will tell you that you are full of yourself – you want everything to yourself without considering others. Ego makes you be the don’t care type of person.

If you want to be more successful, you need to have the mental attitude of love and helping people get what THEY want, and have the understanding that by doing that, in return you will attract back to you something you want.

Why Is The Ego A Bad Thing

3). It Blocks Love From Coming To You:

As said earlier, ego makes you be the don’t care type of person. Typically, it makes you less caring. You may achieve all the successes that anyone will ever wish for but people may be avoiding you because of your ego.

If you don’t have a pleasing personality (which is one of the laws of success), then you will have a much harder time winning people over to your way of thinking. People need to love you, enjoy your company, and your a positive attitude.

I’d rather hang out with someone who is less successful, than someone whose ego is so damn big, that it turns me off. People like that, are not pleasant, and what’s sad, is most of the time they don’t even see it, because its so big.

4). It Adds More Stress:

The ego makes you to want everything and be ahead of everyone. Imagine waking up to such an ambition daily – you will become so hard on yourself and you end up adding more stress into yourself in the name of ego.

When someone else beats you out you feel so disappointed and jealous. Ego just leaves you frustrated. They say that the happiest people are those who live a stress-free (ego-free) life. (not sure if I agree with that 100%, but you get the idea)

Also remember that the feeling of stress will cause you to actually have to work harder to get what you want in life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then by the law of attraction, you will attract to you more situations that will cause you to FEEL more overwhelmed and stressed.

The point of life is to be in the moment, while being productive and happy. I know for a fact that when I am competing with myself and no one else, I am more happy. In reality I am my own worst enemy. The whole work 100 hrs a week bull shit is just so stupid.

But hey, if you LOVE what you do, then by all means work 100 hrs a week, because at that point it does not work, you’re enjoying your life, and that’s the best way to live.

5). It Pushes Nice People Away From You:

Well, the ego WILL attract wrong people into your life. However, it will also push away many right ones from you. Personally, I love being around people who can readily lift me up, and not those who want to show me how far better they are than me.

The truth is, no one wants to be a friend to an egoistic person. We want to be around people who CARE and are just like us. Life is about providing service, and creating relationships that last, and growing to become our best selves.

Why Is The Ego A Bad Thing

6). It Makes You Less Compassionate:

With the ego, you will never see the good in others. Ego makes you see the worst in others and get defensive mostly. It makes you become very judgmental.

Judging others based on their minor negative side, simply means that you will end up hating everyone. Ego makes you think that everyone is attacking you instead of trying to understand what they are telling you.

I’ve seen this so many times. I’ve tested it personally and watched people flip out. It’s actually kind of fun to do, just because you know for a fact that they have some sort of “I have to prove myself to everyone mentality” because they were bashed as a little kid and never treated right.

If someone is not treating you kindly. Just respond with no feelings. Don’t react whatever you do, because that’s what they want from you. Their ego feeds on it.

7). Makes You Competitive:

Egoistic people tend to be very ambitious. They can do anything to achieve what they want (which is not a bad thing) – they can go to an extent of harming others so that they can be at the top, that’s the bad part.

The ego makes people not want to wish others luck in their life. The ego will also make one be less contented thus they may tend to take other people’s things – just to have them.

Now side note, being content should NEVER be allowed because that actually stops personal growth. If we were content, we would have never had electricity and all the conveniences of life.

But when it gets to the point of just plain ego drive, that’s the problem. So a fine line you could say.

8). It Makes You Critical:

Egoistic people tend to criticize everything and everyone. Nothing seems of the standard to egoistic people. Imagine living a life where all you do is to point out the wrong things in people and criticize them.

This attitude will stop you from enjoying life – all that you see in life and people is the negative side. Being happy in life means picking up only positive things from your environment.


The ego is a life destroyer – all it does is nothing but take away the good people, career, and the positive things in your life. The ego will make you live a frustrated life.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is gain control over your ego. Ego is a very important life tool if you can USE IT CORRECTLY.

There must be a balance with it. Granted life is not all about balance and but learning when to utilize specific personality traits at the right time.

Let me ask you! Do you think the Ego is a bad thing? Or do you think its a good thing, when kept in check? Let me know below!


4 thoughts on “Why Is The Ego A Bad Thing? 8 Key Reasons!”

  1. Hi Alex, Great article, I agree with you that ego can destroy a lot in your life if you let it take over.

    thank’s for this article

    • Hi Line,

      Thank you for reading, and glad that you see how it can be destructive if used incorrectly. Hope you have a blessed year ahead.



  2. Thanks Alex for this great article,
    I think everyone needs an ego as long as they keep it at bay. We never know what kind of people we can meet and an ego could save us some times.
    You are so right on how an ego can bring a lot of trouble if we don’t control it.
    Is their special classes that help people get their ego under control?

    • Hi Nataliya,

      I have not heard of any special classes on the ego, but I bet if you go to YouTube.com you can find a lot of stuff on there for free. Are use YouTube all the time and it’s been so helpful. Thanks for stopping by and reading hope you have an excellent year ahead.




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