Why Do I Hate My Life? 10 Tips On How To Change It!

Why Do I Hate My Life

Are you having this thought, why do I hate my life? First, breathe slowly and know that you are not alone. Statistically, everyone has had this thought in their life; therefore, having such a thought is very normal.

If you have been experiencing such a thought, you are in the right place – below are the surefire ways on how to get rid of such thoughts and do so fast, plus a personal helping hand.

Why Do I Hate My Life? 10 Tips On How To Change It:

1). Why Do You Have Such Thoughts:

This is the very first question that you should ask yourself. Do you hate all your life aspects? Or is it just a few or just one aspect? What do you hate- your body? Your environment? Your job?

Do you love anything about your life, and do you want to salvage it? Getting to the root of what you hate, you are almost making it out of such thoughts.

All begins with realization. It’s very key to divide your life into components and get to know which component you hate and the ones that you love.

2). Get To The Bottom Of The Discomfort:

After pointing out the areas that you hate about your life, the next question is WHY. Why do you hate these areas? What is preventing you from doing what you need?

The reasons that you get are the ones that you should work on. You can solve your reasons or change your mindset. For example, if you hate your body because you hate exercises, find a way to start loving exercises.

3). Switch Things Up:

The best and simple way to change your life and have a new momentum is to do something new. It’s all about trying a new approach and a new technique.

Get to know something new about the part of your life that you hate. This will help you regain traction on the part of your life that you hate.

For instance, you hate your body, and all you need is exercise and a better diet; start by exploring new forms of exercise and foods that interest you, really get obsessed about it.

Why Do I Hate My Life

4). External Gratification:

Most people tend to use external gratifications to have their problems solved. This has been found to cause more pain than pleasure.

For instance, you have a problem with your relationship, and you resolve this by eating food; instead of solving your relationship problem or after a long day at work, you turn to drinking.

It can be good but only in moderation. Beware of what you are consuming into your body!

5). Remember Your Future Is Everything:

Your happiness at the moment is the future that you are anticipating and dreaming of. Think of your future; think of what you want. Is it fame, more money, happiness, a relationship?

Use the power of your mind and visualize having all of this now, and FEEL the excitement of it. This will get you so happy that you will quickly forget about what is going on that you are hating.

6). Use The Ultimate Power Of Gratitude:

You will discover that most people talk about the positive things in their life, things which they are very thankful for and they are always happier.

Worry and miserable thoughts can make you hate your life. Make a list of all the positive things in your life and use them as a strength. Remember to embrace the positives and be grateful for them.

Do this until you are feeling better. The whole point of feeling better is you are changing your subconscious paradigms as you do this, and it will be easier for you to be more positive and look for all the good that life has to offer instead of all the bad.

Why Do I Hate My Life

7). Build Up Your Self-Esteem:

All you have to do is have a list of your top 10 best qualities, i.e., loyal, caring, in control of your environment, or good listener, etc.

Take your time to know what your family and friends love about you. You will be surprised to know how much people value you. Stay on the positive things only, and your confidence will grow.

Remember that you are not you; you are merely looking at your body. Who you are, you won’t be able to see until the next life. But know that you are very special and have unlimited potential and possibilities.

You are God’s/Universe highest form of creation. You always have been and always will be.

8). Seek Help:

Going to therapy can be very beneficial. Remember that there is nothing like seeking help. It’s a show of strength and bravery.

No matter who you are and what you have done that makes you feel like you hate your life so much, help is always available.

Organizations such as Samaritans.org are a key resource for help. Your friends, too, can be a very key resource; they have always known you; talk to them about what is disturbing you.

9). Hang Around Winners And Positive People:

Positive people tend to be very successful since they will always see an opportunity in every difficult situation.

Hanging around positive-minded people can be very motivating and will motivate you to make changes that will make you stop hating your life so much.

They say positivity is a cure to all life problems, and definitely, negativity is a sure killer of progress. It’s the key to also let go of that hurting past!

Why Do I Hate My Life

10). God/Universe Loves You Greatly:

For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son. Focusing on God’s love is a very strategic way of overcoming self-hatred.

Remembering that God loves you and He tolerates all of your faults will make you feel rejuvenated about your life. God sculpted you uniquely, and that uniqueness makes you a very special person. Value your life because God does love you.

Be still and contemplate him hugging you and holding you close and saying, “I love you.” You will cry when you do this exercise, and you will feel something special inside as you do. That is your connection to him or whatever you choose to call this higher power.


You should never feel like you are worthless and that life is just too hard. Life is what we make it through our thoughts, are emotionalized thoughts.

If you are ever feeling like crap, and feel like nothing is going your way, and you just need someone to help you and talk to, who was abused for 13 years of his life, stabbed 3 times with a knife when he was 3, and been adopted 3 times, please email me at alexjsmith@imagineandmanifest.com. Everyone needs someone to talk to and have a friend!

I am always willing to help people get through whatever they need to. I’ve had a hell of a life but have come out on top and know what it takes to win and get to the other side of misery because I¬†understand the power of the mind and the power of God and his son Jesus Christ.

why do I hate my life

Don’t let things get to you; life is truly what we make it, and you just need to master a few things, and you will never be the same person.

I hope this post was helpful, and if you have questions, you know what to do :). I’m always rooting for you no matter what.

YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT, AND THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PERSON LIKE YOU ON THIS PLANET. So milk that for all its worth and let your light shine, because there is one person that believes in you…………………… AND THAT’S ME.

I may not personally know you, but that does not matter. What I do know is we are all so amazing, we can achieve anything we set our mind to, and that is what this site is all about.

Helping you to reprogram your Subconscious Mind for success and to Utilize the “Law Of Attraction” Full boar the correct way.

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