What Is Total Money Magnetism About? Is It Hype?

what is total money magnetism about

What is Total Money Magnetism About? Totally Money Magnetism is about you learning how to get your subconscious mind aligned with money instead of how it is now, where it repels it like clockwork. Steve G. Jones helps people in all areas, with hypnosis money being one of the most popular because everyone needs it and always could use more.

Money is not even real, it’s just paper, and the value is made up. By learning how to alter our feelings and paradigms towards money is where change begins to occur.

We take our time to bring forth an unbiased review of Total Money Magnetism. At the end of the evaluation, we can guarantee that you will know if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Money Magnetism Overview:

  • Product Name: Total Money Magnetism



  • Investment: $47


  • Author: Dr. Steve G Jones


  • Subject: Subconscious Hypnosis Therapy


  • Rank: 98/100

Total Money Magnetism:

The Total Money Magnetism concept was developed by Dr. Steve G Jones, an acclaimed author and self-improvement coach. Dr. Steve cut a niche for himself as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Total Money Magnetism techniques and applications are geared to help you attain a financial breakthrough through hypnosis. (highly effective method when done right)

His interaction with this concept occurred at his most desperate moment, and his life changed drastically for the better to a wealthy multi-millionaire. The resources used in the program help get more wealth and success.

Dr. Jones does not propose to you how to create money but how to develop a mindset that attracts money into your life.

His resources focus on re-engineering the mind to shun negativity, inferiority, and limitations, to start reacting to new thoughts and implementing new ideas. How to get the law of attraction working in high gear for you 100% of the time.

After realizing a new mind, you can interact with new ideas that will propel you to get more money. It is by working out the pictures you can make money.

what is total money magnetism about

What Total Money Magnetism Contains: 

He has developed several resources centered on hypnotherapy, Self-development, and personal improvement. His website may appear reserved among the resources, with his image preceding logos of leading media houses that have hosted him for interviews.

The website hosts his audio narrative that starts with his product and what it can achieve for you. Then, he narrates his life story and experience, how he first interacted with this concept and concludes by highlighting the program’s emphases.

Accompanying the narrative is a well-depicted typed script. Other resources include an E-Book bearing the subtitle neuroscience of success and audio mp3’s. Other materials that accompany Total Money Magnetism include; with your order:

  • E-bonus books that have added features more than other online e-books in their category


  • A 152 pages copy of the Total Money Magnetism book.


  • 3 personal recordings help improve the mind to be receptive to money ideologies by Dr. Steve G. Jones in audio mp3 tracks.


  • Recorded millionaires™ video series that guarantees improvement in interacting with wealth labeled The Millionaires Mindset.


  • Mark Ling video courses, an expert in internet marketing. He gives you a detailed guide on how to make millions of dollars online.


  • An optional month supply of Amazing Self fitness magazines.

what is total money magnetism about

How Does Total Money Magnetism Actually Work?

The program possesses courses and a procedural outline that assures to improve anyone to be a much better person money-wise. You will literally learn how to attract money into your life through the power of your mind, not by your hard work and physical efforts.

The techniques employed will work across the board. The Hypnosis methods are painless procedures that can be used to alleviate procrastination as well. These techniques will help you alleviate procrastination in your life and help you be motivated daily and everything you do.

The tracks inside the program are deliberately produced to have you listen to them every day. Thus, in a span of 30 to 90 days, with adherence to the schedule. You will achieve an experience of outstanding inspiration and money attraction into your life by the incredible power of the Law Of Attraction.

The purpose of the program is to upscale your brainpower so that you will enjoy more success in your life like never before. Yes, it’s possible, but you have to get your subconscious mind working for you instead of against you.

The techniques employed in the program are designed to help you attract all the money you desire through your subconscious mind’s power. When you can tap into the subconscious mind as Steve does through hypnosis, you’ll see results rather quickly. Here are some other things as well:

  • Immediate switch mode; to put into actualization the 10 success secret principles of the super-rich.


  • Effectively leverage neuroscience to attract wealth.


  • An elaborate utilization of the 5 Fundamentals of “Superior Money Magnetism.”


  • Tones of information about the intricate of hypnosis and its usefulness in attracting wealth and a good life.


  • Fostering relationships that will yield to attracting the right company of people, wealth, and money.

Who Is Total Money Magnetism Designed For?

You could be broke, in financial trouble such as significant amounts of debt, or want to become better off financially, then you will benefit from this program. It is meant to teach you how to break free from the lack of money mindset and get into an abundant, prosperous mindset.

If you feel that money eludes you and that it is hard for you, that you believe money is difficult, this program will be a perfect fit for you and what you are looking for. 

what is total money magnetism about

Why Choose Total Money Magnetism:

The market offers many programs, products, and services that claim to improve mental capacity and enhancements geared to enhancing your money lifestyle.

At a glance, they appear real, genuine, and worth the value for your money. Although at a closer look, they are absolute garbage. They are designed to lure customers and fleece them of their money. In worst-case scenarios, the programs can turn tragic and worsening the situation.

Total Money Magnetism offers an efficient procedure to help you attain your set goal by harnessing your subconscious mind.

It has been designed to eliminate confusing conspiracies, unpractical theories, and distracting emotional mileages – with its step-by-step procedure on how to harness and use your mind power to transcend from your current situation into a life you desire of freedom, happiness, and stress-free daily.

It also deliberately shows you the hacks and tips to apply to capture what the universe presents you to make you into the person you desire.

The program carefully helps you to wade through to your perfect health, financial freedom, wealth and improve your social status from your current situation.

The program draws your receptors towards strategies designed to create significant amounts of wealth. In addition, this program offers practical training that wires the brain to be more receptive to positive energy; This is the main ingredient to an unlimited life with money, health, wealth, and happiness.

The solutions offered by this program are designed to position you to fully unearth the power of the universe by helping you achieve much faster what you want to tap from it.

Total Money Magnetism has essential and useful information that is detailed to enable you to tap into the universe’s energy and generate the necessary emotional thoughts that will draw happiness and money into your life quickly.

Steve moves and points out how to get hold of the universe’s energy to manifest things that you so wish for in your life. When you master this, money becomes such an easy thing for you. The only reason that money is difficult for you now is because of your subconscious paradigms. This program will help you to get rid of all of that quickly and efficiently.

what is total money magnetism about

Total Money Magnetism At A Glance:

  • Product Name: Total Money Magnetism



  • Investment: $47


  • Author: Dr. Steve G Jones


  • Subject: Subconscious Hypnosis Therapy


  • Rank: 98/100

Pros And Cons Of Total Money Magnetism:


  • Aids in Unwinding and Rewiring The Brain

Some individuals live much happier and healthier lives than others. Their predisposition was not an inherent birthright; the reason is simple: how their minds and brains are conditioned. The program aids in re-aligning your brain to acquiring a new mindset, which will help you realize your goals to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

  • The Program Guide Is Concisely Written

Total Money magnetism resources have been produced in the most basic and conventional language, making it easy to understand, capture, and actualize. Its simplicity in the use of language and a friendly tone makes it enticing even. Chances of confusion or feeling lost will be very rare.

  • There Is a Handful of Logical Bonuses Accompanying Each Purchase

The wide range of bonuses availed by Dr. Jones is not only useful, but you will find them handy in your day-to-day life. For example, in one of them, you will find real-life narrations by the ultra-rich individuals and how they achieved their current positions.

  • Top-Notch Product Quality

Dr. Jones producers, Unica Publication, pride themselves in producing very high-quality digitized information merchandise. They have never failed to deliver professionalism and good quality products in their years in operation.

From PDF E-Books, which look glossy, all the way to the MP3s in which the sound quality is crisp. The quality input by the production house cannot be underscored.

  • Fair Pricing 

At $47, it is a fair price tag for such a quality product. Moreover, it is much lower-priced than the options in the same field.

what is total money magnetism about

  • Downloading Process and the Payment System Are Secured

It is essential to protect your privacy. Therefore, it is only prudent and wise not to purchase a digitized product unless you are assured and confident that your privacy has the utmost security.

Clickbank.com comes with a good reputation; it has a trusted platform that has been tested over time for securely downloading and transactions. Clickbank is worth over 1 Billion Dollars.

Using the platform guarantees personal information is well safeguarded when purchasing this product. Additionally, the product is a one-off transaction, with no more payments for subscriptions.

  • The 8 Week Refund Policy That Comes With It. (priceless)

What an offer! If you feel the desired results are not being manifested 8 weeks after purchase, you can claim your refund.


  • Narrow On Content

Total Money Magnetism is focused on money; it narrows its scope to the acquisition of wealth. In the field of self-improvement, other products have a wide berth of issues. On the other hand, it’s fair pricing and a refund guarantee to compensate for the shortcoming.

  • Commitment and Effort (not for lazy people)

You must apply effort and commitment to attain the benefits of the program. It is this change that will constitute your mindset for achieving more money.

what is total money magnetism about


There is nothing magical about attaining money. People who have money have the correct knowledge of Universal Laws and have used them to acquire a different mindset to tap the money tree that’s in the Universe.

To have such a mindset requires you to shun a lot of opposing ideologies and beliefs that have been engraved in your subconscious. Instead, you will need to replace them with self-serving thoughts; this will propel you to be a go-getter.

Like we mentioned earlier, this program is designed to do that quickly. And until all those subconscious beliefs and habits are gone, you will continue to experience financial struggle, stress, and unhappy life.

Total Money Magnetism will help you attain much more money through Dr. Steve G Jones’s hypnosis process and the practical bonus products. What is required of you is a consistent effort into fostering change and wait for the money to manifest no matter the amount you desire in life.

Money is easy, but if you read this and feel inside that, it’s not the problem right there. If you’re serious about attracting more money into your life the easy way instead of through hard work, this program will be perfect for you.

On average, it takes 30 to 90 days to reprogram your subconscious mind with new beliefs. This program will help you destroy all those subconscious beliefs and help you discover other ones lodged in there and replace those with thoughts that will empower you and help you attract much more money into your life the easy way instead of the hard way. So check it out for yourself and try it.

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