What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process? I’ve had it, and many others have. I”m sure you have as well. All of us may feel that there is some space in us, a higher force. It sometimes feels like that we are somehow incomplete due to the results we are getting.

Many questions come to people’s minds, like, who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? All of these questions come directly into your mind from your inner voice or higher spiritual self.

All these questions must be answered by being spiritually awakened. Spiritual awakening is a steady but continuous process through which you can get to know yourself and your connection with a higher power or that which I call God.

Reasons Behind A Spiritual Awakening:

Spiritual awakening is not just a sudden process, but it is a slow continuous process throughout your entire life. There are a few reasons behind the spiritual awakening of a person, which we will discuss now.

1. Some Traumatic Experience:

There are many reasons behind spiritual awakening. Some may have experienced some traumatic situation. This situation may lead someone to a spiritual awakening.

In my case, being abused for 13 years and then learning to forgive and love was my awakening moment, but that took about 20 years to total to get to that point when it could have been much sooner.

One may experience some trauma like the sudden death of their lover, a big loss in business, etc., which paved the way for them to spiritual awakening if they allow that mentally. It’s a choice.

2. An Accident In Life:

Another reason that leads you to spiritual awakening is experiencing some accident in your life. It could be the death of your loved ones suddenly, losing your house when everything was going perfectly alright, or some other crazy event.

Someone might have had a bad road accident that affects their mind completely, changing them into a different person. If you have a fight with any deadly disease and survived, this might pave the way for you to spiritual awakening.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?

3. Inner Peace:

Inner peace is very much necessary, and actually, it has become a dream for many of us. Without inner peace, you will always feel in yourself restlessness.

You will always listen to a voice from inside you, saying, hey, there is something not good happening. There is some space in you. So, craving for inner peace leads us to the spiritual awakening process.

4. Finding Yourself:

Sometimes, we feel lost. We think that we are not what we are now. There is always a mission in all of our minds of finding ourselves. What is your purpose in coming to this world?

Why are you where your at in life? These are the questions that must be answered. And, all of these questions are answerable by spiritual awakening.

5. Natural Feeling:

Someone may feel that there is hollowness somewhere in their life. There has to be something that could fill their hollowness.

It all comes to them naturally, a direct message from their soul to their minds if they shred of the natural man and learn to feel from within instead of without as most of us do.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?


After discussing reasons that endeavor a person to thirst for spiritual awakening, there are 10 basic methods by which you can awake yourself spiritually.


One of the ways through which you can work on your spiritual awakening is the process of meditation. It is better to be alone for some-time as you do this.

To be alone, you can give yourself complete time to know more about yourself and ask you why questions. It would be best if you found a separate place where you can calm your mind, your body and no one can disturb you.

You can release negative vibes from your mind and body to get yourself filled with positivity all around you by doing meditation.


Another great way of getting yourself on track for spiritual awakening is by reading and understanding spiritual books. No doubt that books of any type are a large source of information for all of us.

And reading a book is the best thing you can do in your leisure time. But, we are talking about some spiritual books written by some great spiritual leaders.


Listening to music is always the best remedy for mind restlessness. Most psychiatrists always say that listening to music heals most of your inner pain.

But, here, we are talking about soulful music for spiritual awakening. You can listen to some soulful music for the spiritual healing of your soul.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?


Yoga is also another form of meditation. It is proven that doing yoga can be beneficial in relieving body stress. It also helps to calm your mind and body from the daily burden routine of life.

It gives you a new strength in life to move on. It normally ejects negative thoughts of yours. No doubt that exercising in the early morning is always blissful for human health and body. But by doing yoga, you can get time to be with yourself and get to know more about yourself.


Another great way of achieving the milestone of spiritual awakening is accepting things as the way they are. There are many things around you happening that you cannot change instantly according to your wish right now.

But, letting them work in their own manner and accepting them as-is, for now, will leave you in a comfort zone of peace and happiness. Don’t resist things; allow them, and they will change quicker than you can imagine.


No doubt that writing down all of your daily experiences is very helpful for relieving your daily stress. By writing down these things on paper, you can see the difference between negative things that happened to you, as well as positive ones.

You can compare them. You can do the practice of removing some negative thoughts from your subconscious by burning the negative paper literally. It’s symbolic, but it works. By writing daily, you can feel a big difference in your personality. You can get more to your spirit and closer to the Universe.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?


Traveling is always the best and most liked hobby in the world. We all like to travel to different areas. By traveling into different communities, digging into their cultures can impact your personality in a very positive way. This has been proven!


Another great way of getting spiritually awake is by going near nature. Going near different natural areas full of trees and greenery can leave your mind, body, and soul in complete calm. Works every time; not once has it not worked for me unless, of course, there are people all over.

By getting close to the nature-made natural greenery, you can get more to the divine source of life. As you get closer to the divine, the more you can feel the spiritual awakening.


Help the one in need is always the most appreciable thing that one can do AND THE MOST POWERFUL TO FEEL THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING PROCESS. You can get yourself flying in the sky very lightly when you help a person who is in need.

It may not seem like that at first, but you can feel your soul and body relaxed as soon you keep on doing it. You can get yourself closer and closer to your higher self and the Universe or God.

All the great individuals who have attained spiritual awakening had the same habit of helping the poor and needy people. Also, helping others is the most liked act of nature itself.

So, you can let go of all your stress and burden in life by helping others. It will come back to you a hundredfold when you do. Karma is a genuine thing; keep this in mind.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?


One of the best ways to attain spiritual awakening is by spreading love and care among human beings (spiritual beings, really). Love and care is the only thing people really care for at the end of the day. Why do people want money and riches and fame? To feel special, cared for, important. It’s all normal.

It is only loving and caring that keeps us alive in this world. Be a love giver. Spread love between people. Make them happy when they are sad.

Make them friends again when they quarrel. This will also make you feel light. You can get yourself nearer and nearer to the Universe and Yourself by doing this.


It is the most dreadful thing that when we compare our-self with others. Every human being on this planet has different destinies and destinations.

You cannot compare yourself with a person with better wealth and better education. You should not degrade yourself by thinking that this man has more money than me because he is a successful person, while I am nothing but a failure.

This isn’t good. All you need to do is to believe in nature and yourself and aim for your goal by attaining the spiritual awakening.

Just be you, and understand WE ARE ALL THE SAME REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOR, STATUES, OR WHATEVER. We all bleed, and we all will die and continue our journey throughout eternity. This life is not the only thing.

What Is The Spiritual Awakening Process?

Wrapping It Up:

You can get a better lifestyle, wealth, health, and a successfully married life by just following the above-mentioned steps.

Do some more research on your own on the subject and learn as much about it as you can. This life compared to eternity is but a small grain of sand in the ocean.

There is so much more to come; the real question is, are you blind and operating by your senses, or do you truly know how to use the faculties of your mind and live life to the fullest?

Do you even know what your mental faculties are? I bet you don’t! Please do some research and learn to live on the higher plane of life instead of the animalistic side, where we operate based on what we see! It will change everything for you!

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