What Is The Secret Of Deliberate Creation About?

What Is The Secret Of Deliberate Creation About?

Many people go through life with the feeling that good things do not happen to them as much as they happen to others. They struggle with many issues that include jobs, relationships, health, and finances, among others.

Some follow all the Law of Attraction imprints and online programs with no success. Furthermore, they spend endless hours and lots of money searching for self-help programs or books that will make their struggles end.

If this is you, it is not easy because you end up with limiting beliefs that probably nothing good will come into your life no matter how hard you try.

The minute you start limiting your beliefs, you start to manifest negativity into your life, and nothing will work. However, you should know that there is nothing wrong with you, and you can turn the clock around to manifest positivity in your life.

The solution could be in The Secret of Deliberate Creation that steers you to find good fortune, unlike many other online Law of Attraction programs you purchase.

Read on to find out why this program is the Easiest Way to Unstoppable Self Confidence and why it will change your life. You will also find out why it is one of the most powerful and legit techniques to unlock your law of attraction and manifest positivity into your life.

The Secret To Deliberation Creation Overview:

  • Name Of Product: The Secret Of Deliberate Creation
  • Creator: Dr. Robert Anthony
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction Mastery
  • Investment: $97
  • Scam Rank: 0/100 (Ethical Program)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days

What is The Secret Of Deliberate Creation About?

Unlike a lot of other Law of Attraction programs that put all their focus on self-improvement, The Secret of Deliberate Creation does more than just guide you into the techniques to improve yourself.

The program concentrates more on how you can have complete control over your habits by breaking down any limiting barriers that prevent you from succeeding.

Furthermore, through the program, the creator insists that for you to manifest your desires, you need to fill your brain with both positive and believe thoughts before setting your life goals.

Some of the positive thoughts you should concentrate on as per the program are that the universe does not conspire to erode your goals. Instead, the universe turns your goals into reality.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation teaches you techniques that will help you manifest your desires in the most stress-free way by aligning your conscious and subconscious mind.

It permits you to live your dreams by getting rid of the mentality that change takes a long time, which helps to multiply your goals by 10.

what is the secret of deliberate creation about?

About The Author:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is the creation of Dr. Robert Anthony, an expert in the self-improvement field. Besides the secret of deliberate creation, Dr. Anthony has 15 self-improvement books published in 22 countries under his belt.

Some of his widely popular transformation books include Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis, Beyond Positive Thinking, The Ultimate Success of Total Self-Confidence, and Self Confidence Creator.

Millions of people owe their self-actualization and self-esteem successes to the help offered by Dr. Anthony. His teaching has seen him live in the UK, USA, Russia, New Zealand, Russia, and Australia, where he runs an international consulting company. He is also a personal performance trainer, an NLP practitioner, a master hypnotherapist, and a psychotherapist.

Moreover, he holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Psychology, which shows just how much his extensive his training is, and why he is one of the best ranked and sought after self-help expert.

Additionally, he does not shy away from giving out media interviews or being a keynote speaker in seminars and training programs on the subject, as exhibited by his many appearances.

Dr. Anthony does not just talk the talk but walks it with a show of actions. He also admits that his psyche is still a work in progress.

He uses his own techniques to transform his life as well as support millions of people worldwide that want to change their lives.

How The Secret of Deliberate Creation Works:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation comes in six self-help audio CDs, and the program kicks off with a disclaimer from Dr. Anthony.

The creator explains to his listeners that what they will hear from the self-help CDs might not be the truth, but it is something that has and continues to work for him.

He further explains that the keyword for the program is “self” and that anyone who wants a better life has to choose the right tools and places best suited for their needs and wants.

While other programs suggest using the best good guidance to encourage their beliefs, The Secret of Deliberate Creation insists that each person is wholly responsible for finding the things that work best for them.

Before using good guidance tools, each person should first know how to use them and hold onto their beliefs. Unfortunately, many people looking for change deal with a lack of belief in any change possibilities.

Habitual beliefs can either be creations in the mind or real, and Dr. Anthony uses quantum physics, which explains how the things we see or go through in the universe come into existence.

what is the secret of deliberate creation about?

Understand What Is Real And Not Real:

The program aims at challenging or differentiating what is real and what is just a creation in the mind. Dr. Anthony further helps you understand how you can attain what you believe in by allowing your beliefs to shift the universe.

Quantum physics provides us with the benefit of getting a clearer picture of how our beliefs, thoughts, and ideas control our life’s outcome.

In The Secret of Deliberate Creation, the creator uses science and the ideal of Law of Attraction to speak to the conscious mind about change in terms it understands and accepts. He asks his listeners to accept the physics concepts about the electrical and vibrational nature of all matters.

It becomes easier to align your actions and thoughts to create a rapport that repels and attracts results. The most significant encouragement Dr. Anthony gives his listeners is to live by design and use a vision that they believe in.

Once they get rid of any doubts, they can begin to design and manifest their beliefs with much more positivity and enthusiasm.

The program also sets aside a fair share of time guiding listeners on how to define and embrace the things they desire the most.

Furthermore, it encourages them not to be vague but be 100% certain about the things they want to prevent. The things include other people’s negativity or their negative habitual thoughts from turning them aside.

The audio program also enables its listeners to identify how they sabotage the achievement of their desires by buying into negativity and fear. Additionally, it teaches them how to turn around from all the negativity, fear, and make things work for them.

How To Make The Right Decisions:

Another section of the program teaches listeners how to make the right decisions using concepts such as Inner Guidance, Essential Silent Partner, and Mind-Set Versus a Heart Set, among others.

You also learn that to be successful; you need to have perseverance, never give up, and quit making excuses, among others.

what is the secret of deliberate creation about?

Comes With 6 Audio CDs:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation program comes in six audio CDs, each averaging a 45-minute running time. The following topics are the ones that make the whole program.

  • Why Most Self-Improvement Programs Fail and How You Can Make Sure This One Works For You
  • Quantum Physics – The Key To Creating Your Future
  • How to Make The “Law of Attraction” Work FOR You Instead of AGAINST You
  • How The “Collective Consciousness” of Others Can Control Your Life
  • How To Use Your Inner Guidance System To Make The Right Decisions All The Time
  • The Secret of the “Flip Switch”
  • Introducing Your “Essential Silent Partner”
  • Mind-Set vs. Heart-Set
  • How To Know What You Truly Desire With 100% Certainty
  • Creative Magnetic Energy and The Law of Critical Mass
  • Communicating With Your ESP
  • Understanding Time and Your Point of Power
  • Allowing vs. Resisting – The Key To Magnetic Attraction
  • How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage and Mental Blocks Forever
  • Settling for “Limited Probabilities” or “Unlimited Possibilities”
  • How To Know When It Is Time To Take Action
  • The Road To No More Excuses
  • The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design

Bonuses Provided:

When you order the set of six audio CDs, you get the following free bonuses worth over $300.

  • Rapid Manifestation Audio Cd
  • Seven eBooks from the creators total success library that entails-
  • Beyond positive thinking
  • Betting on yourself
  • The ultimate secrets of total self-confidence
  • The magic power of super persuasion
  • Doing what you love, loving what you do
  • How to make the impossible possible
  • 30 ideas that can change your life
  • Quickstart program
  • Intention Activator Software Program

what is the secret of deliberate creation about?

Whom Is The Secret Of Deliberate Creation For?

Sadly, The Secret of Deliberate Creation is not for everyone. Why? You may ask. The program is different from the standard self-help guidelines of yesteryears, and if you think that you will listen to the audio CDs, close your eyes and have all your wishes come true, you might need to rethink something different.

However, it could be for you if you intend to make your life better because you are tired of what you feel or going through. It is for anyone ready to work for change and not wait for it to happen.

It is for that person who is willingly ready to connect with both their subconscious and conscious mind to change their beliefs from negativity to positivity. 

Pros And Cons:


  • Life-changing course
  • Easy to listen and follow audio CDs regardless of the scientific facts and theories
  • Uses scientific principles and applications to replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • The course is rich with a wealth of information that you do not need any other helping material
  • The creator, Dr. Robert Anthony, has very distinctive and impeccable credentials
  • Irrespective of how slippery your slope is or your state of affairs, the program is beneficial
  • It’s flexible and fits easily into any of your schedules
  • It comes with attractive and generous bonuses
  • You get a 50-day money-back guarantee


  • You still need six hours out of your busy schedule to listen to the audio CDs
  • If you are not ready to change, the program might not work for you
  • Listening to the audio CDs does not provide you with a guarantee that your life will change
  • Some people think that the $97 is slightly on the higher side

what is the secret of deliberate creation about?

The Secret of Deliberate Creation At A Glance:

  • Name Of Product: The Secret Of Deliberate Creation
  • Creator: Dr. Robert Anthony
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction Mastery
  • Investment: $97
  • Scam Rank: 0/100 (Ethical Program)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Final Thoughts – Verdict:

Do you think The Secret of Deliberate Creation is worth $97? In my honest opinion, I think it is worth that and more. I mean, how much is your life worth, really?

What you get from the program helps you understand your conscious and subconscious mind to unlock positivity.

The creator, Dr. Robert Anthony, puts everything he knows from experience, research, work, and knowledge into writing and speaking about the power of the mind in more ways than many other Law of Attraction programs.

The tips, techniques, and strategies you need to change your life are easy to grasp through the easy-to-follow and understandable program.

Suppose, by any chance, you do not achieve the expected results within a specific timeframe. In that case, you will still thank the program for opening your life to more possibilities of productivity, joy, and happiness.

Furthermore, it saves you time and money spent going online searching for programs that do not come anywhere close to what this one offers.

Lastly, The Secret of Deliberate Creation is not a scam. It is legit, and from the reviews of its users, you can tell that it provides a success rate of almost 100%. Go on, transform your life today with this exciting program, and you will not regret it.

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