What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

So what is the law of attraction, and how does it work? The law of attraction says that you will attract in your life whatever you focus on with FEELING.

It says that whatever you focus on, it will come back to you. Just as like attracts like, you need to manage everything in your thoughts, energy, and feelings.

This means that you manifest particular outcomes by creating feeling vibrations that align with what you desire.  This law will basically attract the ideas, thoughts, situations, circumstances, and people to you that are in the same vibration or frequency. This law works through you 24/7.

This is the law that draws things that you want into your life literally and helps you achieve your dreams much easier, meaning it brings forth the life that you truly want.

Using it the right way will bring your dream life, job, and vision to you in a very natural way instead of through your ego.

Many people have used the law of attraction in the past, but very unconsciously, it has brought success and good fortune because whatever dominated their minds and thoughts was positive and uplifting.

One thing that I remind you when you choose to use this law is to always be optimistic because the moment you become negative, it then influences your outcome.

There have always been people in the past who knew this law and how to use it, and one common thing they stated is that when you keep having the same thoughts every day with interest and emotions, it materializes and manifests their dreams and goals quickly.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

How The Law Of Attraction Works:


Well, so many people in life do not know what they desire. Many will say they want a good job, a nice car, but they are never specific on that particular item, and this comes a long way into affecting their focus.

The thing is that whatever you desire in life is absolutely possible, and that is why it is important to identify. Now, after identifying, you got tot to believe it.

So many people end up making the wrong choices in life because they have not come into an agreement with themselves on want they really want.

An example is a person who will go to a school of medicine for years, graduate, and then later realize that it’s not what they really want.

Everyone owes themselves their best-desired life; that why it is important to sit in a meeting with yourself to do a self-audit and understand your desires, goals, and dreams in order to chase after them with passion.

It is crucial to be objective and clear on the things you desire and put emotions on the images that you view in your mind since the vibrations made by the emotions make this law come alive.

Also, one thing I want to mention, you can have whatever you want as long as it’s within reason. Within reason means in the laws of nature. Here’s a crazy thought just for you to think about.

There’s someone out there right now that would love to be able to make a transportation device from one place to another instantly. That’s already possible because we can see it on the screen of our minds.

If it were not possible we would not be able to think of it or see it internally. Whatever you can see internally as possible as long as it can also follow the laws of nature. And we know we probably haven’t even discovered all the laws of nature yet. Think about that one!

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?


Belief is the key to manifesting your desire, and without it, this will not work for you. The reality is that so many people will find it hard to believe in something they cannot see.

But you need to start slowly and on small things, and when they are achieved, you will have trusted fully that this will work. One necessary thing to do is to believe without making a judgment on how it will come.

Some people find it hard to believe, but one thing you can do is to be attentive to intuitive resonance, knowing the feeling is guiding you towards the truth of some kind and trusting that maybe it works that way even with less evidence.

Understanding this, you will begin realizing that if you change what’s happening on the inside, then the outside begins to be impacted. The best way to get yourself to believing is to understand time.

Everything has already happened there is no creation there’s only change. So what you want exists in a different dimension it’s already here.

All you’re required to do is bring it forth through your emotional mind through feelings of “It’s already mine, I can see it, I can feel it.”


After knowing your desire and believing in it, what you need is the picture in your mind’s eye; that the goal is already complete. Visualization harnesses the power of our subconscious minds.

By using imagination, you can create the things you desire and wish for LITERALLY. For visualization to help, you need to be able to picture that thing clearly in as much detail as possible.

Make that image as vivid as possible and feel how good it will be when it comes to pass. Like any other skill, make sure you can take it easy, be patient and keep on practicing.

You can use as many tactics as possible to keep reminding yourself, take some time and dedicate yourself to this practice. Just don’t sit there all day visualizing and hoping for the best.

Go about your days as normal don’t worry about the house and simply let things happen. Also if you do struggle visualizing one of the best things you can do is play a movie in your mind.

Play the movie seeing through your eyes as you’re moving around in the world. I think this technique is much more effective but that’s just my opinion.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?


In dialogue, it is all about the way you communicate to your inner self. Whatever you think about in your daily activities definitely affect your actions and emotions.

What you need to do is inject your thoughts with your desire, and your unconscious mind will automatically get to work and help you to look for opportunities to actualize your desire.

Before you can manage your internal dialogue, you have to be aware of it. Meditation can help you tune in to the dialogue because it concentrates on the thought more than the physical.

It is very important to avoid negative thinking in your internal dialogue and when you fail, instead of thinking about what you did wrong, think about what you will do differently, make use of the experiences.

Another thing to feed you dialogue is gratefulness for how far you have come. This helps in being more positive because it concentrates on what’s good in your life and not the faults and the falls.

When you are successful in changing the perspective of your inner dialogue, you are able to attract the positive to your mental perspective and outer circumstances.


Responsibility is one thing that many of us deny, especially when things don’t work for our own good. We tend to blame the people around us.

One can easily give out control and not responsibility. It is because when things go bad, you will always come back to beating yourself up with the questions of why such failure come to you in the first place.

So to be safer, it is important to always take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and, most importantly, the outcomes.

This helps in learning from that particular experience and making sure it is never repeated again. When you accept the responsibility consciously of causing whatever came into your life, it raises your optimism to attracting the best of your desires.

Make sure you accept your responsibility for your reality. Also, if you realize that you have some dominant thoughts that never grow to any good outcome, make sure to get rid of them in order to change your reality.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?


When you successfully set your desire in motion, and you truly believe that it’s coming, it is crucial to let it go. Do not let yourself in the obsession of that particular desire, and also don’t hold too tight but just know that it will come AT THE PERFECT TIME.

When you let go, it means you trust and know that it will come. Letting go hurts because of the time and effort invested in it. In letting go, you release and then await an outcome; it doesn’t mean you don’t remember; it means it is not your priority anymore.

Knowing that the mind loves comfort and familiarity, you need to make more effort into letting go so that you can make more space for what is coming.

Releasing the doubt and worry and will automatically attract more abundance. The moment you release, you automatically grasp something else, something bigger better, and this kind of change means that you are headed in the right direction.


The word thank you is a word everyone was taught in the lower grades. Letting people know you appreciate them in everything they do to you and for you.

It is important to note that appreciating yourself is one of the greatest things you can ever do to yourself. Always take note of the smallest achievements and appreciate yourself.

When you make it an obvious thing to have gratitude daily, you will be infusing your thoughts and feelings with positive vibrating energy, which helps in manifesting more of your desire in life through the LOA.

Gratitude becomes even more powerful when you give in advance. Such as “I am so grateful that my dream has come”. When living in a negative environment surrounded by negative people, then you ought to be grateful for a positive environment even before you get it.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

By being grateful in advance, you tend to live in the future after the manifestation experience. It keeps you from feeling inadequate and focuses on the good rather than the bad, which is then attracting the positive in your life. Gratitude is by far the most powerful exercise you can do to manifest what you want.

The trick is to feel grateful as much as you can. Just buy you feeling grateful you will attract everything to you that is in vibrational alignment with that.

So if you’re grateful for your riches that have come to you even though they may not be there in the physical you will get those. Apply this for anything.


Learn to use this great law in your life every day. Most people don’t really use it because they can’t see it so they don’t really think about it.

You have to learn to think from what you can’t see. The law of attraction is extremely powerful and will give you whatever you want if you follow the laws of nature.

Everything that you are experiencing in your life is because of your emotional thoughts and vibrations. Don’t ever think this law does not work it does work 100% of the time and it will either work for you or against you that is up to you and your emotional state of mind.

If you absolutely hate the way your life is going right now that’s because you’ve been putting out their negativity and that’s what you’re getting back.

If you want to experience a happier more joyful life one with more wealth more success and better relationships you need to operate from that state as much as you can.

You need to believe that your life is perfect and that it’s getting better and better every day and that you are what you want to be right at this very moment. Don’t give up stick with us and watch the magic happen.

Do you have questions on how to make this work even better? Do you have experiences where you feel the law of attraction was working in your favor? Post your comments below.

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