What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work?

What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work

What is the law of attraction about and how does it work? The law of attraction is a law of Nature that works 24/7, whether you are aware of it or no, and whether you believe in it or not.

When you use it every day it becomes life altering in a good way. You will really begin to open up your mind to the possibilities of your dreams coming true.

It influences everyone’s life, but some people do not trust it or do not know how to make it work for them. For such people, I have listed below 8-amazing steps to get you to believe in it and watch the magic happen in your life.

The law of attraction is simply where you mix your thoughts with feelings and you attract back to you literally those same thoughts and feelings into your life through circumstances, people, events. Many people think well that sounds too good to be true, it can’t be that easy.

But those people are programmed to think that life should be a struggle, difficult, not enjoyable. And the funny thing is they keep experiencing that very same thing in their life.

The reason people experience that kind of life is that the law of attraction is giving back to them what they are thinking and feeling at the same time. It is simply the law of cause-and-effect. Your outer world is an effect and your inner world is the cause of everything in your life. The thought is everything.

Many people think that the law of attraction is bullshit and that you actually have to work, and get off your ass and go do stuff. Granted that is true if you were trying to run a business or you need to provide service for people or anything that is relating to service.

If your objective is to win the lottery or receive lots of money your job is simply to assume the feeling of what it would be like to have that now and let the universe do the rest for you.

But if you’re running a business online or whatever the case is something you want and obviously you’re going to have to take action but you’re going to do it in such a way that you’re feeling successful and prosperous as you’re taking that action that’s where the magic lies.

Now winning the lottery obviously requires you to go get a ticket. But it’s the way how you do it. If you go with the feeling as you’re getting your ticket that you’re already rich and a multi-millionaire then that will manifest.

Most people think well it’s a numbers game and the chances of you winning are very slim. And that is all conscious and logical thinking.

But the subconscious mind does not understand reason or logic it gives you whatever you believe and feels to be true. So if you believe that you’re a multimillionaire and you have won the lottery already the subconscious must and will objectify that in your life.

But it has to be done with such an intensity of feeling that wish or wishes fulfilled now, that’s the trick. The law of attraction movie called “The Secret” actually talks about that but not very much and most people skip that. So as you’re reading the rest of this article just keep that in mind because that is the foundation of the law of attraction.

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What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work

How To Use The Law Of Attraction:

1). Knowing Your Desires:

No matter what you desire in life, it is completely possible, and you must believe in this fact. But first, you need to know exactly what you desire. You may say, “I want a new car”, but it would help if you be more specific, like, “I want a new red Audi A5”.

I see myself enjoying an amazing ride along the highway in my new Audi, with my beloved. Others are jealous, but I am enjoying that too. It is important to be specific in your desires and put emotions into the images you visualize. Your emotions vibrations will actually make the Law of Attraction work.

2). Believing That It Will Happen:

To manifest your desires you need to believe in them. If you do not believe, it will not work. Now, you might say, how can you believe in something you do not have trust in or cannot see?

Well, for that, you must start small. For instance, you can ask for a project in the office that you want. Now, imagine yourself working in that project, think about all the efforts you will be putting in, imagine how happy your boss will be when you complete the project perfectly. Imagine, imagine, and imagine, and it will happen.

3). Visualize:

If you visualize something in precise details, then it certainly can work wonders for you. You first need to follow the two steps given above and then use guided meditation or visualization to manifest your desires.

Your desires will certainly get close to you much faster. Guided meditation is amongst the best ways to fill your mind with images that help take you to a journey within your mind, which makes your desires come true.

As mentioned in step 2, if you want a certain project office, you need to think about how you would feel when it comes to you, how you would complete it, the praises you would get.

How everyone would be impressed, yes even that someone special would notice you. In the process, you feel the emotions in this journey. The same thing works for all your desires, and you need to picture it in your mind before it actually happens.

What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work

4). Inner Dialogue:

Whatever you think every day affects your emotions and actions for that day. When you fill your mind with the thoughts of what you want in life, it will have an effect on the way you act, and thus will also affect your emotions.

Moreover, when your mind is filled with the thoughts of your desires, your unconscious mind starts working automatically and helps you search for opportunities that will make your desires come true.

So, it is important to be aware of what you think deep within your mind and begin changing the way you converse with yourself. Try using positive affirmations as that will help instill your mind with new positive thoughts.

Even one positive thought can attract hundreds of positive thoughts, and if you think optimistic every day, your energy will automatically change.

5). Asking Better Questions Leads To Better Answers:

There are two types of questions that can arise in your mind in a similar situation: Why I am such a big failure and What should I do to become more successful?

Quite obviously, the second question here is a better one. When you question yourself, your unconscious mind starts looking for answers automatically.

When you ask “Why I am such a big failure?”, your mind will come up with many answers that will tell you why you are a failure. But if you ask the next question. What should I do to become more successful? Your mind will yet again start finding answers and will suggest some creative ways that will help you be more successful.

It is thus immensely important to ask the right questions. So, whenever you find yourself asking any negative questions, turn the question immediately, make it sound more positive, and you will enjoy helpful answers.

What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work

6). Let Go:

After you have put your desires in motion, and you know it will come, you must let go of it. This means you should not be holding on too tight, and just keep thinking it will happen.

Your desires are just like a butterfly, if you keep holding on too tightly, you will only kill it, just hold it lightly, and it will be able to breathe, and will be able to enjoy life. Just know that your desire will come to you, and think about it frequently.

7). Gratitude:

Do be grateful for all you have in life. If you practice being grateful every day, you actually infuse your feelings and thoughts with positive energy, which will further help manifest your desires in life.

But remember, you need to do this with a pure heart and not only because you need to do it. Practice gratitude with positivity, love, passion, and feeling.

8). Do Not Be Jealous Of Others:

When you see others experiencing what you desire, do not be impatient or jealous, but be joyful for them and understand that your desire is possible, others are enjoying the experience you want, so you can and will enjoy it too.

Any negative emotions coming in your mind should be changed to an affirmative one, as the law of attraction does not relate to negative or positive, and it only gives you what you focus upon.

What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work


The law of attraction is a great way to get what you desire, and this does work, and all you need to do is follow the steps given above.

Even if your desires do not get fulfilled immediately, do not be disheartened, as the Universe works in its own timing. Even if it takes long, things will definitely work in your favor, just have faith in the law of attraction, and your life will change for sure.

Have you recognized certain moments in your life now that you feel the law of attraction was a part of? Has this article opened your mind to some a-ha moments? If so let me know below I would love to read your experiences.

6 thoughts on “What Is The Law Of Attraction About And How Does It Work?”

  1. I really like this way of thinking, and turning every negative thought into a positive one. I make my daughter say every morning before she goes to school, today’s going to be a great day, even when she doesn’t want to go.
    The power of the mind is stronger than we think, I had a spinal cord injury almost 4 years ago to the day and my doctors said I would never walk again, I refused to hear them and told I would, and 7 months later I was back on my feet. I told myself everyday I would do more today than I did the day before until I did it.
    I definitely am I firm believer in the law of attraction.

    • Hi Amy,

      I think that is fantastic. Our minds really are powerful and we can do anything we put our minds to. I love hearing stories like this because it continues to inspire me and my work. Imagine what else you can do with your life with this knowledge! I’m so glad you believe in the law of attraction. I hope that you achieve all your goals and dreams. Technically you already have in the fourth dimensional world. It’s only a matter of time before the manifest in this third dimensional physical world. God bless you.



  2. Interesting read about the Law of attraction. I mean I’ve tried to implement this law in my daily routine but instead of attracting precisely what I wanted it kind of seemed like the more I did that the more I attracted the opposite. What do you think is the reason for that?

    • Hi Maggie,

      Thank you for stopping by, I think more than anything it’s because we try to force things and not allow them. I’ve seen this happen many times in my life or people want something so bad so they for stuff mentally they come from a place of want instead of feeling that it is theirs now. If you can come from a place of feeling that what you want is yours now and then let it go and go about your day as usual that’s where the magical take place. Feeling is everything so make sure to fill your wish for filled now and then let the universe/your subconscious mind do the rest for you automatically. I hope this helps you.



  3. Big believer in the law of attraction here. I believe in its working powers as much as I believe in the law of gravity. In fact, a few years ago, when I discovered this law of nature, I decided to work with it. I did some soul searching to dig out all my biggest desires on the surface. Then, I wrote them on the paper and started reading them in the morning and evening. I was visualizing the outcome most of the time and talking to my self in a positive tone whenever a doubt wanted to destroy the progress. Basically, I was following all those steps and suggestions you have made in this post and eventually, some of my desires manifested. Some others are still incubating, but as sure as the sun will go down tonight, so will my desires manifest in the future.

    I just wanted to say, the law of attraction works! Ys you said, whether you believe in it or not, it is always working either in your favour or against you depending on how you set your mind and these tips here are the tool for setting your mind right! Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work!

    • Hi,

      I love the fact that it’s been working for you in your favor. I know those other things or manifest in due time. Technically they are already manifest just in the fourth dimensional world. Glad that you enjoyed this article and I hope that the rest of my other articles will make a difference for you. Wishing you great success and happiness. Feel free to also check out this article on reprogramming your subconscious mind to make the law of attraction work even better for you it’s a life changer.





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