What Is The God Frequency About?

What Is God Frequency About?

So what is The God Frequency About? Is it real or a scam? Is it possible for anyone irrespective of age or gender to perform miracles in their lives for a positive change?

Every person dreams of a good life without any problems. Everyone wants a life that leads to happiness and abundance.

No one wants to be a failure or a loser in careers, relationships, businesses, or even interactions with other people. However, we do not always get what we want, and problems prevent many people from finding success in their lives.

Many people believe that most of the problems that hinder them from progressing are beyond their control. Others assume that their mistakes from the past continue to haunt them in their present and future lives. Still, others think that their lack of money and failure to find their inner peace play considerable roles in not succeeding.

God Frequency debunks all the beliefs you have for not succeeding in life. You do not need inner peace or money to succeed in life.

You need to start a new habit that will manifest you with positivity, success, and greatness. In this article, we look at what God Frequency is about and why you need it in your life. 

God Frequency At A Glance:

  • Name Of Program: God Frequency
  • Creator: Jacob X
  • Price: $37
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 365 Days
  • Rating: 95/100

What Is God Frequency At A Glance:

Manifestation is not all about wishful or positive thinking. According to God Frequency, being successful takes more than that. What is God Frequency?

God Frequency is a 15-minute audio program that helps you to master manifestation power and miracles. The 15-minute program should run consistently for 21 days if you want to get the best out of the teachings.

God Frequency combines the teachings of Jesus Christ and science to help the users manifest God’s blessings into their lives. It uses sound waves that help to align the brain’s frequency with that of the highest power. The sound waves help to further rid the mind of negative thoughts and replace it with positive ones.

The online audio program, equipped with natural theta beats and binaural beats, utilizes the experience and knowledge of ex-priests to help manifest a happy, successful, and healthy life.

Its primary intention is to help you focus on attaining divine prosperity for your earthly wealth. The only way to do it is by mastering the high-level meditation that Jesus and his disciples performed.

 About The Creators of the Program:

God Frequency is a combined effort of two people, Marcus and Jacob X.

After his wife and children left him, Marcus, a sound engineer, struggled with different issues in his life until he met a priest in a coffee shop who played a massive role in changing his life. The priest was Jacob X.

While in the coffee shop, Jacob gave Marcus an audio track to listen to. Marcus says his life changed for good from that day, and he started using and meditating to the binaural beats for 15 minutes every.

Jacob was a catholic priest with a record of excellence in the church. That excellence got him an invite into the Vatican. However, after questioning the pope about the discovery of Jesus’ secret teachings written in Greek by biblical scholars in 2017, Jacob got his expulsion from the church.

Over the years that followed, Jacob met Marcus, and together they created God Frequency, which today is a huge success worldwide.

What Is God Frequency About?

How Does God Frequency Work?

God Frequency works by employing varying frequencies from two unique tones of binaural beats. After listening to the tones of the binaural beats, the brain receives them in a frequency that manipulates them into a cortical synchronization. The 15-minute program relaxes you, which helps you manifest your heart desires and wishes practically.

The binaural beats come as sounds that you get from nature. They help to attune your brain’s frequency to God’s blessings and energy, which in turn makes it easier and possible to manifest your deepest desires.

The beats also create a brain reaction that helps to reduce cortisol production in the brain, which leads to calmness and clearer thinking.

The beats play two different frequencies in the ears in two different tones. Listening to the binaural beats does not require specialized meditation or any money towards the cause you are pursuing. All one needs is consistency in listening to the sound waves for 15 minutes in 21 days.

This is unlike many other manifestation programs that require a set of guidelines and possibly some skills and lots of money to buy the programs.

Scientific research findings on the effects of the binaural beats say that they reduce anxiety while improving mood. They also enhance concentration and, best of all, help to regulate brain activity.

The sound waves also consist of theta waves that play a considerable role in simulating physical change. When using the right frequency, the body produces less cortisol than it should.

However, stress leads to more cortisol production, leading to different issues such as stress, overeating, and sometimes even sleep disorders. Calming the brain using the sound waves eliminates the negative issues influencing one’s success.

What Is The God Frequency About?

The features of God Frequency are as follows:

  • The program stabilizes the brain by providing a sound bath in the form of binaural beats. The beats produce a frequency level that helps the users to manifest God’s blessings.
  • The beats feature natural sounds that users listen to and perceive the presence and sound of God in its whole essence.
  • One of the program’s best features is the 365 money-back guarantee that provides the users with worry-free usage if the program fails to work. Many other almost similar programs provide users with a maximum of 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Using the program does not need any skills or for the user to be in a particular position while listening to the audio frequencies. It comes in digital form, and you can go to a room and quietly listen to the easy-to-follow audio program.
  • The program comes with several incentives with incredibly informative material that helps steer the users towards a happier and more satisfying life.
  • The program is holistically safe, and it allows the users to be spiritually and psychologically conscious.
  • God Frequency also encourages users to stay away from damaging habits and products such as alcohol, drugs, and any other nuisance in their lives.
  • It does not discriminate, and anyone that wishes to live a happier life or change their lifestyle can use the program. It does not have any age restrictions either.
  • Lastly, the program helps put the body and mind at ease by getting rid of physical discomfort that affects many people, preventing them from living positive and successful lives.

What Is The God Frequency About?

God Frequency Bonuses and Support:

The creators of the program put in a special binaural beat incentive called love frequency for their users.

What is Love Frequency about?

The assumption of the mind conditioned to be broken is a belief many people live with for a long time. For example, if someone goes through one broken marriage to another similar one, the brain starts to program itself subliminally for resistance.

Eventually, these people build a shield around themselves because of all the blame they lay on themselves. The guard they make around them prevents them from allowing other people into their lives. Gradually, they start messing things in their lives up because of the scare they have created deep within themselves.

Fortunately, it is easy to reprogram the mind to eliminate all the poisonous concepts that prevent the sufferers from moving forward. For this reason, God Frequency creators introduced Love Frequency as a special treat to save them from such messes.

By using the frequency, anyone suffering a traumatic separation or divorce can get their ex back after realizing that the two were meant to be. If getting the ex back is not possible or has run its course, users can use the power of the frequency to pursue new relationship interests.

The frequency also works well to give them the strength and belief that the same feeling they had in the past will not interfere in their newfound life. They also worry whether the only thing they want in life is strong relationships with their partners, colleagues, acquaintances, or relatives.

Whatever ugly emotions going through their minds are easy to erase away and replace with positivity by listening to the Love Frequency.

What Is The God Frequency About?

Who Is God Frequency Meant For?

God Frequency does not discriminate, and anyone that wants to manifest their life dreams or fulfill their most deep desires can use the sound program.

If you wonder if the program is only ideal for people who go to church, you are wrong because it works perfectly, even for those who have no spiritual beliefs or do not go to church.

The program is helpful to anyone suffering from failed life missions, relationships, marriage financial loss, and anyone experiencing a difficult moment in their life.

God Frequency brings about positivity and helps the user live their life to the fullest without any negative emotions messing things up. Furthermore, the program allows the brain to utilize its function and potential fully.

Pros And Cons Of God Frequency:


  • It takes only 15 minutes of your time for 21 days, leaving you with enough time to concentrate on other things
  • Anyone can follow the program effectively because it is straightforward
  • It helps to reprogram your brain so you can learn to think positively
  • It allows you to achieve all the good things you have always wanted in life
  • The frequencies help you to manifest the blessings of God into your life
  • It helps to improve all your existing relationships with a spouse, relatives, and colleagues
  • Creating the life of your dreams takes only a short while if you follow the program consistently and effectively
  • It is a unique program that leaves you fulfilled
  • It makes it easy for you to tune in to God’s blessings without struggling
  • Increases focus by changing your mood and relieving anxiety and stress
  • It increases you will power and boosts confidence
  • You get a money-back guarantee of 365 days
  • At $37, the program is affordable

What Is The God Frequency About?


  • The program needs an internet connection as it comes in digital form that you only listen to online.
  • God Frequency is only available on the official website and not on any online or offline stores. If you get another place selling the program, it will most likely be duplicated or fake.
  • The experiences and results from using the program vary from one user to the next, with some taking a shorter period to experience positive results, others taking longer. In contrast, a few others do not experience any changes.

Is God Frequency Program A Legit Program Or A Scam? Verdict

God Frequency is not a scam. The program’s legitimacy is evident because of the help that many of the users swear to receive after using it.

It helps to manifest life’s dreams. On the official website of God Frequency, many users from different lifestyles give their reviews crediting the program for their achievement of their goals and the manifestation of their life desires.

Furthermore, science verifies that binaural beats have positive effects on the mental functioning of the brain.

The program bases its frequencies on the secret teachings of Jesus discovered and studied by reputable and professional Oxford University biblical scholars.

Additionally, the power of the frequencies and their cortical synchronization legitimacy has backing from Harvard University researchers.

What Is The God Frequency About?

God Frequency Quick Glance:

  • Name Of Program: God Frequency
  • Creator: Jacob X
  • Investment: $37
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 365 Days
  • Scam Rank: 0/100 (Legit Program)
  • Rating: 95/100

Wrapping Up:

The internet has many manifestation programs that promise you immense changes in your life, but not many of them work as effectively as God Frequency. The program uses natural tones in its frequencies that help to calm, relax, and reprogram your brain for positive manifestation.

The audio track lasts only 15 minutes, and you do not need any special skills to use the program. With minimal cortisol levels in the brain that the frequencies help to diminish, you can have a comfortable life with a great relationship and everything else you ever wished for in your life. Check it out for yourself ===> Click Here.

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