What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

What is the Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind? The conscious and subconscious mind belong to the three levels of the mind. The conscious mind contains all memories, thoughts, and feelings that we are aware of.

Including the memory, which is not always part of consciousness but can be easily retrieved and be brought to awareness. The conscious mind has no memory. We can always talk of our conscious mind rationally as it is always abstract in its thinking.

On the other hand, the subconscious mind is part of the mind that remembers information when you are actively not trying to.

The subconscious mind reflects our deep inner thoughts, desires, fears, and wishes. The subconscious mind affects people’s natural behavior mostly when they are alone.

For a healthy mind, the subconscious and conscious mind have to work hand in hand, and one has to learn how to coordinate both.

The subconscious mind especially needs one to learn how to control it to gain more power over it. Therefore, learn how to use both your conscious and subconscious mind to your advantage.

You have to learn how to use both states of mind in synch to achieve a common goal. Below are some ways to use your conscious and subconscious mind.

Conscious Vs. Subconscious Mind:

The Conscious Mind:

The sole purpose of the conscious mind is to interact with the physical world. This happens through:

  • Identifying information

The conscious mind identifies incoming information around you. This part of the mind connects with the senses, and any of the six senses receive the information.

For example, when conversing with friends, whatever they say, your conscious mind gets hold of it by observing and categorizing whatever they are saying. This information is then taken to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind, on the other hand, processes information from the conscious mind. The subconscious will process the kind of information identified by the conscious mind so you can understand.

For instance, in our example, your friends probably talked about going for a road trip and suggesting places to go. The subconscious mind will process the topic they are talking about, that is, road trips. This gives you a clear understanding of the information.

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

  • Comparison 

The conscious mind commands, and the subconscious mind obeys. Your conscious mind acts like the boss and gives the subconscious mind something to think about. The conscious mind directs the subconscious mind to think of the situation at hand.

The subconscious mind remembers and retrieves any information or memories you have associated with the information given.

Your subconscious compares the memories you have and the current situation at hand. In our example, the subconscious will immediately start comparing your previous road trips and the memories associated with them.

  • Analysis

The conscious mind, with the help of data retrieved by the subconscious mind, analyses information around you. This is where critical thinking becomes handy for a person.

With the information clearly processed, you should be able to analyze the information to portray critical thinking on your part. Do not rush to decision-making without clearly analyzing information around you.

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

You should analyze information such as the cost involved in road trips, your desired destinations, number of people suitable for a road trip, among other factors rotating around a road trip. Carefully analyze information to avoid acting out of ignorance or talking about things that do not make any sense.

  • Decision making

You should be able to make rational decisions after carefully analyzing data in your mind. A sensible person does not make decisions based on their emotions but instead makes decisions based on intelligent thinking. Therefore, always involve your conscious mind to make smart decisions.

  • Initiate strategies

The conscious mind typically initiates a strategy when situations require memorization of some information. You should put your conscious mind into work when faced with situations that require deep understanding and learning. Initial encoding and working memory tasks are performed by the conscious mind.

Always involve your conscious mind when laying out strategies to effectively come up with realistic decisions.

The Subconscious Mind:

The subconscious mind makes up approximately 95% of your brainpower. Ways to gain control and put into use your subconscious mind include:

  • Visualizing your success

To succeed in anything you are doing, you need to visualize yourself succeeding in doing it. Therefore, your goals need to look realistic to yourself while pursuing them and to convince your mind that you can actually make an effective way of commanding your subconscious.

Creating that positive visual image will actually motivate you to work harder and more thoughtfully towards attaining your goals. The satisfaction that comes with a visualized success coming to pass is immeasurable.

A good example is when you want to construct a house. Visualize your dream house, how it will look afterward, and how it will feel owning your house.

Such imaginations will push you to focus more on the construction as you are already eager to see the final output.

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

  • Get in touch with your mind.

To gain power over your subconscious mind, you must first get to know it and understand how it works. Then, find a way to connect with your subconscious mind for a better understanding.

Find out your triggers, fears, thoughts as well as desires. To connect with your subconscious, you need to relax first. Meditation is a great way to connect with your mind. Take some time each day to meditate, as this will also help you set a good mood for your day.

Exercises such as yoga also help in relaxing the mind hence easy penetration to it. Yoga is known to stimulate the production of feel-good hormones in the body, which reduces anxiety and stress. Create a routine of your favorite exercises that involve the mind for a better engagement with your subconscious.

  • Set goals

A goal is a desired outcome or an idea of the future you plan and commit to attaining.  Setting goals include putting up a timeline to achieve your goals.

Ensure the goals are important to you and be fully committed to achieving them. One’s goals affect their attention and effort towards activities. They increase persistence to an activity. Difficult goals lead to greater effort from the individual.

When you set your goals, your mind will always keep reminding you to work towards achieving them. Therefore, involve your conscious mind while setting goals to avoid setting ambiguous goals.

Managing your goals well can give returns in all areas of your personal life. Having an aim or an objective will guide one to concentrate and improve on that goal or aim and subconsciously prioritize that objective.

To effectively work on your goals, you have to recognize and resolve all inner conflicts, guilt, or beliefs that might sabotage your efforts.

Keep reciting and replaying your goals, and your subconscious will automatically synch with you and give you much-needed attention towards achieving them.

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

  • Taking care of yourself

A healthy body equates to a healthy mind and vice versa. Take care of your body to achieve a better state of mind. By taking care of your body,

I mean, you should eat healthy food, exercise your body regularly, keeping your body hydrated as well as watching out for the environment that surrounds you.

Your environment includes not only the physical environment but also the psychological one. Mind the people you associate with.

Avoid negativity in your life for a healthy mind.  Environment plays a huge role in your subconscious mind as emotions are triggered with similarity of environments.

For example, one might fear the darkness since a traumatizing event like rape happened to them at night. Whenever there is darkness, their subconscious always reminds them of their past ordeal that happened in a similar environment.

This causes anxiety and fear to the person. Therefore, such a person is advised to avoid darkness or face their fears to overcome the trauma that comes with the darkness.

Fueling and looking after yourself the right way enables optimal level operation for your conscious and subconscious mind. This way, you can achieve more since your mind will be more focused.

What Is The Conscious Vs Subconscious Mind?

  • Breaking your habits

Being a habitual system, the subconscious mind has memorized your comfort zones and works to keep you in them. As a result, your subconscious makes you feel uncomfortable, either physically or emotionally.

Especially when you attempt anything out of your established patterns, you need to reprogram yourself and adopt healthy lifestyles and get used to new things. Break your cycle of doing things.

Be bold enough to try out exciting things and do away with negative thoughts associated with them. Eliminate fear and embrace the beauty of uncertainties in life.

Make it a habit to do things and think positively about situations. Instill new comfort zones based on your goals, and your subconscious will adapt to them.


Both the conscious and the subconscious mind exist simultaneously and interactively in the same brain. However, the subconscious mind holds more brainpower than the conscious mind.

When we learn to coordinate both in synch, we can control what goes on in our lives and increase our productivity.

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