What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

What Is The Bio Energy Code About? Is it really helpful? Does It even work? Let’s jump in and get started. More often than not, when people search within themselves.

To find answers as to why their lives are not going the way, they imagined it to go; they search for Law of Attraction programs to help them out.

However, you can get the same answers from innovative neuroscience and ancient Chakra teachings, which is what The BioEnergy Code program provides and what we are reviewing in this article.

Being unhappy about one’s life and confused about the cause of the unhappiness is a common thing among many people.

You feel as if something is missing or as if there is a step that you skipped. So you try to search within yourself to come with answers and reasons, but you get nothing.

The internet programs do not help, friends and counselors do not provide you with any solutions, and you have negative thoughts that drain you.

What do you do? Before you think your life is futile, you should go through The BioEnergy Code program for reprieve. What is bioenergy code?

The Bio Energy Code Overview:

  • Product Name: The BioEnergy Code
  • Investment: $37
  • Author: Ms. Angela Carter
  • Scam Rank: Completely scam-free
  • Overall Rank: 100/100
  • Money-back Guarantee: 365 days

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

Every person dreams of all the good things in life, such as excellent health, financial freedom, wealth, workable and loving relationships and friendships, and many others.

Manifesting abundance is difficult when you have negative thoughts and energy. What you need is positive energy and a look at life with positivity.

Many people will do anything to achieve abundance manifestation, one of which is going through numerous Law of Attraction internet programs for answers.

Even though some programs work, others are a disappointment and are only out to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

However, unlike many other programs, The BioEnergy Code program lives up to the claims on its website.

The BioEnergy Code is a manifestation program that bases its teachings on the bioenergy activating switch that lives inside everyone, neuroscience, and ancient Chakra teachings.

The 30-minute audio program takes you through a meditation process that helps you to clear any negative energy within you that does not align with your bioenergy code. The program does not come with the agony of reading through letters and words.

All you do is press a play icon and listen to the audio that activates your bioenergy switch that releases positive energy flow into the body.

It helps clear any blockages preventing you from moving forward and aligns your mind, so you start looking at things differently.

The program manifests all your desires with positivity, which is a massive transformation to your old self.

About The Creator:

Ms. Angela Carter is the author of The BioEnergy Code. Before creating the program, her life was a mess. Then, one day, she decided that traveling would help calm her mind.

Her choice place of visit was Nepal to see the elephants. At Kathmandu, while on her way to Nepal, Angela met Mr. Anthony, who played a massive role in the making of the program.

Angela narrated her story to Anthony, a keen listener, who then went on to tell her about The BioEnergy Code switch and how it affects our minds.

Anthony shared an audio track with Angela, which she found helpful. However, she did not sit on the good that the program provided her with.

Instead, she decided to share the knowledge with the world, thus the program-The BioEnergy Code.

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

How The Bio Energy Code Works:

The scientifically tested bioenergy code audio releases strong frequencies that awaken the seven Chakras inside you. After activation, the body responds by manifesting wealth, health, and others.

Visualization also improves, and you get more affirmative responses as well as learning how to maintain focus.

In short, the program makes it possible for two to acquire or achieve the things that you deserve by connecting your spirit to the world.

The program consists of several phases with accompanying tracks that help to support the meditation process based on the ancient Chakra concept. The phases are easy to follow with a language that is just as easy to understand.

The Phases:

  • Phase One: The Proprietary Frequency

The creator welcomes users to this first phase with audio neuro frequencies that realign the brain into a meditative, receptive, and aligned state. The welcome energy helps to heal your bioenergy for positivity.

  • Phase Two: Foundational Energy

In phase two, Root Chakra activates the bioenergy switch allowing users to identify the parts of their lives that are not secure or block their success.

The switch clears the blockage and, through curated visualization, activates the flow of manifestation.

  •  Phase Three: Relational Energy

The Sacral Chakra phase provides users with relational energy that helps find the right balance in relationships, feelings, and management of different needs.

  • Phase 4: Personal Power Energy

The fourth phase, the Solar Plexus phase, is all about optimizing your personal power energy. Simulation of your inner fire or personal power provides you with gratification and joy as you continue to clear the things blocking your life.

  • Phase Five: Heart Energy

Phase five is the Heart Chakra that targets your heart energy. The heart is the epitome of love in your body, and it plays a huge role in satisfying most of your life’s expectations. The Chakra helps you to achieve and radiate the purest love from deep within you.

  • Phase Six: Expression Energy

Throat Chakra is the phase six frequency that helps you to focus on spoken and expression energy.

Activating the Chakra also helps you discard any negative thoughts about what other people think or say about you.

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

  • Phase Seven: Intuition Energy

The seventh phase is also the Third Eye Chakra, and it focuses on your intuition energy. During the phase, users gain more insights into what it entails to do away with self-doubt and embrace trust and the positive things around them.

  • Phase Eight: Oneness Energy

The Crown Chakra is the eighth phase, and it focuses on oneness energy. The top of the head Chakra allows you to focus on the oneness energy you experience with the universe. The universe energy helps you to find divine things surrounding you.

  • Phase Nine: Power Extension

The last phase ensures your power extension, which means recognizing and making use of your talents. It helps you to gain inner power that helps you to create and manage your life.

Many people have pessimistic thought patterns in their subconscious minds. Pessimistic thought patterns hinder progression and the fulfillment of dreams, goals, and wishes.


According to Ms. Angela Carter, the creator of The BioEnergy Code, users can only move forward by getting deeper within the workings of their energy orbit.

Once they do that, it becomes easier to transform the patterns of their thoughts. The BioEnergy Code program allows users to manifest all their conscious needs and wishes effectively.

It helps to turn negative mindsets into positive ones. With The BioEnergy Code audio therapy, you can be sure to free yourself from any negative energy surrounding you or those deep within you.

Bonuses And Support Provided By Bio Energy Code:

  • The program comes with several bonuses that include discounts and meditation audio files.
  • The program cost is $37, including multiple bonuses that make the program better to understand. The bonuses are:
  • Bioenergy code manual is a 154-page digital book describing the complete science behind all the seven energy centers.
  • 5-minute bioenergy healing series of meditation audio files meant for users that do not have a lot of time to spend on the whole routine.
  • Bioenergy code decoded, which is a cheat-sheet that explains everything you need to know about the Chakras.
  • The heart energy activator, which is a socialized program specifically, formulated for the heart Chakra.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 365-day full money-back refund if the user finds the program unsatisfactory.

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

Who Is The Bio Energy Code For?

The BioEnergy Code is for men and women of all ages and lifestyles worldwide who want to change their lives from negativity to positivity.

It is for the person embroiled in negative thoughts that hinders them from moving forward or attaining their dreams. The program uses the power of Chakras, derived from ancient teachings and neuroscience.

Therefore, you have to be ready to accept these factors to work together to change your negative midst into a positive one.

The BioEnergy Code is for you that want financial freedom, happy relationships, tremendous and profitable businesses, and all the good things in life.

Pros And Cons Of Bio Energy Code:


  • A 30-minute program gives users plenty of time to listen to it and still have enough time for other activities.
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and security of a 365-money back guarantee if unsatisfied.
  • The BioEnergy Code program comes with several benefits, according to the official website. The pros are:
  • Users of the program do not need to try anything hard like deep meditation or alter their mentality to achieve success.
  • Even after watching the program, the centers do not stop activating, clearing, and opening up the manifestation free-flowing direction.
  • The BioEnergy Code is all you need to achieve the success you want without any aid from anything else outside of the program.
  • Users can manifest all their life desires through the deliverance of energetic force by the program.
  • The audio is straightforward, efficient, and clear, making it easy to understand for people with different lifestyles.
  • It provides users with energized high confidence to achieve their desires
  • It helps to impact long-lasting friendships, relationships, and love
  • It is affordable, and at only $37, you get the program with bonuses that include meditation books and information on Chakra gurus
  • Use of Chakras that activate your subconscious for you to connect with the world and those around you

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?


  • Due to the remarkable effectiveness of the program, there are many fake programs in the market, so you can only buy the genuine one from the official website. Any third source could be a scam.
  • If you do not follow the 30-minute guidelines and techniques stipulated, you might miss elemental abundances.
  • Internet connection is a must-have for you to follow the program, as it is only available online.
  • You cannot purchase the BioEnergy code program from another source because it is only available on the official website.
  • If you want to achieve the desired outcome of good tidings, you need to spend the complete 30 minutes required and nothing less.

The Bio Energy Code At A Glance:

  • Product Name: The BioEnergy Code
  • Investment: $37
  • Author: Ms. Angela Carter
  • Scam Rank: Completely scam-free
  • Overall Rank: 100/100
  • Money-back Guarantee: 365 days

What Is The Bio Energy Code About?

Wrapping It Up:  Is The Bioenergy Code a Scam? (Verdict)

Many people ask before they purchase the program if it is legit or a scam like many other programs on the internet that promise efficiency only to deliver mediocrity.

The BioEnergy Code program is not a scam. It is 100% legit, and users from all over the world attest to the effectiveness of the audios.

The program takes your meditation towards a powerful direction by activating the Chakras that provide you with a powerful energy flow deep within you.

Once you attain this energy, you can change your mindset from having negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

You can create changes that go with your wishes and needs in life, making it easy to reach your goals and dreams.

You treat and love yourself and those around you better with the new manifestation. The BioEnergy Code is the only program you can rely on for simplified basic meditation techniques, neuroscience, and ancient teachings.

It is suitable for both women and men regardless of their status in life, country, or age.

Unlike many internet Law of Attraction programs, The BioEnergy Code does not require you to read through many chapters of a book for days on end to achieve your dreams.

All you do is listen to a 30-minute audio daily, and you are good to go, leaving you with ample time to do other things.

Lastly, The BioEnergy Code program breaks any obstacles that hinder you from sharing the good things in life, such as wealth, wellbeing, pleasure, affection, and pleasure. In short, it works.

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