What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

So what is “Six Minutes To Success About?” Let’s jump right in. How many people try almost everything to become successful without any success? How many people read one book after the other in search of success without any success?

Could be it be because many of these people do not know exactly what or how to become successful? Could it be that they do not know where to look?

The internet is ajar with many theories, books, journals, and videos on how to become rich quickly. Many people follow these online promises keenly, but few of them get the real help they need. Many others lose lots of money to scams that promise heaven only to deliver something close to hell.

Today, we live in a world where success matters and you do not have to watch from the sidelines or remain in the dark while others climb the ladder to success.

Many people have tried to follow suit by going online to follow everything there is to follow and know on Laws of Attraction and failed miserably.

However, some men and women fall into the league of successful people. They worked hard to be where they are today, by following guidelines set up by people that are more successful. You, too, can join the lot with the right state of mind and skills to help you along the way.

The Law of Attraction works for some, while others wonder where they are going wrong. Today, I will give you a review of one of the best tried and tested Law of Attraction guidelines that will change your life, but only if you are ready to put in the effort.

The program is Six Minutes to Success, a Law of Attraction program that comes with all the ideas and secrets you need to become successful.

Six Minutes To Success Overview:

  • Product Name: Six Minutes to Success
  • Author/Creator: Bob Proctor
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction, Laws Of The Universe, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
  • Rating: 98/100
  • Investment: Only $29.97 Once A Month Cancel Any Time
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
  • Scam Rank: 0/100 (Excellent Program)

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

Six Minutes to Success is a course that uses the Laws of Attraction theories to turn you into a success story. The program’s key instruments to change your life are over three hundred videos.

You receive these daily after joining the course. The principles applied in the Six Minutes to Success are not just theories but also real ideologies that most successful people swear to as their main reasons.

The message delivery in the program is impressive and easy to grasp. The program starts by prepping you first by using a starter kit that helps you to build a foundation to help you in the journey to success. All it asks of you is determination and passion if you want to move forward.

About The Creator:

Six Minutes to Success is Bob Proctor’s brainchild, who is not new to using Laws of Attraction to change people’s lives. Bob has dedicated most of his adult life to researching factors that play the most extensive roles in helping people garner success in their lives. He is an avid reader, with some of his best authors being Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill.

Bob is also a world-renowned author and a creator of many Laws of Attraction programs. Some of the programs under his name include The Science of Getting Rich, Magic in Your Mind, and Six Minutes to Success.

Books written by Proctor also follow the same teachings, with the most popular being The Art of Living, The ABC’s of Success, and You Were Born Rich.

Before Bob started his journey to finding success in his life, he was an utterly broken man. He got his first break by reading Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich given to him by his mentor, Ray Stanford.

Bob applied the principles from the book that helped him immensely. After his success, he did not stop but went on further to research Laws of Attraction and how they apply in our day-to-day lives for success.

The results are what you get in Six Minutes to Success and his other programs. Maybe this will jog your memory better- Rhonda Byrne also features bob in The Secret– the book and movie. Today, Bob runs the Proctor Gallagher Institute alongside a partner Sandy Gallagher.

How Six Minutes To Success Works:

Video Series:

As the program title suggests, the Six Minutes to Success videos run for between three and six minutes. Once you pay and sign in to join the program, you get a video message directly from Bob Proctor each morning through your email.

Bob shares all the critical information and knowledge you need to learn in all the videos, which go a long way in boosting your confidence and giving you positive energy to start your day on a high note.

The videos help you focus on positive things during the day, which is the first step in becoming successful. Even though Bob gives a lot of knowledge and real-life experiences in the videos, it still depends on how well you turn all the teachings to work for you.

Goals Workbook:

The program’s key success is the goals workbook, which allows users to write down their future lives to the smallest detail. The 27-page workbook helps the user to set short-term and long-term goals using seven lessons.

The information is especially good for those who have a more challenging time deciding which way to follow to pursue success. The seven lessons are as follows:-

  • In the first lesson, you learn how having goals, helps improve your life, change bad habits by replacing them with good ones, and maintaining a worthy goal in life. The lesson is the Power of Goals.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

  • The second lesson is Gratitude Attunes You to Success, and it is all about staying grateful for all the bad and right in your life. It also touches on how to attract good into your life.
  • The third lesson is about dreaming big if you follow the last two lessons. Guidelines to Follow teach you how to imagine, a skill we buried with worries as we continued growing up.
  • The fourth lesson is Design Your Life now, and it is all about deciding on your goal based on the seven major areas of your life. It teaches you how to choose YOU as you are the single most crucial thing in your life. YOU are your purpose.
  • The fifth lesson is Getting into Alignment is the fifth lesson, and it talks about how your attitude determines your results. In the lesson, you learn to understand what it takes to form a winning attitude and how a self-mental picture helps you achieve those goals.
  • The sixth lesson is on how to Understand Universal Laws because they influence our lives. It is all about understanding how nature plays a role in forming goals to reap its fruits.
  • The last lesson is how to Support and Your “Dream Team.” Once you become a member of the program, the Proctor-Gallagher Institute will help in everything you need to know to find success. One of the lessons you will learn is the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people for positive support throughout your journey.

 Action Planner:       

The action planner is the other tool in the program that helps you to reshape your life. It introduces 11 Universal Principles of Law, with each month focusing on one law.

Sticking to the materials provided for the whole year helps the reader to understand the laws better. the eleven laws are as follows:

The Law of:

  • Attraction and Vibration
  • Perpetual Transmutation
  • Relativity
  • Polarity
  • Rhythm
  • Cause and Effect
  • Gender
  • Materialization
  • Value
  • Wide Influence
  • Authenticity

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

Bonuses And Support:

When you purchase the Six Minutes to Success program, this is what you get:

  • A success startup kit comprising of four videos and support to set the right tools and goals for your success
  • An action planner that helps you to stay on track with the guidelines and principles
  • Daily messages and inspiring support and plans that will change you in six minutes
  • A video sent through your email each morning
  • Chance to connect with other like-minded people learning the program with you
  • $1 a day free trial for two weeks to see if you like the program
  • $29.97 a month
  • $99.97 a month as a premium member that gets you more learning materials and information

Who Is Six Minutes To Success For?

The program is ideal for anyone that wants positive change in his or her life. It is for those that have struggled in the past to find what makes them not move forward.

The program is also for those that stand by the sidelines and watch others move forward with their lives. Six Minutes to Success is for you, me, and everyone that needs to wake up and go forward.

Does Six Minutes To Success Really Work?

If you are looking for an online program that will make you get rich quickly, you will conclude that Bob Proctors Six Minutes to Success does not work.

Of course, it will not because it does not teach or dwell on any skills or professions you need to undertake to get rich. The program is about using the Laws of Attraction techniques to bring out the person in you and recognize the wrongs you do that inhibit success.

Six Minutes to Success is a product of its kind, with a uniqueness you will not find in many other Laws of Attraction programs.

It helps develop the right state of mind that helps you focus on achieving all or almost all your goals. The program is simply a fantastic product that will change your life, and in no way is it a scam. Furthermore, it works.

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

Pros And Cons Of Six Minutes to Success:


  • Excellent customer support from Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and the whole team at Proctor Gallagher institute
  • Daily video simulation sent via email
  • Step by step guidelines
  • A Law of Attraction complete course
  • Excellent and easy to follow web design interface with fast user support
  • Easily downloadable and printable information materials
  • Short and precise videos-takes between 3 and 6 minutes
  • Available audio versions
  • Powerful and thoughtful ideas that bear positive results
  • Excellent price
  • A two-week trial period at $1 per day
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Chance to interact with other learners


  • Videos are too short for some people
  • Videos only available at the official site of the program
  • Not a guarantee that the program works for everyone that tries it
  • Bob does not teach any skills that can help the user to achieve their goals
  • There are no topics on how to achieve good health, wealth, better relationships, and other real-life experiences

What Is Six Minutes To Success About?

Six Minutes To Success At A Glance:

  • Product Name: Six Minutes to Success
  • Author/Creator: Bob Proctor
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction, Laws Of The Universe, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
  • Rating: 98/100
  • Investment: Only $29.97 Once A Month Cancel Any Time
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Wrapping It Up:

Six minutes to success is a simple and easy to follow program that will change your life. It is highly informative, reliable and it uses a systematic guideline that does not require you to read PDFs or journals to bring new meaning into your life.

The videos are short and precise, which is a good thing because you will not get bored watching extended programs.

You can learn fast and go on with your daily chores. To be clear, you will not make millions after using the program, but you will have a positive mind that will allow you to make a difference in your life.

My final verdict is- go for it, and you will not regret making the choice. After all, you can start by taking advantage of the two-week free trial that only demands a payment of $1 per day, and if in those two weeks, you are not happy with the progress, you can stop.

Furthermore, Bob Proctor gives you a 60-day full refund guarantee that enables you to take your money back if the program does not live up to its claims or your expectations. Great Program if you are serious about taking your life to the next level financially or otherwise.


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