What Is Royal Numerology About?

What Is Royal Numerology About?

What Is Royal Numerology About? Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like your life is at a crossroad and do not know which path to take?  Do you sometimes feel confused and scared about all the negative things happening in your life?

Do you ever wonder if anything out there can direct you to the right path to take for success, wealth, good health, excellent relationships, and more?

Many people worldwide go through varying issues without knowing what to do to get out of the hiccups. Some people result to one of the oldest methods of finding their lives take.

That method is the use of numbers or numerals. Using figures to predict the future and change the past is an ancient secret ingredient that carries unique vibration and impact to help anyone manifest positivity into their lives.

Numbers, figures, and numerals allow people to look closely at their inner selves and life in general and make changes where they feel things are not working well.

One of the best reads today on how numbers pinpoint your strong and weak points is the Royal Numerology by Aiden Powers. Besides identifying the weak and strong points in your life, Aiden Powers also provides solutions to get out the predicaments by using numerology.

Royal Numerology Overview:

  • Product Name: Royal Numerology
  • Author/Creator: Aiden Powers
  • Investment:  Only $69.95
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
  • Scam: 0/100 (Ethical Program)
  • Rate: 99/100

What Is Royal Numerology About?

Royal Numerology is all about using the magic of numbers to identify your covert abilities and accurately use them to determine your destiny.

Moreover, Royal Numerology provides you with the opportunity to find out and manage the most critical aspects of your life.

Additionally, it helps to steer the elements of your life, such as financial breakthrough, career, and relationships, among others, to a path of success and luck.

The online service bases its readings on your name and birthdate. From the reading, you get to know what the future holds for you and how to alter your life for success ad good luck.

Playing with the numerology numbers helps you become happier and more confident once you identify your significant relocations.

The first reading is free, and it gives you an idea of what to expect once you purchase the detailed numerology report. The creator behind this unique program is Aiden Powers, a master numerologist.

What Is Royal Numerology About?

About The Founder:

Aiden Powers is the mastermind behind the creation of Royal Numerology. He is an outstanding scientist and numerologist with a worldwide following.

His interest in numbers dates back to when he was still a young child. However, it was not until he was at the university that Aiden started testing the power of numbers.

The significance of numbers mesmerized him, and he continued to add to his knowledge and curiosity by studying numerology and quantum physics.

The things that fascinated Aiden most were how numbers could change a person’s life and the real identity of different individuals. According to Aiden, a person’s date of birth is more than a set of numbers. It is a representation of a person’s life.

The creator intends to help people improve their lives by making the right decisions using the power of authentic numerology.

He created a website that provides people from different lifestyles to discover the magical properties that one can only find in numbers.

Clients that use Royal Numerology exceed 9 thousand from over 30 countries. Besides Royal Numerology, Aiden is an author of several other publications on medication and karma.

How Royal Numerology Works:

If you are familiar with astrology, it will make it easier to understand how Royal Numerology works. The author uses astrological knowledge and techniques to analyze the effect numbers have on your life.

For the longest period, people have used astrology to associate certain planets with numbers to zero in on their lucky numbers.

However, number combinations differ in each life sphere, so it is essential to have your unique vibrational number and occult alongside the planet number that manages different sides of your life. Combining the powers of numerology and astrology makes it much easier to calculate your lucky number.

Unlike many astrology readings, Royal Numerology has some specific characteristics that make it different and unique. The program uses authentic numerology that works flawlessly.




It allows you to define your destiny with the help of some formulas derived from your birthday numbers. The easy-to-calculate formula helps you to discover what lies beyond your outside world.

What makes the program unique is that it provides you with a free reading before you buy the more extensive readings. Moreover, Royal Numerology comes in a setup guide made up of scripts that are easy to read through, even for first-time numerology readers.

You can start using the program from anywhere you want and gradually move to other aspects of your life that you wish to discover.

One of the things the program allows you to focus on is your past and present life. Additionally, Royal Numerology is also a guide on the changes and achievements the future holds for you.

The program also provides you with answers to any questions you might have concerning your past, present, and future.

You also get to have enough information regarding different stages of your life with revelations of all the hidden aspects. The program’s primary aim is to steer you towards the correct path to choose, especially when you doubt the situation you find yourself in becomes overwhelming.

What Is Royal Numerology About?

Royal Numerology Concepts And The Relationship Between Date Of Birth And Name:

The essential principles of Royal Numerology are the numbers that make up your full name and the numbers that make up your date of birth.

The program translates the first name and surname to understand your abilities and skills that you might not know. The date of birth numbers helps to reveal fate and chances open to your disposal throughout your life, including your choice of partner and occupation.

The combination of the date of birth and name numbers allows you to evaluate your most important life accomplishments and the specific numbers responsible for different opportunities and capabilities.

The number of varieties also helps to highlight a person’s most crucial turning points and captures the diversity of human life. Each of the numbers has a unique meaning different from the other ones.

For example, number 8 represents proficiency, materialism, balance, and obligation, while number one represents confidence, management, and independence.

Royal Numerology consists of numerous factors and a complex algorithm. However, they help you know what is most likely to happen in the future, allowing you to use the information wisely to determine your success or failure.

The complex algorithm of a numerology report consists of numerous factors but they are helpful in determining your future.  How an individual uses the information determines his/her success. The readings that make the program are as follows-

Your Life Purpose-Reading 1

Reading 1 is all about an in-depth look at your life purpose. The report looks into the characters that play the most significant roles in defining your life.

The reading gives you a clear picture of your goal and priorities in life. It also unlocks your hidden energy and joy that attract positivity, money, love, joy, and many other things that you desire in life.

Furthermore, the reading helps you to discover your desires, motivations, beliefs, and ambitions that will help you to lead a more successful life.

The discoveries you get from the first reading give you emotional, spiritual, and physical freedom to spend your energy on things that make your life successful and exciting.

Your Personality Profile -Reading 2

Reading 2 focuses on your character profile. It helps you to discover your hidden personality strengths. It also allows you to identify the traits holding you back from success and the influence people around you have over you. The reading helps you to become more resilient when faced with tension and adversity.

One-Year Forecast- Reading 3

Reading 3 takes you through the different impediments to expect in life. You will learn not to get off-balance when faced with intricate problems but instead, fight through them to come out a winner.

The reading helps you identify the people to avoid and those you should bring into your team to succeed and live your dreams. It also helps to open your eyes to opportunities that might have passed you in the past.

What Is Royal Numerology About?

Bonuses And Support Provided By Royal Numerology:

The program comes with several bonuses that help to take your reading to an entirely new level. They are-

  • Comprehending the Celestial Zodiac Influence.
  • Art of Divine Astrology Reading.
  • Reading the future by accessing tarot cards.
  • Mastering True Numerology for Happiness and Success-The Total Guide.
  • Understanding Your True Self by Utilizing Palmistry.

Comprehending the celestial zodiac influence an eBook that reveals how the zodiac plays an influential role in our lives. The eBook also provides you with information on the physical qualities and characteristics of specific signs and their role in our lives.

Art of Divine Astrology Reading guides you through astral-clairvoyant reading with information on factors that affect reading, such as planets and otherworldly attributes.

If you are a novice in the world of tarot-card reading, then the third bonus, Accessing Tarot Cards to Read Your future, might be too complicated for you. The bonus helps you to understand and master the art of card reading for past clarification and future predictions.

Mastering True Numerology for Happiness and Success is excellent, especially for anyone that wants to make a career out of numerology. It helps you to master the ancient art of numbers for the perfect numerology reports.

Understanding Your True Self by Utilizing Palmistry is as simple as it sounds. The bonus is all about helping you gain insights into your life by reading the lines on the palms of your hands.

Who Is Royal Numerology For?

Royal Numerology is for anyone feeling lost, without any idea of the direction they need to change their lives. It is for the person who believes in numbers’ magical powers and follows their formulas to change their future.

Pros And Cons Of Royal Numerology:

Royal Numerology might look like the perfect life-changing experience that everyone needs with no bad things to write home about. However, just like many other online programs, it comes with benefits and limitations.


  • Provides you with opportunities to improve your life.
  • It comes with a free reading.
  • You become a life member after paying only one subscription fee.
  • Once you attain a life membership, you receive all the latest updates with nothing extra to pay.
  • Costs only $69.95.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Created by a professional numerologist.
  • The digital format of the readings is easy to follow and use.
  • On purchase, you get several bonus readings.

What Is Royal Numerology About?


  • Not everyone believes in numerology, astrology, or card reading, which might prevent them from trusting the legitimacy of the program.
  • You can only use the program if you have an internet connection and only with a computer or smartphone.
  • Detailed reading takes time and even days to generate answers making it not ideal for anyone that wants instant answers.
  • Signing up for the program is not fun for everyone.

Royal Numerology At A Glance:

  • Product Name: Royal Numerology
  • Author/Creator: Aiden Powers
  • Investment: Only $69.95
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
  • Scam: 0/100 (Ethical Program)
  • Rate: 99/100


Human beings naturally doubt almost everything presented to them, especially if it is an online program. Questioning is understandable because many programs on the internet have only one intention: to scam people out of their hard-earned money. However, Royal Numerology is not just any other internet get rich quick scheme.

Furthermore, by reading through users’ reviews, you will come to the same conclusion. Royal Numerology is a well-organized system that helps to improve certain aspects of your life, such as career, relationship, and wealth.

Numerology s also not a new concept as it dates back to ancient times. The creator is a world-renowned professional numerologist with many years of experience.

People from across the world and different lifestyles swear by the powers of numbers through the Royal Numerology readings.

What is even better is that you get a free reading before deciding whether to upgrade to a paid version or stay. My verdict? Royal Numerology works. Check It Out ===> Click Here.

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