What Is Panic Away About? Is It Really Helpful?

What Is Panic Away About

So “What Is Panic Away About?” Let’s delve right in. Different kinds of situations cause anxieties and panic attacks.

Some of the most common reasons for anxieties are post-natal trauma, some mineral deficiencies in the body and other traumatic experiences from childhood memories.

Many people go through anxiety attacks leading to panic every day. There is a lot of information out there on how to treat anxiety.

Many of these people will opt to take anti-depressants and other kinds of medication to try and bring down the problem. Others will suggest to those with anxiety that the best cure is a session or a few sessions with a psychiatrist.

Others will yet tell anxiety patients that there is no dealing with the problem unless they spend the rest of their lives on medication.

While some of these suggestions might work, others are blatant lies. You do not need to spend the rest of your life on medication in order to cure anxiety.

There is a much better way to deal with your anxiety today without taking medication or visiting a psychiatrist. Just by reading a book or downloading an eBook on how to overcome panic attacks.

You can get all the help you need without the aid of conventional medicines or regular visits to the psychiatrists or psychologists. You can lead a completely normal life. The book is Panic Away and it helps you to fight those anxieties.

Panic Away Overview:

  • Investment: $67.95
  • Creator: Joe Barry
  • Subject: End anxiety and stop panic attacks fast
  • Format: Book and eBook
  • Rank: 98/100

Panic Away Program:

While studying at the University College of Dublin, Barry Joe McDonagh popularly referred to as Joe Barry, developed an anti-anxiety plan that would change the lives of many people suffering from anxiety attacks.

His work was first published in the year 2001. Barry who is neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist wrote this from his past experiences as a victim of panic attacks.

All through his troubles, he went through the conventional methods of medication which did not help. He, therefore, resulted in developing his own methods to fight the attacks.

He then went further to put his methods into writing and had his book published. He also went further to write a downloadable e-book on the same.

In his book, Barry does not in any way try to downplay the power of medication or the need to visit a psychiatrist. What he emphasizes is that there is another way you can find help with or without medication.

what is panic away about

Overview Of Panic Away:

The program of the Panic Away has three stages all bent out on helping you with your fight against anxiety attacks. The three stages are the trust stage. Acceptance stage and finally the persistence stage.

Every one of the above stages comes with a clear explanation, instructions to follow in order to get well, and case studies from real-life experiences.

Barry goes further to explain how anxiety management should be approached.  First by relieving the symptoms in order to achieve long-term relief from anxiety.

In the majority of anxiety cases, many people think it all has to do with their feelings. The feelings become the enemy and it gets hard to fight those feelings.

In Panic Away, we learn that feelings are not the enemy nor the cause of anxiety attacks. Instead of taking all your time to fight those feelings, you should instead embrace them so that they can stop being a bother.

There are 70 chapters in the book. The chapters have sub-chapters and the book is very readable for everyone. the chapters focus on what brings about anxiety attacks, how to handle yourself during those moments when you experience the attacks, and what not to do.

Barry has an approach which he calls C.A.L.M which becomes useful when dealing with some anxieties like obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The book also focuses on one major technique that Barry says works very well for other issues too besides anxiety and panic attacks.

This technique which he calls the 21/7 technique simply means taking a countdown of 21 seconds then following it up with an exercise for 7 seconds.

These two, the countdown and exercise are simple, and you can do them anywhere and at any time. Both techniques use affirmations, breathing, and visualization techniques to help you as you continue with your journey of self-realization. For that life-changing moment the book also focuses on the following statements

  • Acceptance

After you accept that you have a problem, the next step is to think of a way to move forward. This you should do by not preventing your body from doing what it wants during an anxiety attack. You should in fact encourage it by observing, embracing, and demanding to know more of what the body wants.

  • Situational and generalized anxieties

The book goes on further to list down all the differences between situational anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety attacks.

what is panic away about

 Situation anxiety attacks

These are caused by changing events or new situations in someone’s life that can make one feel very uncomfortable. Some of the most common situational anxieties also referred to as situational phobias are heights, some particular noises, some places that give you anxiety when you visit, and for some people even seeing some people or animals that give them phobias.

Generalized anxieties disorder (GAD) 

This is triggered by various things and not necessarily by one single stimulus but by different stimuli. Some of the symptoms that may show that you have GAD are feeling edgy and irritable, having muscle tensions and aches especially around the chest area, going through insomnia night after night, suffering from tension headaches, and fatigue.

A persistent of some of the above symptoms can lead to further health complications if left untreated. They also disrupt your life and you end up leading a life of psychological distress.

Other factors that may cause GAD are some life changes that may not necessarily be out of negative choices, some chemical imbalance in the body due to hormonal changes, or some kind of medication or genetic problems.

People born with low levels of serotonin in their bodies tend to get more depressed than people with enough serotonin. Serotonin helps in relaxing the body and bringing the happy effect that we all feel.

  • The relationship between panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

The book goes further to explain the relationship between OCD and panic attacks. Though the two are different types of disorders, they are related because a person with OCD will suffer from panic attacks too.


OCD which is characterized by an obsession in compulsive behaviors and thinking leads people into very distressful situations.

They become relentless in the way they think and handle their everyday issues. They often get invasive thoughts and see images that they often find disturbing and unsettling.

These bring about nervousness and it gets very hard to convince them to change. They go further to carry out repetitive acts to avoid a bad occurrence.

Panic disorders

Panic disorders on the other hand come about as a result of fear, terror, apprehension and other issues. These feelings come without the actual presence of any danger.

Panic attacks are usually followed by other symptoms like chest pains, shaking and trembling, palpitations tingling and numbness, sweating and some people even feel like they are choking.

People with panic attacks go through very disturbing fears and thoughts which leads to distress and confusion. Some might even go insane or develop other mental problems.

Panic attack symptoms happen suddenly and peak up after some minutes but eventually subside. Some attacks, however, last longer than just a few minutes and for some people, they may happen in succession. This makes it even more difficult to find out when one attack occurs and when the next takes over.

  • How food and additives help or aid in anxiety attacks

The book goes further to describe and explain how certain foods can help you fight your anxieties and how others hinder anxiety. Some sweeteners like aspartame are one of the foods to avoid if you are having anxiety attacks.

  • The technique

The book gives the readers the actual technique which is very different from the original or well-known technique to fight anxiety. Barry’s attacking anxiety route takes to a different level.

According to the book, some of the mental symptoms people go through are not always as bad as they are said to be. The book explains why these manifestations take place and the actions to take when they do.

what is panic away about

The Pros And Cons Of Panic Away Program:

The Pros:

  • Easy to read

The book is very easy for everyone. Barry supports some of his theories with enough scientific proof making it even more viable.

  • Gives complete information

While many other books use filler words to say stuff that has already been said, Barry does not do that, and he gives his readers complete information on all the topics.

  • Positive results

For many people that have tried the methods, they claim that they really do work and anxiety attacks stopped after following all the steps.

  • Offers solutions

For people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, the book gives long-term solutions and not those for just one attack.

  • Real-life case studies

There are a number of real-life case studies in the book which give people more hope and encouragement to continue with the program.

  • Natural methods

The book does not mention the use of any unnatural methods to fight anxiety. Though Barry does not put down the use of medicine to fight panic attacks, the methods he lays out are free from any use of medication.

  • Money-back guarantee

If you feel like the program is not working for you, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

what is panic away about

The Cons:

  • No footnotes

While Barry supports his claims with scientific information, there are no footnotes of the scientific data.

  • No backup plan

The book does not give people an alternative in case the approach in the book does not work for them.

Panic Away At A Glance:

  • Investment: $67.95
  • Creator: Joe Barry
  • Subject: End anxiety and stop panic attacks fast
  • Format: Book and eBook
  • Scam: Not A Scam, Very Ethical Program
  • Rank: 98/100

Bonuses And Training Methods:

With the purchase of Panic Away, you get the following bonuses

  • A Panic Away DVD
  • 245-page book
  • CD’s showing you how to release tension and anxiety. They also touch on how to end night panic attacks, how to embrace your bodily sensations, and reduce your anxious thoughts.
  • Email support at whatever time you reach out
  • A forum where you can have a discussion with other anxiety and panic attack sufferers.
  • 2 bonus sections.

what is panic away about

Who Is Panic Away Program For?

Panic Away is for anyone that is suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Those people that have used other methods to fight anxiety and panic attacks without any success will also find help from reading this book.

The book does not have any age preferences and therefore anyone that can read can try out the program. Every information on how to go about this is in the book and the eBook.

You can also listen to the audio DVD and CDs for further help. Anytime you have a question about anything in the book, you can always check the website www.panicaway.com to have all of them all answered.

Our Verdict:

Trust, acceptance, and persistence is what the book talks about in order to achieve positive results in the fight against anxiety and panic attacks.

The book is not a drug or a pill you can take and get well. It addresses real-life issues that are backed up by scientific findings.

It speaks to different kinds of people from all walks of life. There are many views from people that have used the program and the majority of them say that it was worth reading the book.

Our verdict is, the book is worth every penny and it’s worth your time, read through all the instructions given, and get the help you need. It not only fights the anxiety and panic attacks, but it also strengthens your thoughts and brings more discipline into your life.

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