What Is Manifestation Millionaire About? Is It Hype?

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

In this article we will learn  “What Is Manifestation Millionaire About?”. Most people dream of becoming millionaires, and as such they troll the internet looking for programs and courses that will make them instant millionaires. However, some of the programs are just copied and modified to appear as fresh insights.

We will give an unbiased review of the program, telling you what it’s about, its pros and cons. After the review, you can decide if its what you need right now in your life.

Manifestation Millionaire Overview:

  • Product Name: Manifestation Millionaire
  • Investment: Only $47
  • Author: Darren Regan
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction
  • Rank: 99/100

Manifestation Millionaire:

Manifestation Millionaire is an e-book written by Darren Reagan on how to become a millionaire business person.

The website starts with a video that excites the discovery of something called the Portal Jumping which helped the presenter change his life from a poor guy to a successful person.

The course deals with ways in which you can change your negative mindset to attract money and other good stuff into your life.

At first glance, you might have the feeling that this is one of those courses that teach you out of this world’s impractical stuff. When you go deeper though, you will find some useful tricks and hacks that will help you succeed in your business life.

Disclaimer: The book does not teach you how to build a business but rather on how you can have a mindset that will enable you to build a successful business and become a successful person with your passions.

The main area the book covers is how to become a millionaire by taking a long look at yourself and eliminating negative thoughts on a subconscious level.

Only then, will you be able to Portal Jump and start attracting what you want in your life-which is money in this case.

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

What Manifestation Millionaire Contains: 

The course contains a 78-page E-Book and is subdivided into 11 chapters. Additionally, the course comes with bonus e-books and audio files.

The Manifestation Millionaire E-book Chapters:

  • Chapter One: The Buck Stops With You

The first chapter does a good job of setting the stage of showing why you are not rich at this particular time. The author deals in detail with the impact of negative mindsets and states that IS the hindrance to you becoming rich.

The chapter also touches on mirror neurons and portal jumping concepts. Here, you will also find examples of people who have become rich as a result of changing their thinking habits.

  • Chapter Two: From Ashes to Abundance

To move from ashes to riches, you have to clean your thoughts. According to Darren, every person has thoughts that are not helpful, and you need to get rid of them.

In doing so, you clean out your mind so that there is room for new and beneficial thought patterns. The chapter encourages the reader to start seeing and appreciating the beauty that is all around them.

Another great way is to start thinking like a rich person, by doing so, you will become rich. There are some affirmations also found in this chapter that is POWERFUL!

  • Chapter Three: Visualization

According to the book, every individual has a ‘television set’ in their brains, and one needs to turn it on. You must project a positive image of yourself in your head if you are to become rich.

Additionally, the image has to be clear. Since the book deals with money, the chapter encourages you to see yourself in your mind as a person who is wealthy. The imagery has to be of you having the life that you want to live like a rich person.

  • Chapter Four: Obey the Three Laws, and You Will Become Rich

Three laws help you get money and keep it. They are- the Law of Multiplication, Law of Abundant Cause, and the Law of Abundant Supply.

The chapter does a good job of explaining each law and how to apply them so that you get wealthy and keep the wealth.

The laws are explained in an easy to understand manner and most of it is commonsense. Applying the laws will make it easier to grow and retain your wealth.

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

  • Chapter Five: You Reap What You Sow

This chapter goes into detail about the principle of sowing and reaping. The principle simply states that you will receive what you give, and guess what, you will receive it in greater measure.

The chapter explains that you can give material or non-material things like your time and help. The author further explains that if you give ungratefulness and ignorance, you will receive the same in greater measure.

The chapter is long as there are examples given to drive the point home as well as help you meditate on the lesson.

  • Chapter Six: Think Big

Your thoughts define you. When you think of yourself as someone who is poor and a person who cannot make it in life, that is what you will become.

The chapter deals with facing your negative thoughts and thinking positively. The author encourages you to think big of yourself, and as a result, you will live a life where you do not lack. In other words, you will become rich.

The only reason you’re not rich yet is because of your personal subconscious paradigms that are holding you back. This book will help you to overcome that quickly, effectively, and most importantly it is very easy to do.

  • Chapter Seven: Gaining Clarity

The chapter advises how you can get your mind focused on getting money despite the day to day activities.

The author explains how you can use the subconscious mind to attract money in your life. The chapter comes in handy in helping you to build your wealth portal in your mind. It further emphasizes the importance of clarity in helping you achieve your goal.

  • Chapter Eight: Take Action

No matter how much thinking you do, you must take INSPIRED action if you are to see any results. This is what chapter eight is all about, taking action.

Procrastination as the chapter puts it is one of the things that rob people of achieving what they want in life. Make that phone call, send that email, hit the gym, do that thing that you have been procrastinating to do.

Now a lot of people think that it takes hard work to achieve your dreams. That is the farthest thing from the truth. You have to learn how to take inspired action.

That means that what you’re doing does not feel like work and you could do it all day. That is what he goes over and how to do that.

Imagine right now you making $1 million a year doing what you love. Or let’s say you manifested $1 million just because you felt like a millionaire. That is all possible when you learn how to take inspired action. Working a job and doing what you hate is not what life has in store for you.

There are plenty of stories out there of people winning the lottery, winning big amounts of money, winning prizes. That is all because they learned how to take inspired action.

When you can master this as you will when you go through the program, it will change everything in your life. Joe Vitale talks about this so much in some of his books. If you’ve never read them I highly recommend checking them out.

  • Chapter Nine: Planning For the Money

The chapter deals with very important issues that you will face when you get the desired wealth. The author shows you how you should use the money wisely once you acquire it.

The chapter also gives a warning that you should be prepared to handle vast amounts of money otherwise you will squander the fortune.

Is money supposed to change your character? In what ways should you change or remain the same once you get the cash? These are all questions that are answered in the chapter.

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

  • Chapter Ten: Believing It Will Happen

Belief or faith plays a vital role if you are to acquire what you want. The chapter deals with the issue of belief and the author states that if you do not have faith that you can become rich, then it is impossible to be rich.

To illustrate the point further, the Author includes a poem called “If” by Rudyard Kipling. The chapter encourages you to hold on to faith and not to give up on the belief that what you hope for will come to pass is a millionaire.

The best thing about this chapter is you will learn how to feel it real. Neville Goddard talks a lot about this concept and the author in this program really delves into that to give you a better understanding but also how to apply at 24/7.

  • Chapter Eleven: Laser Focus

As the title suggests, the chapter is about staying focused on your goal and not allowing anything to distract you. In this final chapter, the author encourages you to practice the laws that you have learned.

He encourages you to stay focused on your goal every hour of every day to make it a reality. The chapter also summarizes the lessons of the entire e-book.

The above is just a highlight of what is covered in the Manifest Millionaire e-book. The topics are covered in more detail in the book.

Pros And Cons Of Manifestation Millionaire:

The Pros:

  • Written in a conversational tone: This makes it super easy to understand what the author is talking about. The language and presentation make it very easy to grasp the concepts.
  • Suitable for everyone: It does not matter whether you are a male or female, the course does not discriminate on gender basis.
  • Designed for all ages: The program is suitable for people of all ages. It is as helpful to a 20-year-old as it is to a 60-year-old.
  • Applicable in other areas of life: Although the main purpose of the course is to help you achieve financial freedom, the principles can be used in other areas of your life. You can use the Manifesting techniques to achieve success in your relationships, building better friendships as well as manifesting health.
  • Not time consuming: the course does not have many exercises that you need to perform therefore it is very ideal for people who are busy. Considering its relatively small size compared to other self-help books, you can read it fast.
  • Available in PDF format: you can download your copy easily from the Manifest Millionaire website.
  • Money-back guarantee: The author gives 60 days money-back guarantee. The money-back-guarantee shows that the author has confidence in the quality of their product. The course has a very low return rate.

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

The Cons:

  • Takes time to realize benefits: You may have to apply the techniques taught in the book every day for some time before you see any results. If you are an impatient person who wants results instantly, you WILL get disappointed.
  • No hard copies: You will not find Manifest Millionaire in book stores near you or anywhere for that matter. The book is only available in digital form. This can be a challenge to hard copy book lovers.

Who Is Manifestation Millionaire Meant For?

The book focuses mainly on using the Law Of Attraction to get money, the book is suitable for everyone as the principles explained therein can be applied in different areas of your life.

The book is also suitable for people who want to get a glimpse into the world of manifestation and using the law of Attraction like a true master. The relatively small size of the book and the simple language Darren uses makes it very easy to follow.

Manifest Millionaire is suitable for people of all genders, age, social and economic standing. Provided you have a willingness to change your life for the better; then this book is for you. It is also suitable for you if you believe in the law of manifestation since it offers very useful tips.

Manifestation Millionaire Tools And Training Material:

The Course Comes With Four Additional Bonuses In Form Of Audio Files And E-Books. They Are:

  • Laws of Wealth Manifestation
  • Millionaire Mindset Affirmation
  • Manifestation Mastermind
  • Five Minute Motivation Supercharger- An Audio File with Part 1 And 2

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

Investment And Upsells:

  • The course costs $47, and there are other upsells too.
  • Rapid Wealth Code- a workbook that you study for 10 days- it comes with bonuses too.
  • Hypnosis Wealth Brain Tracks- also has bonuses (very powerful to the subconscious)
  • 7 Day Profit System Suites- it teaches on making money online.

Manifestation Millionaire At A Glance:

  • Product Name: Manifestation Millionaire
  • Investment: Only $47
  • Author: Darren Regan
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction
  • Scam: (Not A Scam, Ethical And Honest Program)
  • Rank: 99/100


Manifestation Millionaire is a book that is supposed to help you change your thinking habits on a subconscious level.

This makes it so that you can attract money easily and not throw massive amounts of hard work as so many people BELIEVE and continue to manifest in there lives. The book has some very sound advice if you want to make it in life and become rich.

NO, Manifestation Millionaire is not a scam neither is it a get rich quick blueprint. In my opinion, if you want to learn how to get rich, there are other better books out there. But if you want to learn about manifesting and doing it the effortless way, this is a great read.

What Is Manifestation Millionaire About

There is so much hype about working so many hours and working so hard to achieve your dreams. Quite frankly I find it bullshit. You have to learn to work from within to get what you want in life.

A lot of people work on the outside to get what they want. Life is about being in alignment with the universe, taking inspired action, and feeling good constantly. When you can do that, that is when the magic begins to happen and that’s what this book teaches.

Life is an internal game. When you can really master your thoughts and your feelings your actions will be more congruent with everything.

If there is one thing that this program teaches, its how to master your feelings and your mindset, and that is so so important.

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