What Is Dream Life Mastery Program?

What Is Dream Life Mastery Program?

So What Is Dream Life Mastery Program About? Do you ever ask yourself what your purpose in life is? Do you ever wonder what is preventing you from living your dreams? Do you watch from the sidelines as other people live their lives to the full while yours remains stagnant?

If you swear by the Law of Attraction, you may have come across several programs that promise you miracles after following a few steps.

You might have gone ahead to try some of the programs without any success and probably concluded that you are the problem or you are not following the guidelines properly. Life does not come with an instructions manual, and it works well for some people while for others it does not.

Some of the Law of Attraction programs are just that-programs meant to entice you into spending your money without giving you the chance to get to the root of the problem. Does this mean that all Law of Attraction programs are hopeless? No, some of them are great and one of those on the list of the great ones is the Dream Life Mastery program by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

In this article, I take you through what to expect from this Law of Attraction program in the hope that it will help you live your dream by building a solid foundation that will lead to happiness and prosperity.

Dream Life Mastery Program Overview:

  • Product Name: Dream Life Mastery
  • Author/Creator: Dr. Steve G. Jones
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction
  • Rating: 96/100
  • Price: $499.95
  • Scam: 0/100 (Legit Program)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days

What Is Dream Life Mastery Program?

The Dream Life Mastery is an easy-to-follow the Law of Attraction online program that takes you through a step-by-step guideline on achieving the essential goals in your life.

The goals include wealth, success, relationships, and health. Dream Life Mastery helps readers harness the essential miracles of universal laws.

The course is the brainchild of Dr. Steve G. Jones, a renowned hypnotherapist. Before Jones created the program, he was deep in debt to the tune of $80,000. He later learned how to unlock the full potential of his mind to overcome his financial challenges.

Jones did not sit on his discovery but decided to share it with others going through the same challenges. Moreover, he invited his friends to give their expert opinions on the subject, making them worthy contributors to some of the program’s information.

Being a hypnotherapist, Steve has immense knowledge about how the human mind works. He used this knowledge to create the Dream Life Mastery program and revealed secret techniques to help achieve financial success.

what is dream life mastery program?

How Dream Life Mastery Program Works:

Dream Life Mastery takes readers on a self-discovery journey that helps them to uncover their real-life purposes. The program helps users get to the bottom of what truly motivates them and guides them towards the right direction that reignites their passion for success and life.

The author of the program considers getting what you want in life a lifelong process, so he equips users with skills needed to keep the momentum going until they create successful, consistent results.

Furthermore, the program uses unique models designed to help the readers implement the most important changes in their lives, leading them to the right path of stability and success.

The systematic process clearly shows the reader the best ways to implement immediate changes to manifest their innermost desires and begin living their life desires and peace of mind.

The program is simple to follow for users that want to focus on positivity by rewiring their minds. It helps them to get rid of obstacles standing in their way of manifesting what they desire.

Besides the detailed guide, each of the eight modules includes videos that users can watch as they follow the step-by-step guidelines.

Moreover, an audio recording is another addition to the course that you can play during meditation to help clear and allow the mind to let go of the negative and focus on positivity.

The Eight Modules Are As Follows:

Module One

The module contains five different videos that help you to focus on achieving long-lasting happiness at a more intense level.

The powerful and effective techniques stipulated in this module emphasize acquiring inner happiness that plays an essential role in living an abundant and successful life with financial success and peace of mind.

The detailed lessons, organized in a simple to follow linear format, also guide you into transmuting negative thoughts into happiness. The five videos are-

  • The genuine mysteries of satisfaction
  • Step by step instructions to build up a structure for success
  • Step by step instructions to confront obnoxiousness, inconveniences, and difficulties and change them into satisfaction
  • Assuming responsibility for your bliss (The best approach to inward joy)
  • Getting this show on the road

Module Two

Module 2 is about conditioning the mind through cultivating successful habits. Steve explains that achieving success comes because of small decisions and actions we undertake daily.

Moreover, there are times our willpower fails us, and life becomes unpredictable. Included in the module is an action plan to enable the reader to create better habits that lead to financial stability and a successful career. The five modules are a follows.

  • The most effective method to guarantee achievement in your present and future
  • Four groundbreaking approaches to change any propensity
  • Moving from your present mental state to a significantly more impressive state
  • Eight insider facts of applying overwhelming impact over your mind
  • Turning into the best form of yourself

what is dream life mastery program?

Module Three

The available videos in this module are four, and it focuses on teaching readers to have millionaire mindsets and the secrets for their material and wealth abundance.

Having a mindset about money and wealth before setting out in search of abundance and success allows for greater efficiency. It is easier to become a millionaire if you need to think and live like one. The four videos are as follows.

  • The qualities and attributes of millionaires
  • Instructions to perform at your absolute best consistently
  • The most effective method to adjust to any circumstance-The influence of adaptability in acquiring riches
  • The 20 ascribes of millionaires

Module Four

Module 4 is all about unlocking your mind’s power to control different life situations with positivity and strength.  Steve goes extra with this module to further explain how the subconscious mind records every bit of our past experiences and information.

The lessons we get from the module provide us with illuminating insights into how the subconscious mind works. The four videos available in the module are as follows.

  • Comprehend the genuine force of the inner mind and all that it is prepared to do
  • Releasing your most prominent potential
  • The most effective method to dispose of restricting convictions until the end of time
  • Six center convictions of achievement that you should condition into your brain

Module Five

It would help if you were both physically and mentally healthy to reach your fullest potential. With a healthy and vigorous body and mind, you can work on achieving all your goals of wealth, happiness, and better relationships, which is what module five is all about.

Enhance your immune system for more energy to go for what you want. The module has six available videos, which are as follows.

  • The ills of processed food
  • Instructions to use superfoods to upgrade your wellbeing
  • Improving the strength of your inward organs
  • Mind Food: Food that builds your intellectual ability
  • Privileged insights of the food business: What they are stowing away from you
  • Step by step instructions to make following the way of solid living and eating simple

what is dream life mastery program?

Module Six

In this module, your focus will be on learning ways of creating a sustainable income flow by using top-earning investments and business.

You will learn to be self-reliant and leverage more resources. The following videos provide you with the places to visit to scale up your passive income.

  • Step-by-step instructions to begin with affiliate marketing
  • The most effective method to begin investing securely and appropriately
  • Bringing in cash from freelance and online jobs
  • Property exchange and the housing market
  • Product arbitration and E-commerce
  • Using other money-making ideas

Module Seven

Module 7 puts more focus on the reader’s emotional intelligence and on building stronger and more successful relationships among partners.

It goes further to teach you what you need to learn and do to live an emotionally balanced life full of love and how to attract the ideal partner. The available videos on the module are as follows.

  • Everything begins with you, how to be your best and most appealing self
  • The key to having a genuinely fulfilling relationship
  • Instructions to keep the energy going in your connections even after significant stretches of being together

Module Eight

The course’s culmination is in this module that gets you started on a 60-day challenge of building a wealthy, happy, and healthy foundation. The challenge is to adopt everything learned from the other seven modules.

what is dream life mastery program?

Bonuses/Support Provided By The Dream Life Mastery Program:

  • Downloadable PDF material with each module that helps you to follow the course better
  • Video companion-a pdf document that delves much deeper than what the videos cover
  • A success tracking kit that combines ideas the course presents and journaling power
  • Certificate of Dream Life Mastery completion after completing quizzes that come after watching every video
  • Certificate of excellence in Dream Life Mastery if you get 80% and above on the quizzes, which is an indication you paid attention during the course
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • One-time payment of $499.95

Who Is Dream Life Mastery Program For?

Dream Life Mastery is for anyone that wants to transform his or her life for a better and successful future. It is for that person that wants wealth, good health, and better relationships.

The program does not have an age limit, making it open for anyone who wants to grow their knowledge and take advantage of their natural skills.  As long as you want to enhance your professional base on the market and turn your dreams into reality, Dream Life Mastery is for you.

Does The Dream Life Mastery Program Really Work?

If there is a Law of Attraction program with so many positive reviews, it must be the Dream Life Mastery. The majority of the people that have had the chance to go through the course say that it works, and with a rating of 96%, you should believe that it does work.

Furthermore, it makes people stronger by helping them to reach to their subconscious mind. It also helps readers to get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with positive mindsets for a better future. The program makes meditation and learning easy by using both video and audio formats.

Pros And Cons Of Dream Life Mastery Program:


  • Well-structured step-by-step guideline to help readers manifest their life dreams
  • Helps people facing financial problems get into a better place
  • Helps the reader to reach their goals by changing negative thoughts sabotaging their life goals
  • Approved by experts and based on proven scientific methods
  • Expert advice from the founder Dr. Steve G. Jones
  • Expertise advice from Steve’s friends about the program contents, their experiences, and what to expect
  • Instant access to the program after purchase
  • Easy to understand and implement
  • Thousands of success stories from using the methods contained in the program
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

what is dream life mastery program?


  • Only available in digital form
  • To get any positive results, readers must go through the program
  • It does not provide a one on one support from the creator
  • Pricey for some people

Dream Life Mastery Program At A Glance:

  • Product Name: Dream Life Mastery
  • Author/Creator: Dr. Steve G. Jones
  • Subject: Law Of Attraction
  • Rating: 96/100
  • Price: $499.95
  • Scam: 0/100 (Legit Program)
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days


Failure to attain one’s goals in life leads to frustration. Some people fail to live their dreams because they go about attaining success the wrong way.

Dream Life Mastery helps those struggling with living their dreams to tap into their subconscious minds to manifest their innermost desires in life. Furthermore, it aims to identify and eliminate the five toxic and dysfunctional habits and beliefs that block the path to success.

The program creator, Dr. Steve G. Jones, uses a well-structured system to guide the reader through the manifestation program for a positive mindset. If you are looking for a Law of Attraction program to help you break from the shackles holding you back from success, the Dream Life Mastery provides you with that opportunity.

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