What Is ClickBank University About? Is It Any Good?

What Is ClickBank University About?

(As Of 2021 ClickBank University Is No Longer Available, Great News As It Was Garbage)

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What Is ClickBank University About? Making money online is a common thing, but it does not work the same way for everyone. One popular online money making method is through affiliate marketing.

If you are joining an affiliate marketing training team for the first time, the choices on the internet may overwhelm you leaving you wondering which one to join, which one is legit, and which one is a scam. An affiliate training that promises great things for intermediate and novice marketers is ClickBank University.

The hunger to make money online is not new, and many people will go to any lengths to do so. If you are coming across ClickBank university, some of the questions you may ask yourself, or ask yourself, are affiliate marketing work? Will I make money with ClickBank University?

Are the success stories legit, or are they marketing strategies? Do I have what ClickBank University requires of me to make money online as an affiliate marketer?

Will the preparation disappoint me simply like the rest have done previously? ClickBank University offers to help you make a better decision on whether to go ahead and invest with them or choose a better option. Read on for more.

ClickBank University:

  • Product Name: ClickBank University
  • Investment: $47/Month
  • Owners: Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz
  • Overall Rank: 3 Out Of 100

What Is ClickBank University About?

ClickBank University 2.0 is a training and community service whose main aim is to educate online entrepreneurs aspiring to use ClickBank’s platform to make money online.

The program is a creation of Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz, and it offers two segments of training. However, the internet does not provide too much information about the founders, but they come with great credentials.

From ClickBank’s information, Adam made $1 million in just seven days and had the top-selling product on the site. The same site goes on to say that at the age of 18, Atlan was earning a full-time income through the ClickBank affiliate marketing. I preferred not to dwell on the credentials because I cannot verify their validity instead of focusing on the training review.

The two sets of training offered by ClickBank University are product vendor and affiliate training. Before you start your training, you should first pick the track you want to go with between vendors and affiliates.

Besides affiliate and vendor, ClickBank also has two other sections-traffic and toolkits making the total number of sections four.

what is ClickBank University about?

Overview Of ClickBank University:

We kick off our overview by looking at the vendor program. If you start your ClickBank training as a vendor, you will have Justin Atlan as your leader.

The section focuses on teaching about creating and marketing digital products. The section consists of a 12-week program consisting of videos.

In the first three weeks of training, you will need to unlock the videos that come locked for you to start the training. After you finish watching the first three weeks of training videos, you unlock the rest one after the other as you continue with the training. You can likewise decide to open all the training recordings inside the required period.

Vendor Training:

Week One-How the Program Works

In week one’s module, the founder Justin tells you about the importance of maintaining the correct goal setting, positive mindset, and the advantages of creating a product that you can call yours.

The key topic is on starting a product profit plan. He goes further to tell you to think about your experience on the niche you chose, your passion, and the profitability- the three elements you need for a successful plan.  Week one topics you cover with Justin are:

  • Introduction
  • Creating Goal Fuel
  • Mindset for Success
  • Product Profit Plan

Week Two- The Perfect Product

In week 2, two training, the module focuses on creating your perfect product. You get to take a walk through the ClickBank marketplace with Justin and explore its different offerings. You also get to analyze the competition. Week two-module topics covered are-

  • Analyzing Your Market
  • Discovering Your Passion
  • Learning From Your Competition

Week Three- Creating Your Avatar

In the third week, you learn how to create an avatar that refers to your potential customers and their desires and needs. You also learn about avatar pitching and product selling. The topics in the third week are-

  • Choosing a Name and Domain
  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch and USP
  • Finding Your Avatar’s Desires and Fears

Week Four-Course Content Creation and Outsourcing

In week four, you learn product creation, and the topics covered are-

  • The Ultimate Outline
  • The Content Structure Blueprint
  • Product Formats

what is ClickBank University about?

Week Five – Maximize Sales by Perfecting Upsell

Topics covered are-

  • Upsell types & faster, easier or better
  • Upsell Sales Copy & Pricing
  • Understanding the Numbers

Week Six- High Converting Sales Copy

During this week, you learn about copywriting, creating videos, and sales letters. The topics you will cover are-

  • A Copy Template
  • Basics of Copy
  • The Big Idea

Week Seven- The “Easy” VSL

VSL is a Video Sales Letter, which you learn to write without a camera. The topics are-

  • Camtasia Tech Training
  • Outsourcing Slide Creation, Voiceover, Video
  • PowerPoint Process

Week Eight- Finalizing Your Product via Builder

You learn how to draw visitors to your page and how to use ClickBank builder to finalize your product. Topics are-

  • Sales Page Creation
  • Product Page Creation
  • Customer Experience Flow

Week Nine- Getting Up On ClickBank

During this week, you learn how to set up a ClickBank account and list your product in the marketplace. Topics covered are-

  • Creating Your Marketplace Listing
  • Setting Up Your Website and Items
  • Making a Test Purchase

Week Ten- JV Managing

Learn about recruiting new affiliates and about JV promoting your products

Topics covered

  • Getting Into the Affiliate Circle
  • Affiliate Mentality and Approach
  • Creating Affiliate Tools

Week Eleven- Split Testing

Week 11 helps you to determine the best promotion method to use for your products.

Topics covered

  • The ClickBank University Case Study
  • The Testing Blueprint
  • How to Test Using Tools

Week Twelve- How to Scale

Expand your traffic with the following topics

  • Coaching, Consulting, Speaking
  • Funnel Creation with Affiliate Offers
  • Creating a Product Line

what is ClickBank University about?

Affiliate Marketing Training:

Affiliate training is four weeks shorter than vendor training is. The 8-week training program mainly focuses on product promotion. It also guides you on how to promote other people’s products and earn commissions from the sales.

The training is ideal for anyone that wants to start making money online. The affiliate program is not a simple undertaking, as it takes time to master. Here is the 8-week program

Week one is an introduction to ClickBank affiliate marketing and the topics covered are

  • Setting Up for Success
  • Goal Setting
  • Affiliate Profit Plan

Week two understanding affiliate-marketing skills and the topics covered are

  • Secrets of the Top ClickBank Products
  • Affiliate Basic
  • Navigating Through the ClickBank Marketplace

Week three is about finding where your passion lies and developing a niche that will motivate you.  Topics covered are-

  • Researching Products in Your Niche
  • Picking the Perfect Product
  • Discovering Your Passion

Week four is about the Ultimate Affiliate Funnel where Adam guides you on the best ways to send traffic to your page, collect emails, exchange an email with something, build a squeeze page, and how to upsell. Topics covered are-

  • Affiliate Funnel 101
  • Building Squeeze Pages
  • The Truth about Traffic

Week five topics are-

  • Outsourcing Your Content
  • Key concepts taught in this module are:
  • Different Ways to Deliver Free Content
  • Building a Relationship with Your List

Week six is about writing a great swipe, and the topics are-

  • Getting Them to Open the Email
  • Making Sure They Click
  • Offering Bonuses

Week seven teaches the basis of Aweber and email marketing. The topics are-

  • Automating Your Emails
  • Using Broadcasts
  • Creating Quality Content

Week eight is about expanding and scaling and what you will cover is as follows.

  • Creating a Product
  • Opening the Flood Gates
  • Toolkit Traffic Area

what is ClickBank University about?

Traffic Section:

The traffic section focuses on the best workable methods for generating paid traffic for the ClickBank team. The two modules in the section are on Facebook advertising and Instagram shoutouts.

 Training Tools:

The toolkit section focuses on the technical issues of the training. The tools used for the section are various how-to training videos. The toolkit section covers the following topics:

  • Camtasia Alternative APowersoft for Screen Recording
  • Creating a Sales Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter
  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaways with Canva
  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite
  • Increasing Conversions with Optinmonk
  • Outsourcing with UpWork
  • Recording Your Sales Video with Camtasia
  • Sending Broadcasts and Automating with AWeber
  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy
  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder
  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
  • Video Editing with Camtasia

Pricing And Upsells:

The membership fee for ClickBank University 2.0 is $47 per month. In the month, there are two upsells. The first upsell is ClickBank builder that costs $594 or two payments of $297 or seven $97 payments. The other upsell is advanced-training that costs $97 or two $49 payments. (Not Worth It)

what is ClickBank University about?

Bonuses And Support Provided By ClickBank University:

Besides the 12 week and 8-week vendor and affiliate training programs, ClickBank also provides its customers with the following support, incentives and bonuses:-

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Add-on Special curated training
  • ClickBank University Community exclusivity
  • Discounted prices at live events
  • Discounts on favorite tools
  • Expert classes twice a week
  • Traffic center and CBU toolkit

Whom Is ClickBank University For?

The program is for anyone willing to spend $47 per month to learn about vendor and affiliate training to make money online. The live videos do not provide as much information and training as the program claims. The training membership fees are expensive and only ideal for anyone that does not mind using that much money for stuff that is not as good as that of free wealth affiliate training programs.

Pros And Cons Of ClickBank University:


  • The program is ideal for intermediate users and beginners that want to make money online.
  • Video training instructions and teachings are easy to follow and understand
  • The affiliate program dates back to 1998 and has a large network of users.
  • Allows users to use their platform to build their affiliate sites easily and fast
  • Provides free web builder and hosting service
  • Provide a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Training takes long due to locked lessons and waiting for weeks before proceeding to the next level (I hate that)
  • Another option for accessing the training is by requesting via email.
  • Annoying and hard to understand upsells
  • ClickBank University members have to pitch for products via email.
  • Challenging learning curve with several technical aspects that some users do not understand
  • Training does not focus on affiliate marketing as much as it does on product creation.
  • Expensive monthly fee and builder tool (not worth it)
  • Just Plain Garbage And A Money Burner

what is ClickBank University about?

ClickBank University At A Glance:

  • Product Name: ClickBank University
  • Investment: $47/Month
  • Owners: Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz
  • Scam Rank: 0/100 (not a scam, but 99% of people fail and EXPENSIVE)
  • Overall Rank: 3 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate vs. ClickBank University 2.0

Features Wealthy Affiliate ClickBank University 2.0
Is it easy to get help? Yes Yes
Private coaching available? Yes No
Web site hosting? Yes No
Live chat? Yes No
Systematic training? Yes Yes
Availability f a domain platform? Yes No
Free trial? Yes No
Affiliate program available? Yes Yes
Research keyword tool? Yes No
My rating? 9 out of 10 3 out of 10
Do I like the program? Yes No


Is ClickBank University a scam, or is it a legit program?

ClickBank comes with a few things that might sound attractive to anyone hoping to make money fast, but it is not as good as the claims.

To begin with, the program is too expensive, especially for a newbie that is trying affiliate marketing for the first time. The website builder costs $297, which is not a small amount and overpriced, to say the least. But it does work. People have seen success with it. It’s just not for everyone.

Even the monthly fee of $47 is not cheap, considering the things on offer. The program also locks out a lot of its content making users wait for days to continue with the training even after signing up.

You should have EVERYTHING included in the monthly fee, and they don’t. That is tacky!

Many of the products mentioned in training either do not exist or are a complete scam and irrespective of claiming to have great customer service, questions take long to get answers and comments go without any response.

My verdict about the program, it is a complete failure, and they can do better. If you really want to learn how to make money online, check out the ONLY University in the world that actually does not upsell you and has coaches to help you 24/7 who are successful. I’m learning from them all the time. Learn with me on how to make passive income. Check out my personal review. I’ve been a member since 2015===> Click Here.

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