What Is Auto Suggestion? – Learn How To Use It!

What Is Auto Suggestion

What is Auto-Suggestion? Does It Really Work? And Can You Really Change Your Life With It? Auto-Suggestion is you brainwashing yourself through feeling and repetition on a Subconscious Level to get yourself believing you have what you truly desire right now.

If you do it enough and the correct way, you will begin to effortlessly attract to you everything that is in vibrational alignment with your dreams. But the key is feeling and repetition.

Auto-Suggestion is a powerful tool that helps us to program our minds exclusively for success. This is a technique by which we ourselves intentionally introduce positive thoughts into our minds and emotionalize them so we attract what we want to us instead of us forcing it through the will of our bodily efforts.

When you repeat these ideas or affirmations as I like to call them enough times, these ideas are then reflected in a better quality of life, where we enjoy economic, physical, emotional well-being, as well as achieving our goals much easier and faster.

What Is Auto Suggestion And How To Use It:

1. )Define What You Want:

First, you need to create your auto-suggestion based on what you want to get. You need to define exactly what you want and then create the most appropriate auto-suggestion for that desire. You must express your auto-suggestion in a positive way, in the present tense, and in the first person.

For example, you should express “I always have money”, instead of saying “I don’t want to be short of money”. Your subconscious mind will accept this positive statement “I always have money” as your new reality and that’s what will manifest itself in your life, that is, you will always have money.

This happens because you have introduced a new belief into your mind and it inevitably manifests itself in your reality. Remember emotions though are required with this. Mix that in as you do it, or it will not have any effect on your subconscious mind, because that is the emotional mind, not the rational mind.

2). Visualize What You Want To Achieve:

Now that you know what you want you must visualize it, that is to create the images corresponding to your desire. You can even do a movie. You must imagine yourself enjoying your desire as if it were already part of your reality. Your visualization should be as accurate as possible, with all the corresponding details.

This facilitates the manifestation of your desire because your mind knows exactly what you want and that’s what you’ll get. In the infinite universe there are infinite possibilities and among them is your desire fulfilled. That’s why you can rely fully on the effectiveness of auto-suggestion and the Law of Attraction.

3). Choose The Right Moment!

The best time to express auto-suggestion is in the morning as soon as you wake up and at night before you go to sleep. In those moments the mind is more receptive to all the ideas you want to introduce into it. Auto suggestions can be pronounced out loud or you can repeat them mentally.

You must be alone in your room, relaxed and nothing and no one should interrupt you. To create an ideal atmosphere you can brighten the room with dim light and aromatize it with lavender fragrance, which is very relaxing.

While repeating your auto-suggestion you should visualize what you are expressing. You must feel gratitude because you’ll soon get what you want. In this way, your auto-suggestion is stronger and sooner it will manifest itself in your reality.

What Is Auto Suggestion

4). Focus On Your Feelings:

While you repeat your autosuggestion you probably feel incredibly good, as it describes what you want to manifest in your life. Visualizing your manifested desire awakens beautiful sensations and you must let yourself be carried away by them.

Experience your desire as if you were already living it. Feel gratitude as if it’s already real. Your emotions connect your desire with the universe to make it come true. Never think of the way in which your desire manifests itself, that is the task of the universe.

That’s why you have to believe you already have what you want. Faith is the most important thing in this process. In fact, you will manifest only what you believe in. The good thing is that you can decide what to believe in, so you must cultivate positive beliefs.

5). Be Patient:

The process of manifestation sometimes takes a while until it becomes concrete in reality. The key to being able to cope with the wait is to feel that your desire is already a reality and feel gratitude for it. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this doesn’t work, as that negative belief takes you away from the goal. Have faith in the effectiveness of your auto-suggestion because it will allow you to access what you want to achieve.

6). Feel Your Own Power:

While you repeat your auto-suggestion you must feel your personal power because you are creating your own reality, from the moment you decree your desire. That’s a reason to feel powerful, because you don’t have a certain destiny, but you design the life you want to live yourself.

Feeling your own power will make your auto-suggestion even more effective and speed up the demonstration process. This new attitude will change your whole life for the better since now you understand that you can control everything in your favor, you are no longer a victim of circumstances.

7). Choose Each Self-Management From Your Personality:

When you create your own auto-suggestions according to your wishes, keep in mind that you should be comfortable with them. Auto suggestions should reflect your personality, you should feel at ease when you repeat them.

That will make you feel positive emotions, so you will attract positive events to your life. You will see that in a short time your reality will be positively transformed, in all aspects. Remember the most valuable learning: your outside world reflects your inner world and it’s up to you to change it.

What Is Auto Suggestion

Imagine Being Here Now, Feel The Feelings Of That!


Autosuggestion is a technique of intentionally introducing ideas into our subconscious mind. To achieve our goals in life we can use auto-suggestion. For this, we must create an auto-suggestion that is a positive thought with FEELING, which is then reflected in our reality.

Positive auto-suggestion would be, for example: “I always have money”. Now, to give strength to this idea we must visualize it and FEEL as if it is already real and feel gratitude for it. Autosuggestion can be expressed aloud or mentally. The important thing is to do it with faith and conviction and feeling.

Faith is nothing more than assuming the feeling of our wish fulfilled and carrying on with our day in that mental state Another important aspect of auto-suggestion is to feel all the beautiful emotions that it produces, which accelerates the process of manifestation, creating the reality that we want to live.

What kind of things have you experienced in manifesting your dreams? How did you do it? How long did it take? What would you recommend for other people to try out? Let me know below!

8 thoughts on “What Is Auto Suggestion? – Learn How To Use It!”

  1. Great post. I’m really into auto-suggestion and positive affirmations. They really work. The most difficult part is to be patient and go through this period of gestation for your desire to manifest. But if you hold your desire long enough, get emotionally involved and take the actions it will manifest by law. Keep sharing this amazing content, which is very close to my heart. I really believe and live it on my daily basis.

    • Hi TGP,

      I agree, patients is the hard part, but always worth the wait lol. The Law Of Attraction makes such a difference when we FEEL like we would feel if our dreams were true. I try to live from the end always instead of thinking of it. Makes a huge difference. Thanks for reading and look forward to more content coming. God bless.


  2. Hi,

    Love this post. I do use the law of attraction myself as much as possible, as I think its a great philosophy to have in life in general. To show gratitude to others and to treat others as you want to be treated. Visualisation can be a very powerful tool and one well worth considering.
    This post has been very helpful to me.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hi LJ,

      Thank you so much. I think showing kindness and gratitude to others makes such a HUGE difference in the world. It always comes back to you in one way or another. I think the Golden Role is simply an amazing Law to live by. The power of Visualisation cannot be talked about too much. It really makes such an impact on our day to day lives. I hope you have an excellent week, and stay safe.


  3. You are so kind for helping improve so many people’s lives through this lovely article. I feel we all need to read this and apply into our lives to constantly improve our quality of life.

    Auto-suggestion is something we all need to teach instead of that auto-negative thinking that our monkey mind does automatically.

    I have saved your website to come back to.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Rani,

      Thank you so much :). I think the news is doing much of the auto-suggestion currently for people. My advice is to stay away and focus on something much better. I try to stay away from anything that can ruin my state of vibration. Wishing you a bright future and happiness in all you do.


  4. AJ,

    This auto-suggestion method is a new thing for me. I have heard about the Law of Attraction and visualization before, but not this one. Although they seem to be interrelated.
    Thanks so much for bringing this into my attention. Sometimes I struggle with negativity and I get easily discouraged at times. I take notes on the methods you’re talking about in your article and will definitely try to turn myself into a more positive person so I can have a better manifestation in my life.

    • Hi Ferra,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you came across this. This method is life-changing when you mix it with FEELING. It’s one of the fastest ways to reprogram your subconscious. If you have not read Think And Grow rich, I would highly recommend doing so. It is a God Send. Here is an affirmation that you can start saying out loud to help you with negativity. Do this for 5 minutes in the morning with feeling and at night OUT LOUD. “I am so happy and grateful that I maintain a positive mental attitude throughout the day. I feel, happy, grateful, and free” Trust me on this, do it with feeling, and do it over and over and over and over again. Even type it out slowly on your computer or laptop right after saying this affirmation out loud, and watch how your mental attitude changes effortlessly :). God bless you! Also check out this article on how to change a paradigm that I wrote, this will give you a deeper understanding.





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