What Is Abundant Mind About? Is It Really Effective?

What Is Abundant Mind About

So What Is Abundant Mind About? Is It What They Really Say It Is? One of the most mysterious parts of ourselves is the mind and every activity in the body depends on it for different functions. You can simply call the mind, the driving wheel of the whole-body system, your higher self, your spiritual self, your true essence, whatever works for you.

The way you program your mind is the way you do things. Other people can also program your mind to do the things they tell you to do. Let’s take one case scenario.

Children do not know much about what goes on around them yet when their parents point out that it is dangerous to do some things, they willingly follow what their parents say.

They have no prior experience of knowing whether whatever they are being asked to stay away from is wrong. Their minds are however programmed to believe that the act is wrong.

What if instead of listening to what the parents warned, the children go further by imploring their minds to find out the truth behind what they are asked to stay away from?

What if they discover that there are far more opportunities than there are evils from the act they are to stay away from?

What if they let the mind wander a little bit and not stick to the constraints of the parents? The mind is a haven of abundance and being open-minded and not acting up after the first restraint you get is what solves solutions instead of blocking them away. Today you can empower your mind with Abundant Mind subliminal visualization videos.

What Is Abundant Mind About

Learn how to stay in the right vibration, so you literally begin to attract deliberately to you, all the things that you desire in life. If you are not seeing the relationships, the money, the car, the whatever, you have subconscious blockage going on, and these videos will remove those effortlessly for you. That is what these videos are designed to do.

What’s the clearing is done, that is when the magic begins to occur, but most people don’t understand that, and if they do, they don’t know how to get rid of them without thinking they have to do a lot of work, which is the biggest lie that people are told every day. Work hard and you’ll make it. How’s that working for ya?

These are fast-acting and most importantly fun, and make you change the way you FEEL inside. And that is the SECRET to life. The feeling is everything.

What Is Abundant Mind About?

Abundant Mind is a series of visualization videos that give your mind the energy it needs to think beyond the expected. The videos have the capability of unleashing your subconscious mind to give you abundance. The conscious mind restricts us to see only what we are supposed to see.

There is however an ability beyond the conscious mind that stays dormant if it’s not released. Abundant Mind subliminal visualization videos are what harnesses this power so that we can reverse situations that otherwise seem impossible to reverse.

Whatever seems blind, comes to light. Our minds open up to more thoughts and try to solve issues that before seemed hard to solve through the Law Of Attraction.

The videos use the power of moving images and audible sounds to influence people’s minds. They can visualize their goals with whatever they see on the images.

What Is Abundant Mind About

Abundant Mind Break Down

  • Product Name: Abundant Mind Visualization videos
  • Investment: Only $9.99 a month (month to month no commitments)
  • Creator: Ty Summers
  • Subject: Visualization For Better Mind Abundance
  • Format: Audio and Video Files
  • Rank: 9.9/10

Overview Of Abundant Mind

Visualization of the mind is a concept and we have the likes of  “The Secret” and other great books and videos that helped to unlock the unconscious part of the mind.

Abundant Mind by Ty Summers is a modern concept that focuses more on images and sounds. According to Ty Summers, people react better to audible sounds and moving images than they do to written text. (100% proven)

Ty Summers makes the videos with very soothing music and high-quality images to help with the affirmations needed for better visualization. Other enhancements to the videos make them even more appealing and convincing to watch.

What started as a passion, slowly became a realization when Ty shared a few of his videos with his friends. Within a very short period, his videos got too much response from all over the world.

Many of the people that watched the videos requested customization, so they could visualize their own goals and not those of Ty Summers.

Ty Summers obliged, and this interest is why Abundant Mind visualization videos are some of the most sought-after mind stimulation affirmations.

At the start of every Abundant Mind video, you get thematic video HD content. This comes with a soothing soundtrack that makes even more special 3D effects. The reason for all this is so the user can experience intense and rewarding experiences.

What Is Abundant Mind About

Abundant Mind Has Two Distinctive Features:

  • Binaural Beats

The reason for the binaural beats is to help you unlock your mind form a closed state to a receptive one. The beats which are in the audio tracks are so effective that the minute you hear them, your mind starts changing. It’s incredible.

  • Subliminal Instructions

Both the audio feeds and the moving images or videos come with instructions. The instructions which are in the third person are suggestions seen as hypnotic.

The video library which has over 50 videos is in 4 categories. The four are

  • Love and Relationships


  • Wealth And Success


  • Healing Body And Mind


  • Special Abilities

The Pros And Con’s Of Abundant Mind:


  • High-Quality Videos And Audio

Even if you are watching the videos just for fun and not for visualization, you will just love their quality. The tools ty summers used in making the videos are excellent and they stand out.

The audio is very clear with all the other features like sub-aural and subliminal all integrated well to create a beautiful watch. Several Abundant Mind visualization videos are on the website as a sample to check out.

  • Variety Of Subjects

It is most likely that you will not miss out on what you want to watch because, with over 50 videos, that’s diverse.

This is to help you narrow down whatever you are keen on visualizing about and wanting to attract into your life. If you want to visualize on love and marriage, then watch the videos under love and marriage.

The variety also helps in, that you do not bore yourself out watching one video continuously. You can choose another great topic to visualize.

What Is Abundant Mind About

  • Tailor-Made Visualization Tools

As mentioned above, the videos and audio are of very high quality. Summers has gone a step further and used visualization tools that effectively invoke the law of attraction easily and activate the power of your subconscious mind.

Every audio, subliminal, visual, and sub-aural will stimulate you while at the same time encourage you to look at life in a positive manner. The visualization stimulates most of the senses in the body. I find this the most effective.

  • Health Improvements

The videos give you a new outlook on life especially if you are suffering from a terminally ill disease.

You stop the self-pity and focus on what may make you heal or deal with the pain in a more positive manner. And remember what you focus on the most with feeling is what you manifest in your life.

If you have been a moody person in the past, then the videos change all that because you begin to get programmed to feel better all the time.

Anxiety and depression may cause insomnia. If you have insomnia, watching the videos will help you in finding ways of getting rid of it altogether.

What Is Abundant Mind About

  • Builds Confidence (extremely important for everyone)

If you need a massive consistent boost on your confidence that will stay with you, then these videos are perfect for you. Sometimes when we feel like we cannot tackle some situations like a job interview or a business venture, all we need is to tap into the subconscious mind and visualize everything positively. Watching the videos brings out hidden confidence in you.

  • Financial Freedom

There are a few videos on financial freedom that can help you to tap into your financial skills and help you to attract money so much easier with little effort on your part through your subconscious mind.

  • Easy To Access

The videos are easily accessible with either MP3 or a video

  • Short Run Time

Every video runs for only 30 to 40 minutes which is short enough not to get you bored


  • No Downloads

One of the things that do not go well with Abundant Mind enthusiasts is that they cannot download the videos. You can only watch the videos online as they are strictly digital.  ( legal Copywrite I suppose)

However, if you have a secure and strong internet connection, then you have nothing to worry about. If on the other hand, you would love to listen to and watch your favorite video while on the road, then you have no luck.

  • Not Perfectly Organized

Many of the Abundant Mind videos are not categorized making it hard to find the one you need to watch.

What Is Abundant Mind About

Training Materials:

There are over 50 videos grouped in 4 categories. (They will be adding more soon):

  • Love And Relationships

If you are thinking of looking for love or attracting love into your life, then watch these videos. Some of the videos in this category are “Attract The Perfect Man” and “Attract A Beautiful Women”

  • Wealth And Success

all the videos in this category help with the subconscious part of the mind into believing in prosperity and success. Some of the videos in this category are œ”Attract A Life of Luxury” and œ”Become A Money Magnet”.

  • Healing Body And Mind

If you have self-destructing thoughts that are making you not move forward, then watch the videos on this category. Deal with your fears and worries and learn to avoid and face contradictions with a sound mind. Healing for the entire body starts from the inside, the subconscious.

  • Special Abilities

If you want to improve and enhance your mental status, physical abilities, have better memory and better luck, then watch the videos under special abilities. These are some of my favorites.

Who Is Abundant Mind For?

There is no age limit set for the people that can use Abundant Mind. The target is people that need to visualize and stimulate their subconscious part of the mind to help them attract what they want into there life effortlessly.

We are programmed to think life is hard, money is hard, and many other negative things. Watching these videos destroys all those limiting beliefs and gets you 100% in the right feeling place all day long, so you can attract what you truly desire in life.

For anyone that needs the law of attraction to help with the manifestation of their desires and dreams, then this is for you. Every information you need to know about the videos is on the main website www.abundantmind.com

What Is Abundant Mind About

Abundant Mind Support:

  • Email Support

Abundant Mind offers free email support to its users. If you want to know about any of the different video categories and what they can do for your subconscious mind, then go online and enjoy a healthy live chat.

  • Regular Updates

Abundant Mind gives regular updates keeping the users on the know on what is happening and any new video additions.

  • Video and Audio Diversity

Abundant Mind offers a diversity of videos and audios to choose from which all touch on different aspects of life. There are more than 40 videos from six categories with newer videos being released often.

Abundant Mind Investment:

You get access to all these videos for only $9.99 a month. No commitments or contracts, cancel whenever you like. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

So worst-case scenario if you don’t like it…………..get your money back no problem. Just email them, which you will get when you make your order.

Abundant Mind At A Glance

  • Product Name: Abundant Mind Visualization videos
  • Investment: Only $9.99 a month (month to month no commitments)
  • Creator: Ty Summers
  • Subject: Visualization For Better Mind Abundance
  • Format: Audio and Video Files
  • Rank: 9.9/10


If you are open to endless possibilities and willing to turn your life around for the better, then Abundant Mind will help you realize your dreams, especially in relationships and money-wise.

These videos are for all those that FEEL like something is pulling them back or those that have given up on so many things like success and love. You can live positively and unlock your subconscious mind by watching these thrilling videos.

It takes about 30 days to start seeing results, as that is how long it takes to reprogram the subconscious mind. Some people say 21.

Not sure why they say 21, but what I do know is 30 days has always been the right amount for most people. I hope you found this review helpful, and I hope this program will change your life, as it has for many other people.

6 thoughts on “What Is Abundant Mind About? Is It Really Effective?”

  1. You wrote people react better to audible sounds and moving images. I think that’s exactly why youtube is all the craze. It’s a more entertaining way to receive information.
    I like that there is not a long term commitment with this, that it’s month to month.
    Can I use Paypal to pay for it? It says access with MP3 or video. What does that mean “video”?
    Can I download it onto my computer?
    I love this stuff, so interesting.

    • Hi Teresa,

      Yes you can use PayPal to purchase it. I use PayPal everywhere online. The video access means that you can watch them in video format on there site or mp3 style. You are not able to download them as it would be a copyright issue. Wish we could, but I understand we’re they are coming from. I hope this helps you out.



  2. Hi there, thanks so much for drawing my attention to this. I practise the law of attraction daily, however I often find my blocks tend to be with getting past my subconscious so something like this sounds super useful. When talking of visualisation, people make it sound super easy, however this I find can be one of the trickiest things about implementing law of attraction so I like that this post deals with this. I am definitely in the category that without some kind of tool (such as scripting) finds it very hard to visualise. Thanks for drawing my attention to this product. I will definitely consider implementing this in my LOA practise. What have you found from this product it has given you the biggest break through on so far, and how long was it before you found things shifted? Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Natalie,

      That is fantastic that you practice daily. Such a rewarding thing. So I noticed subtle changes about 2 days in using it, but come around the 30-day mark I began to notice that I was acting different and feeling different on autopilot. This was all for confidence.

      Talk about change. Not that I was not confident before but wanted to FEEL like that more often, and these videos have done that for me.

      The subliminal tech that he uses is so effective. No wonder that it was band in theaters years ago. So glad this was helpful for you.

      I hope that you find it as effective as I did, which I’m sure you will.

      God Bless,


  3. Now I am always a little dubious when it comes to products relating to our spiritual side.

    Not that I don’t belief in the spirit, in fact far from it as I do a lot of meditation and OBE work.

    I guess then AJ that you are a participant in this particular product as it gets a near perfect 10.

    You covered the product very well and thinking of giving it a try. Can’t be bad if there’s a 60 day money back guarentee.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Mick,

      Thanks for reading, and hope that it gets you to where you would like to be in life and farther. Wishing you the best.




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