What Are The Law Of Attraction Steps?

The Law Of Attraction Steps

What are the law of attraction steps exactly? Just like the law of gravity is strongly believed, there is the law of attraction as well. This law of attraction is powerful. It keeps on working no matter if we are conscious about it or not.

It is already known that “like attracts like.” So, this law holds a philosophy guiding that if a person thinks positively WITH FEELING, he attracts that positivity in his life. In another way, negative thoughts result in negative results.

The world has consisted of physical matter. Similarly, your thoughts carry the energy. “Thoughts are the form of energy,” this belief is prevailing higher among people than before. Likewise, your positive thoughts towards life goals, relationships, health, and finances will bring success, bliss, strength, and wealth, respectively.

This Law has grabbed the attention because of the book name “The Secret.” This was considered a pseudoscience because of the absence of solid evidence.

By considering this attraction rule, you must think before you speak and act because your thought process will return to you the things with the same kind of energy, whether good or bad.

Henceforth, you can say that whatever has happened so far is attracted either way. In this enlightenment, one can create a desirous life by following specific steps of the “Law of Attraction.”

7 Steps to Apply Law of Attraction in Your Life:

The vital principle behind this law is that you can become what you dream of. If you indulge your brain in certain thoughts mixed with feeling consciously and regularly, you will materialize your dreams and thoughts.

How does this happen? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article. Below are 7 simple and straight steps to implement the law of attraction in your life to accomplish your goals.

1). Decide What You Desire:

The very first step of The Law of Attraction is to know your desires. Decide what your heart has inside. Speak out your heart. Your perception must be clear about your dreams you want to make real. Find out what you want to be or have in your life ahead. You can have whatever you truly desire that is within reason and within the laws of nature.

If this law is not working for you, take a pause and follow this basic step. Otherwise, you will be unable to apply this law in your life. This step is goal setting. That goal must be an obvious one rather than a vague idea.

“I want to be happy and rich,” well, this is not a goal. These are just ambiguous requests, not evident goals. And often, this ambiguity causes imprecise results.

Never say that you want to have a world tour. Specify your destination to have arrived first. Otherwise, you may end up in a place where you do not want to go. So, understand your passion and desires.

For instance, you hire a cab, and the driver asks you the drop-off location. What if you say “go anywhere”! Likewise, do not let your life drive you anywhere; instead, set your goals and stick to them. Else, you will be thrown anywhere you never dreamed of.

This is how the Law of attraction works. Be specific in your desires and requests. If you do not have any idea about your wishes, the universe will also get confused. It won’t help you anyway and thus unable to give you what you want.

The simple way to discover your goals and wishes is to start questioning yourself. Ask yourself what you want to be, with whom you want to live, where you want to spend your life, what material things you desire, etc.

Again, be specific in your goals; imagine your dreams you have in your mind. This is how your emotions will vibrate and truly activate the Law of Attraction. If this fundamental step is fuzzy, your dreams will never come true.

The Law Of Attraction Steps

2). Ask & Believe Your Dream Will Come True:

The real key behind manifesting your wishes is belief. This law will not work if you lack true belief.

People may wonder and ask how to have a strong belief in the thing you cannot feel exists yet. Though we have an easy solution for this issue, take a baby step. Yes, ask for the small things first.

Test the Law of attraction by asking for the small things. For instance, you love a specific pet. First, think about the pet every day and feel it around yourself.

Let your desire become your constant imagination. Then believe that this image is a reality, and ask for it repeatedly by FEELING it’s yours now. You will get your desire not by coincidence but because of the Law of Attraction.

Furthermore, do not ask in the future tense, i.e., “I will be having this pet soon.” Ask presently and feel that you have that specific pet. Also, use the subject “I” to motivate yourself and so you can feel the ownership.

Always use words like thrill, enjoy, happy, or grateful. Such words add more power to your emotion and make this process stouter and true.

Besides, as for your goal every single day. Write them on paper and think about them daily. This is a journey of your desires and goals from the conscious to the subconscious. So, consciously drive your subconscious wishes and let the universe make these a reality.

3). Visualization:

The next step is a visualization that can do a lot of wonders. Start visualizing your goals and their details and this will add more power to the manifestation.

After following the first two steps, stick to the third step of visualization. You will get your desires to come true so quickly by using this technique.

Learn to relax and feel happy during this time. This will infuse your mind with related images of your goals much easier. Such meditation is specially created to help you to discover and manifest much easier and quicker the desire in your mind you are dying for.

Most people don’t understand that if your mind is continuously in an alpha brain wave state it will be so much harder for you to manifest through the Law Of Attraction. You have to learn to be in a more relaxed state, meditative state as much as possible throughout each day.

Whatever you wish to have in your life, according to the Law of attraction, you must think about it daily and with the feeling that it is yours now.

For instance, if you want a house, first create a picture of it in your mind, then imagine yourself living in it. Feel yourself with your loved ones living in that house and partying there.

This is the way you will feel immensely excited for that specific house than before. Likewise, picture your core wish in your mind and strongly believe that it will come true.

The Law Of Attraction Steps

4). Feel It, & Have Inner Dialogue: (Critical Step)

Generally, people do not truly believe in visualization as they may fail in achieving the goal. The foremost reason is that they did not add up emotions in their thought process while visualizing the goals and dreams.

It has been observed that most of the time, you talk like what you speak in your mind and present these in your actions. Gradually such actions become the habits that show your values. And ultimately, your values finalize your destiny.

This chronological order demonstrates that your perception reflects in your actions and emotions as well. Thus, infuse your thoughts with the desirous goal rather than being empty or negative. You will notice a prominent change in your actions as well as in emotional health.

Moreover, continuously on this path, your unconscious mind will keep you busy finding the prospects to turn your dream into a reality.

Henceforth, be aware of what you are saying to yourself and where you are with your emotional thoughts. Positive inner dialogues will initiate more positive thoughts in your mind. Practicing this positive perspective will change your energy and attract people on the same wavelength.

As you feel your dreams fulfilled every day you will naturally act happier and will be more of a light to everyone around you.

Being happy is a very simple state to be in and for me the greatest way to feel that is to live from within and ignore everything on the outside if it’s not to my liking.

People say keep your feet on the ground I say learn to dream and believe that you can float one day because all things are possible.

5). Better Queries, Better Replies:

This is one of the most emphasizing steps to implement the law of attraction. Have a look at these two most prevalent questions. The first one is “Why have I faced this failure?” and the second one is “What should I do to get further success?”

Can you guess which question is the appropriate one? Yes, the second one. This type of question you ask yourself makes your mind ready to find the most probable answer.

Thus if you inquire of yourself why are you such a failure, then please stop asking this. Otherwise, your mind will constantly reply to you by reminding several reasons for your failure.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself, “what are the further ways to get success?” your mind will spontaneously tune to hunt for the answers.

In this way, your unconscious mind will also help you find more opportunities for yourself rather than bashing you like a failure.

Therefore, positive inner dialogue is crucial to get what you desire. Whenever you get indulged in negative questions, change your mind immediately.

Seed some positive question answers in your mind and attract the same positivity in your life according to the Law of attraction.

The Law Of Attraction Steps

6). Let It Go:

The Law of attraction demands that after setting your desire the right way and strongly believing it has happened, to then let go of it. Do not hold your desires too tightly, and always keep hope that they will turn into reality at the right time.

Butterflies will be killed if you hold them rigidly; grabbing butterflies lightly will let the butterfly breathe and enjoy life happily and freely and without being damaged. Your desires are just like butterflies.

So, live your dreams liberally and enjoy life and know that IT IS FINISHED, and go about your day being happy and grateful. Always believe that your dream is true and keep thinking from the END of your wish fulfilled.

7). Gratitude:

Always express gratitude after achieving your dreams. If you show gratitude every day, gradually, it becomes your habit. This gratitude will cause your thoughts and emotions to be immersed in positive energy.

This will help you to manifest more desires in your life quickly. Vibration is everything. Remember vibration is FEELING. They should have mentioned this more in the movie The Secret.

Always show gratitude with the core of your heart rather than doing it just as a fashion. Keep yourself practicing gratitude with love, passion, and huge positivity.

You will be rewarded for what you do to others mentally and physically. You get back the results for what you put out there on a mental frequency and physically. This is the Law of attraction.


By following the above steps the law of attraction will become very natural for you to work with. It is such a simple thing to understand, but it’s a whole different thing to apply the steps consistently every day.

Remember that you can have whatever you want, but the key is to make sure that you feel that your desires yours now and to let the universe do the rest of the work for you.

You don’t need to do anything other than live from the end. Also, keep this within reason. Use common sense. If you feel prompted to go buy a lottery ticket somewhere then go do it listen to your intuition.

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