The Law Of Attraction For Confidence – 7 Great Tips!

The Law Of Attraction For Confidence

In this short article, we will learn 7 tips on how to use the law of attraction for confidence. What’s great about this is ones your in vibrational alignment with more confidence you will attract people to you who display confidence.

The law of attraction plays a key role in improving a person’s self-confidence. Some people may not even know that their life goes on revolving around this concept.

It is essential because if you wish to gain more self-confidence, you must realize that feelings or emotions are involved, and having doubts, fear, and insecurity will only attract more of the same. Primarily, you must know exactly how it works.

The Law Of Attraction:

Basically, the idea here is that your thoughts can be solidified into your ultimate goal and manifested in your life if you want it to. You are empowered that no matter how impossible it seems, you are bound to get results. It’s like a mystical force or a magnet that attracts your thoughts into your life.

Simply said, what you think is what you get and what you believe, you become. Below are 7 ways on how to use the law of attraction for confidence.

The Law Of Attraction For Confidence:

1). Affirmation And Acceptance:

This goes side by side because its no use to tell yourself over and over that you feel terrific and you are great if you feel otherwise. Some people tend to feel lowly of themselves, others think they are ugly, while some may even be in self-denial about how they look or feel.

Self-acceptance means you stop resisting whatever it is you do not want. Whether it is a personal issue or a current situation, when you accept who you are and where you are, you eventually open towards room for improvement and finding possible solutions.

How can others recognize you if you cannot appreciate yourself? You must delight in the fact that you are unique and there is no one else but one you in this world! Now you can go forth with positive affirmations. Consciously talk to yourself in a constructive, positive way throughout the day. This way, you will have an encouraging mindset and generally be happy.

2). Build Your Self Image:

Without self-confidence, you feel like you are not worthy and that you cannot do a certain task. Know that you deserve all the good things that happen to you, and maybe even more because you are worthy! Set your self-image around the highest possibility that you can be. The more you trust yourself the greater confidence you build. When you are confident, you feel great, attractive, beautiful, successful, and this is how others will see you.

3). Believe In Yourself: (You’re A Spiritual Being )

How will you get to your goal, more so success, if you are hesitant from the very first small step that you need to take? Confidence actually attracts success rather than the other way around.

Unleash your true potential by believing in your abilities, which is one of the keys to leading a successful life, and once you do, you will see significant progress in any aspect. All simply because you believe in yourself! You know that you can do things, hence you get things done and do not shy out from opportunities.

Commit yourself to become better through learning and developing your skills and talents. Do not be afraid to take risks. All successful people who have reached the top started at the bottom. Use the law of attraction to acquire the habit of more effective thinking, be able to act accordingly, and exhibit confidence in every action and step you take.

The Law Of Attraction For Confidence

4). Live In The Present:

It is important to live in the present if you wish to move on and improve yourself. You must not let past failures hinder you from getting or doing what you desire. Should you remember them, may it only be a reminder of previous mistakes and extract what you can learn from it.

Otherwise, you may just attract the same pitfalls and drag your self-esteem down. Living in the present does not only allow you to gain more confidence towards a brighter future but lets you enjoy every minute of every day to the fullest!

5). Expectations:

Stop worrying and expect the results you wish to see. Your expectations set with confidence are much like wishes that come true. Expect to wake up beautiful, to be successful, to impress others, and whatever you want to happen.

Expect good things and you’ll have more of it! When you constantly anticipate desirable events and outcomes, you will seldom get disappointed with what you get.

6). Positive Thinking:

If you constantly think you’re not good at something, don’t know how or just can’t do it, then guess what happens? Exactly what you think.

This is how the universe works, but it also works in ways unexpected. Ask, be patient, and trust the universe, since it would let you have what you want in time.

Visualize what you want to be by choosing your thoughts built around positivity. This must be regularly practiced and infused in your way of thinking.

Do not complain if things don’t go your way and learn to move on, for there may be something better out there. Stay positive and optimistic. There is always something good in any situation if you look at it from a different perspective.

The Law Of Attraction For Confidence

7). Stay With Positive People: (Very Important)

The people around you have an impact on your emotions, especially those whom you live with, work with, talk about things, and it is best to stick with positive people. Negative people are the chief source of unhappiness. Don’t let anyone turn you down.

So spend time with people who matter to you who are happy, care about you, support and encourage you in your journey, and bring out the best in you. Enjoy life and have a harmonious relationship with everyone, and in time once you reach your goal or success, you will be a blessing to them!

Wrapping It Up:

Now that you know of these 7 tips, it is essential to have confidence as well in the methods you are about to try. Skepticism does not have a place in the venture towards self-improvement. If you would like to change for the better, then you must be willing to do what might help you out and give it your best shot.

By keeping an open mind and with the purest intentions of a positive outcome, you should be able to boost your self-confidence and attract many good things in your life! Remember you are at the core of you a Spiritual Being living in a physical body. That means you have infinite potential.

You can do anything that you set your mind to. All that is required is a decision that you are going to do it and then you do. You are God’s/Universe’s highest form of creation. Always keep that in mind. What do you do for self-confidence growth? What is really working well for you right now? What do you feel you need help with? Let me know below!


12 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction For Confidence – 7 Great Tips!”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks and lovely done. I definitely need this reminder especially in the aspect of content writing in my website. Agreed with you on affirmation and acceptance. We have to accept that we lack something and work towards improving it, also be confident comes before success not the other way round.
    I’m glad I opened to read it, really give me insight on my path to success from now.


    • Hi Benson,

      Thank you so much for the feedback. Life is 100% a mental game. Everything we are experiencing in our own lives is from what’s going on subconsciously. I hope that this site will be your motivation when you need it and that you reach your dreams whatever they may be. I believe in you and KNOW you can do anything you set your mind to. You are God’s highest form of creation. Let it shine brotha!



  2. Hi Just what I needed to continue, I’m also with WA and I lost a little confidence and interest this last 4 days and, I read your post here and just the boost I needed to go on. Thank you for this post it is very positive and inspiring.

    • Hi Lyne,

      You are so welcome. Things can be hard at times, but if we think what we want to think regardless of appearances and get emotionally involved with positive ideas, we will literally attract all good to us on that feeling frequency. Stay the course, and most importantly FEEL happy now, that is the quickest way to succeed.



  3. This is one of my favorite topics ever. I am a HUGE fan of Abraham Hicks. I listen to Abraham
    almost daily. Stay with positive people! Isn’t that just so huge. You are who you hang with.
    My most favorite saying in the world and the one I have written down so I can see it daily is
    “That which we are liken to, more is drawn” This just really resonates with me more than anything.

    This is a really great post. Thank you.

    • Hi Teresa,

      I am also a huge fan of Abraham Hicks. Positive people are so much fun to be around, they just make the world a beter place, and we need that now more than ever. Your saying is fantastic, really love that. Wishing you massive success this year. Thanks for stopping by.



  4. I like the way you expressed the thoughts the way you have, it is very hard at times to try and find the positive in this world at times. My workplace could use a little bit of that positivity.

    Maybe I should try and lead the way it is really a downer at times and I just don’t want to go to work.

    • Hi Kevin,

      It can be very difficult to find the good, but there must be good where there is bad because that is called the Law Of Polarity. You can’t have one without the other, you can’t have an up without a down, an inside without an outside. Work is hard if we don’t enjoy it. But, if you will take a moment and FEEL gratitude in your life, watch what you attract into your life, like a better job! Stay positive and I promise things will only get better.


  5. Hi AJ, Thanks for the read, I’ve really enjoyed this article. Question for you, do you find competing forces between these 7 drivers in your research?

    For instance, I’d classify myself as a usually positive and glass-half-full type of person. However, I have great tendencies to always be in planning mode, which is obviously counter to living in the moment, and this track my abilities to stay positive at times, as well as projecting positivity with others.

    I love the topic and am off to other areas of your blog for more great info,

    • Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for stopping by. Great questions. I don’t really find any competing forces with any of these. Planning mode is great, but don’t over-analyze, have the plan, move forward and make adjustments along the way. I do this all the time. 1. I make a decision about what I want, 2. I make a plan the best I can, without overthinking it 3. I take action while FEELING successful already 4. I pivot along the way while maintaining my emotional state of success. 5. Rinse and repeat.

      Quitting is not an option and having all the answers when going after goals will never happen. I simply make a decision about what I want and move forward. Most people really get stuck in analyzing and overthinking and what if’s this and what if’s that.

      You’re going to run into issues, its the name of the game, but as long as I am FEELING SUCCESSFUL along the way while learning new skills and pivoting (making adjustments) and never quit, I am 100% guaranteed to win. That’s from Bob Proctor, I would highly recommend checking him out. He is my personal mentor and has changed my life incredibly. I hope this helps and I BELIEVE IN YOU!




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