The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life – 10 Reasons!

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life

Today we will be learning about “The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life. Taking Risks is a good thing when you have a plan behind you.

Make sure you have done the required research and acquired the knowledge on what you’re wanting to do to be successful.

Knowledge is power, if you lack knowledge in what you are wanting to do, then you will have a lack of confidence. Confidence is nothing more than having knowledge and some experience!

If there were no risks in life, then there would be no growth. There’s also a difference between taking a calculated risk and a risk with no research.

The comfort zone deprives you of many opportunities that you would enjoy if you decide to take a risk and get out.

Taking a risk is scary because of the fear of the unknown. However, no matter how calculated the risk is, there is always a likely hood that you might fail.

This likely hood of failure holds many people back from even trying. The truth is if you take a risk and it either fails, or it is successful, there are many lessons you will learn. Meaning there is no failure in taking a risk. The failure is in avoiding taking the risk.

Below is a list of 10 great benefits of taking risks in life. This will help you understand how taking risks makes your life better and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life – 10 Reasons:

1). Grows Self-Confidence And Resilience:

Knowing that you tried something new and it worked builds up your self-confidence tremendously. It gives you the drive to keep on trying new things.

Even if some fail, there will be those that succeed to motivate you even more. Resilience is also built whereby you don’t give up no matter how many times you try to fail.

All this occurs because you decided to take a risk and try something you are not used to, but you have always wanted to do.

2). Helps You Break Free From Average:

The average life is all about staying safe. Here people are not willing to try anything new. There is so much focus on what if it does not work then, what if it does work.

Taking risks sets you apart. By positioning yourself in a place where taking risks is not a challenge, you can profit more. You can stand out among your peers and achieve a lot.

This would include people who want to work a job for 40 years, retire on a small pension, and live off that. Just like the government has programmed people to live.

Yet NONE of them live like that! If you want something in life, get it because you deserve the whole world and what it has to offer you.

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life

3). Taking Risks Increases Your Creativity:

Trying things you have never done before helps your brain think outside its norm. Thinking of how to solve problems you are not used to helps your mind learn how to develop new ideas on how to handle such situations.

Your brain starts thinking differently, always ready for a challenge. The more challenges and unique experiences you go through, the more powerful your brain can solve problems.

4). You Learn Useful Lessons:

Experience is the best teacher; maybe you have come across such a saying. Lessons learned through what you go through will have more impact on your life than what you learn from other people.

Taking risks has an unpredictable outcome. The good thing is in both failure and success; there are lessons to be learned.

These lessons you learn from every experience will always prepare you for the next challenge ahead.

My favorite saying that I have on my personal desk is “I NEVER LOSE, EITHER I WIN, OR I LEARN” Think about that because it is so true.

Most people focus on the negative side of every situation and miss the whole thing entirely. You are programmed to do that.

5). Empowers You To Create New Limits In Your Mind:

The mind is a mighty organ in the human body. However, the possibilities of the power of the mind can only be limited by you. Taking risks opens up your mind to abilities that you didn’t know you had.

Creating new limits in your mind happens when you take up new challenges. Get a new outlook on life and how far you can go.

Knowing what you can handle and what you can’t help you know the kind of people you need around you.

If you don’t push yourself, you will never know how great you are. Know one knows your limits, not even you.

Therefore if you understand that you are not your physical body, you will realize you have no limits, and you can accomplish anything no matter what it is, as long as it is within reason, of course.

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life

6). Gives You Access To New Challenges:

Being comfortable locks you away from the many things the world has to offer. To enjoy new opportunities, you will have to take a chance and try new things.

The risks you take will expose you to new challenges in life. Such exposure will help you learn how to overcome these challenges. In addition, you will be able to meet new people with experiences that you haven’t had yet that you will need.

7). Reduces The Hold That Fear Has Over You:

Fear of the unknown is what makes many of us not want to try. No matter how careful they were, they still failed. Such stories give fright more hold on you that you can’t break free.

That first step of trying, taking a risk, will free you from fear. After that, it doesn’t matter if you fail or not. Knowing your first success was by conquering fear is enough to prepare you for the next well-calculated risk.

I call it the Terror Barrier; you have to push through it, and you will find that there was nothing to fear in the first place.

It was all in your mind. But, unfortunately, we get so worried about the worst things and choose to focus on that side of it instead of all the good that can happen.

8). Makes You Feel Alive:

What is it that you have always wanted to do? The only thing holding you back is yourself, not your job, not your friends, and even your family.

Taking a risk to try out what you have always wanted is the first step to feeling alive. Don’t suffocate yourself in your comfort zone, afraid of failure. The only way to live life to the fullest is to do what you love.

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life

9). Helps You Define What You Really Want:

You get to know what is good for you by trying. If starting a business is what you want, take a risk, and try it out. If you want to start a hobby, take a risk.

It’s through trying whatever it is you want that you get to know what you want. Then, because it is a risk, you will push yourself to make it work.

10). You Get Rewarded:

Taking risks comes with so many rewards. You tried and failed at something. Where is the reward in that? Take time to look at what made you fail. Those are where the lessons are. The lessons are the rewards.

Next time you try again, you already know what to avoid and what to do to succeed. So you take a risk, and you succeed.

The reward is what success comes with, and that should encourage you to keep on taking calculated risks. More of the rewards gained are listed above; all those benefits of taking risks in life are rewards for you.


There is a lot to be achieved in taking risks. The only thing holding you back from achieving your goals in life may be fear.

Conquer fear, and you benefit from taking well-calculated risks in life. It is important to know that; you only take a risk if the rewards are beneficial.

You only get one chance to live this life; this really is not a practice run. You have got to own your life; you have got to master what you think. Don’t let all the worries stop you from moving forward.

Focus on all the good that can come from achieving your goals, and get on with the work. But, unfortunately, 97% of the world is BROKE because they are ignorant and live in FEAR. Think of that number for a minute! That is CRAZY.

The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life

If you want to win at life, then go after what you want with massive courage because it takes to win.

You must want your dream so bad that it becomes an all-consuming obsession, as Napoleon Hill states in the book “Think And Grow Rich.”

I highly recommend reading that book. Fear is one of the MAJOR topics that he goes over, and I encourage you to read that chapter once a day for 4 weeks.

You will change so fast; you will take on things that you would never have before. It will reprogram you for success on a subconscious level.

Master your thoughts and emotions, and you will be the MASTER OF YOUR FATE. So don’t look back, press forward, and know that all the greats in the world have fear; they just did not let it STOP THEM!

Be like a Lion and own life. Don’t be timid. You are amazing. Don’t let the outside world control you; live from the inside out.

Take life by the balls and get WHATS YOURS!!!! See what you want as yours NOW. Feel it inside. Feel like your rich if that’s your goal, and then press forward through the risks.

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What are you doing currently in overcoming your fear? What has been the single most important thing that has really changed for you? Let me know below in the comments.

5 thoughts on “The Importance Of Taking Risks In Life – 10 Reasons!”

  1. Hi! I love reading or listening to anything that will help to inspire me even those words and sentence being read or listen many times already. There is always a saying that your biggest enemy is not anyone but yourself.

    Nice to come across like-minded people. Thanks for sharing and your inspiration!

  2. Wow

    I loved this article and I have bookmarked. I have certainly lived by taking risks in my life and that has given me more that I could ask for in life and it is till giving me more.

    You are right that you get rewarded and I am a living example because now I own my life in all aspects financially and socially.

    I also feel alive daily.

  3. Thank you for posting! One of the most vital elements in the roadmap of success is taking risks in life. Without risk, all other elements which you focus on may become ineffective. This is since, without risk, you cannot go further in the path of success.


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