Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction Tips!

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction

This article will be going over “Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction Tips.” Do you want your wishes to be fulfilled the way you want them?

If yes, then read this and APPLY all the techniques. Now, the question is, who was this miraculous guy? He was born in an Anglican family in 1905 in St Michael, Barbados, West Indies.

When he was 17 years old, he moved to the United States of America to study and perform dramas. After ten years of successful theatre career, he left the theatre to learn about MYSTICISM.

He had a great teacher named Abdullah, who was an Ethiopian Rabbi. Abdullah teaches him for five years. He learned about Hebrew, Scripture, and Kabala.

He introduced the easiest step most naturally for manifestation. Truly what you imagine will come to pass, if you understand the laws of mind and how to work with it. Remember Mind is an activity it’s, not a thing. Tesla said, whoever understands vibrations will change this world. The Universe responds to vibrations/feelings. Keep this in mind going forward.



First of all, you have to acknowledge yourself. Who are you? What do you want in your life? These aspects affect directly on your life. Who you are is a spiritual being living in the physical body with infinite potential. Stop identifying yourself as a human being. That is merely the body you live in.  Let me repeat that, you are not your body you are simply living in a body. Who you are, is formless and all-powerful. The real you, you will not see until the next life or have an out-of-body experience.

You should have a clear vision regarding your aim. Neville Goddard focuses on this aspect of recognizing yourself. Firstly, you have to decide your place and the things you want in your life. After you become clear about them, you can pave your way towards success.

The things that you will be able to accomplish on earth are up to you and how you choose to use your imagination. Most people in their life spend their time thinking negative thoughts and worst-case scenarios.

But if you can get in the habit of operating from your infinite potential changing your self-image to realize that you are truly all-powerful that’s when your life will change. If you are all-powerful and that means what you imagine will come to fruition. Keep this in mind going forward because truly what you imagined becomes reality when mixed with feeling because all things start from within.


Neville thoroughly knew that if he visualized his scene correctly to manifest his desire, then he would undoubtedly get it.

This technique implies to all of us in our real lives. Firstly, we have to make our imaginary wishes available to our inner mind. We have to believe it’s 100% possible no matter what.

After doing so, you will have the feeling of satisfaction, a feeling that you have already achieved your desires. This is so key because feeling/vibration is everything in this universe.

You must understand that the universe/yourself does not respond to you just because you want something, it only responds to your state of vibration. So if you are feeling helpless and alone in your life you will continue to manifest that until your mind is changed and you’re feeling state. Feeling is another word for vibration.

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction


Neville Goddard focuses on calming your mind and soul by removing negative thoughts from your mind. What will happen if I did not get this?

What is going to happen if I do not do this? What will happen if I did it in this way? So, all of these whys and Whats comes to your mind due to negative thoughts around you.

These negative thoughts come from anywhere around you. Some friends call you a loser for not achieving a specific goal. Your boss always keeps on shouting at you for not completing the required level of work.

So, all these things make you think that maybe I am not capable of doing things right. There is something wrong with me. This results in degrading yourself and getting negative vibes which will ultimately make your life a living hell.

Learn to think from within and never from without. We have been programmed all our lives to operate on the outer world instead of the inner world. You can master the thoughts that you entertain every day.


You can manifest your dreams and desires by seeking positivity around you. You may have observed that today we are having a really bad day as nothing good is happening.

And on some days, we feel that everything good is happening to us. So we get in this opinionated motive when good things continue to happen then eventually bad things will continue to happen which is a butterfly. But what’s funny is if you do believe that that’s exactly what’s going to happen because your consciousness dictates everything. So, all we need to do is to feel everything good around us. By doing this, we can get positivity around us and in us.

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction


Neville Goddard focuses on this technique of letting go of your desires to make the law of attraction work in your life. You can think that your imaginary wish has become a reality and is in front of your eyes now. You can feel that you have achieved it just by letting go of the passion of achieving your desire. It is the job of nature to do the work for you. Now what I mean also by letting go is that doesn’t mean you just forget about it. What it means is you start thinking “from your wishful fulfilled” instead of “Of It”

Neville understands that letting go occurs when you are at one with your desire. When you live as if you already have it. Letting go is the true detachment. You trust that it is yours because you know that it is. Nothing is created or destroyed, therefore the reality you desire ALREADY EXISTS, it’s only a matter of time before your physical self encounters it.


Writing down about your daily life is another great technique that Neville Goddard teaches us. You can write about the bad things that happened to you all day. You can also write about good things that happened to you through that day.

By doing this, you can see the positive aspect of your life, which will create positivity in you. You will be full of positive vibes and can manifest your desires. By also writing down all the negative things that of happened it’s a way to get them out of your subconscious mind and onto paper and it is very healthy and it changes your state of vibration.


Neville’s techniques revolve around the reality that human imagination is his awareness. When you use your imagination, you are connecting yourself to the creative power of awareness/yourself. You’re detaching yourself from your physical world.

The word awareness can also be used as imagination or higher self or the universe whatever name you want to get it. Just understand that you are an expression of that power and that power is everything in this world.

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction


By following this technique, you will be able to manifest your desires in your life. You have to believe that you can achieve anything by believing that it is possible and that it is already DONE!

Yes, you can do this. You have the potential to get to your goal because YOU ALREADY HAVE IN ANOTHER DIMENSION. Do some research on time, and you will see that the past, the present, and the future are all happening at the SAME TIME. If nothing is created or destroyed but simply changes, then you can only change things that already are. Play with that idea for a minute and ponder it. It will open up a whole new world for you.

LIVE IN THE END: (So Critical)

To live in the end means to ignore your current reality and live as though your desire is already fulfilled in the physical here and now. You have to feel that you are living at the age where you have already achieved your goals. Once your belief and mood match your desires, your attention focuses on leading you straight to it, and events, people, and things begin to happen in your direction IMMEDIATELY. Remember thinking From and not thinking Of.


You have to feel your desires with all your senses. You can feel that you have it in your hand. You can see the imaginary wishes of yours are a reality now. You can hear the sounds you want to hear. Once you feel it with your senses and do that over and over and over again, that is where the magic happens.

Neville Goddard Law Of Attraction


Neville Goddard took a compelling approach to manifesting. He did not obsess over the things he wanted to manifest as though they were not his yet. He did not constantly visualize what he wanted to create as though it were not possible. He always lived and acted FROM THE END. This takes practice but is LIFE CHANGING.


Writing down is the technique by which you can describe your life as if you already had what you wish to manifest. When you do this with feeling the results are outstanding.


We are going to conclude our discussion here. We have talked about manifestation, and where letting goes was the basic tool for making your wishes into reality. You have to remove negative thoughts and bring positivity in you. You can seek positivity by assuming everything is good no matter what is happening around you. Living from the end is the number one thing you need to keep in mind. State of vibration is key to your life. If you’re feeling like crap he will continue to manifest that feeling in your world because that is what your consciousness is doing therefore it must manifest.

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