Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Do you want more and more money in your life? Of course, you do, that’s normal, and it allows you to be free instead of feeling limited in your life and not being able to do what you want when you want.

Basically, it is our needs and wants for which we need money. Like, paying off our debts, credit card payments, house loans, car installments, insurance payments, etc.

Because of this, we are not fond of getting money, because we never have enough. But we need money to get more and more satisfaction in our lives and express ourselves the way we truly want to express ourselves. By practicing the law of attraction, you can attract anything in your life, including money.

Now, there are some negative beliefs in all of our minds about money. Some common negative beliefs are ”You can’t buy happiness with money” or ”where there is money, there is evil” or “Money does not grow on trees”, you get the idea.

Now, you need to eject those negative beliefs on a subconscious level from your mind about money. Here are a few other negative vibes that come into our minds about money:

”What will happen if I get the money that I desire, and still won’t be happy?’’ What will happen if I get the money I desire and I lose it all? You need to eradicate these negative thoughts from your mind to be a money magnet. You have to FEEL RICH NOW and that is the HARDEST THING TO DO TO THOSE WHO DON’T CONTROL THERE THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONAL STATE.

There are certain positive affirmations about money that you can use below with FEELING to start making a change:

  1. I love money. Money is very good.
  2. I am attracting more and more money every day.
  3. I am ready to get all the money that I desire.
  4. There is no limit on my attraction to money.
  5. I value money very much, and I am attracting more into my life effortlessly.
  6. I will always have the amount of money that I need no matter what.
  7. It is a piece of cake for me to earn money doing what I love.
  8. I am now living an abundant, rich, and joyful life.
  9. Each day, I am magnetizing more and more money to me.

The trick is to reprogram your subconscious with the belief that money is easy, effortless, and a good thing. You have to learn to love money (not to the point of money first but appreciate it, people ALWAYS come first then money), that’s what affirmations do. You can get money attracted to you by also following the 10 tips below as well. Let’s begin.

Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Negative Beliefs:

One of the great tips to manifest money is by removing negative beliefs from your mind about money. Remember, money is not the root of all evil, but lack of money is the root of all evil.

The most common thing that stops a person from becoming a money magnet is their negative beliefs about money. If you even get some money without having a negative belief about it, then it will not stay long.

Imagine filling your money in a container to save it. But, these negative thoughts work as a hole in the container. So, all of your money will fall down. Removing your negative beliefs about money is the vital tip for money attraction.

Positive Affirmation:

As it is already discovered, in the Law of Attraction, thoughts become things. So, working on this principle is the key to be successful. You need to build your mindset with positive affirmations in order to become a money magnet.

Your money magnetism is the reflection of your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts regarding your money, lifestyle, and prosperity need to be vivid and clearly positive.

You need to remove the negative thoughts, such as if I am worthy of being rich or not? These questions normally come to the minds of real strugglers. This is due to the negative side of your subconscious programming.

Deserves To Become A Money Magnet:

Most of us always feel that maybe we do not deserve that much in our life. This is also a type of negative thought that comes to most people.

Most of us never get more in life due to the thinking of we do not deserves more, because of what people have said to us and what we have heard from society. This is a natural hurdle we all face in our way of getting more money.

This is basically due to our current situation. We look at our current financial status and make some guesses that how much time we need?

You deserve to have all the money that you want. It’s your birthright and it’s 100% normal to want more than enough. That is your higher self speaking to you. It’s not greed as most people teach.

Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Love To Pay Your Bills:

learn to love paying your bills. You need to do this in the right mindset because it will set up everything else to come to you at the right time.

Most people when they pay their bills do it in a negative mental feeling estate. You cannot do that if you want to attract more money into your life.

Like Rhonda Byrne has said from the secret you have to play a game in your mind and get yourself on the feeling good frequency if you want your money to change.

So figure out a few mental games to make you feel good when paying your bills. What’s worked well for me is realizing that those bills are really checks to me from the Universe.

Always Be Happy To See Others Wealth:

It is a very good and kind act for you if you be happy for others when you see them having a fortune. Do you remember the last time when you see your neighbor in good fortune, and you felt happy for them? If you don’t, then it’s okay.

It is a very natural phenomenon for all of us. It is basically natural jealousy feeling in all of us that deprives us of being happy in all areas.

But, you need to eradicate this habit from your mind and learn to be happy by seeing others enjoying luxury in their life. Because if you are happy for them, and you FEEL it, you will attract that back to you multiplied. Bless those people silently in your heart and mean it. Watch what happens.

Feel The Abundance: (HUGE)

It is the most vital tip for manifesting the money. You need to visualize an ideal lifestyle that you want. You need to feel the things around you as though they are real now.

All those luxurious, including a big luxurious house, cars, and money. You just need some time in your daily life to thinks about the abundance of everything and feel. Because if you can feel it around you, and sustain that feeling, then you will experience it in this physical world at some point.

Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Feel Prosperity Around You:

Another vital tip for attracting more and more money is to feel prosperity around you. It sounds a little bit unrealistic, but it actually works.

You need to focus on prosperity. If you focus on poverty, then it will divert your attention from your aim. It will become difficult for you to manifest money.

But if you focus on prosperity, like if you happen to go to a big place, you can see there big hotels, mansions, luxurious houses, and cars, you will begin to see things attracted to you, because of your state of vibration/feeling.

Give More Earn More:

It is the most basic rule of nature for the distribution of blessings, including money. If you give more and more, then you will surely get one hundredfold back. That is LAW, a Universale principle regardless of religion or what you believe in.

If you help people that are in need and you do it with a sincere heart and wanting to help people it will change your life. The trick is to do it with sincerity and with the feeling of joy and not regret.

Many people in life struggle paying tithing because they do it with regret and they don’t get blessings back because of the way they do it.

This is a feeling/vibrational universe. If you’re feeling resentful when giving you will get back resentful things. So make sure to give with the true feeling of love and kindness in your heart.

Always Be In The Mode Of Receiving:

When you always receive and accept things, then the law of attraction will be working for you in the background. Whenever you are invited to a party, lunch, or wedding, accept the invitation and go.

Just do it, as long as it’s ethical and works for you. You will never know what the universe has in store for you if you continue to ignore invites and things coming your way.

Who knows maybe you meet someone at a party that will help you to make all your dreams come true or something will happen that will lead to another. Just be in the mode of receiving and be positive and feel grateful.

Money And The Law Of Attraction!

Offer Gratitude:

Always offer gratitude for what you always have. Because offering gratitude for everything you have in your life will work miraculously for you.

Gratitude is one of the greatest things that you can do to attract more abundance and money to you. Most of the world is very ungrateful and look at all the things they don’t have and put that out there in the universe.

Express this feeling of lack and ungratefulness and then they continue to experience that in their life. Always always always be grateful for all that you have even the bad experiences.


By giving gratitude in your day-to-day activities, by law, you will attract to you things that are in perfect vibration with that. Money or anything in this world response to vibration or feeling.

Tesla said that the people who can learn to utilize the power of vibration or feelings control their destinies. We are literally moving into an era that will blow most peoples minds.

Things that seem to be impossible but want to be possible because of our awareness. Learn to feel as wealthy as you can all day long by thinking about wealth focusing on wealth and feeling happy regardless of what’s going on.

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