Learn How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them!

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

today you will read about how to set goals and how to achieve them. Most people normally have goals that they want to achieve.

Some of these goals could be to start a new business, buy a new car, build a home, go back to school, buy a piece of land, and so forth.

It is important that you set goals in life. These goals usually motivate you to work hard in life and so forth.

In addition, you should ensure that you set measurable and achievable goals while working towards your ULTIMATE Dream or Vision. This can help to avoid frustrations in life. How do you achieve your goals quickly?

Most people normally ask that question. Well, you will note that the current world has a lot of competition.

Everybody wants to achieve a goal and set another one as soon as possible. There are several tips that can help you achieve your goals faster. Let’s get started:

10 Tips On How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them:

1). Write Your Goals Down:

You may imagine a lot of goals in your mind. Some of them may be realistic while others may not be realistic. You will note that some of them can look ideal and so on.

One of the most important things that you should do is write them down. You should get a notebook and a pen. You should write them down one after the other.

This can help you to differentiate them and even help you sort them out. You will note that some of the goals can be achieved in a short period of time while others can be achieved after several years. Writing your goals down can help you distinguish these goals and prioritize them.

2). Choose Goals that Will Impact You Greatly:

Some goals are critical and can have a lot of impact on your life. It is important that you identify these goals.

Once you are done doing that, you can concentrate on them. You can work on the other goals at the same time. However, it is important that you prioritize these ones. This will help you a great deal.

3). Have Deadlines:

Deadlines usually make people work faster. You will note that these deadlines usually make people more productive at the workplace and so on.

This is the reason why your goals should have a deadline. This can motivate you to work towards your goals. Having a little pressure can help you achieve most of your goals.

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

4). Find People Who Have Achieved Your Goals: (Very Important)

Some of the goals that we set can be new to us. This is the reason why you need to have a mentor. You should identify people who have achieved the same goal in the past and ask them for insights.

This can help you to achieve your goals faster. You should not fear approaching them. They can give you helpful information that can help you achieve your goals faster.

5). Break Your Goals Into Steps:

Big goals can overwhelm you. Some of them may seem daunting. This can frustrate you. In this case, you need to break them into smaller chunks and then concentrate on them.

This can motivate you to work on other goals. This way, your goals will appear to be simplified.

6). Visualize Your Goals As Completed:

Some goals may seem difficult to achieve. It may demotivate you at first. In this case, you need to change your perception of them.

You should instead visualize them as completed. You should view them as though as you have achieved them.

This can help to overcome the negative thoughts that can hinder you from achieving your goals. This can actually motivate you a great deal.

I use this all the time, and it accomplishes miracles. The game of life is 90% mental 10% strategy. If you can understand that and keep your head right, as you are moving towards your goals it will change your life.

If you can get really emotionally involved in your goals (you’ll need big ones to do that), it will give you the proper motivation to keep going when things get tough, and they will.

That is life, but it will help you grow a great deal! Keep feeling successful as much as you can, no matter what is happening on the outside.

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

7). Share Your Goals With Winners:

Some goals need a lot of motivation. People with such goals need a lot of motivation. When you find people in your life that have accomplished what you have accomplished, you know that those people will be able to help you, and motivated you when you need it most.

Share them ONLY with them, not people who have NOT accomplished your goals. TRUST ME ON THIS! I did this, and it’s funny, but they won’t support you. a lot of people have an ego about them.

If your goal is better than their current situation, it will BUG THEM SO MUCH. Instead, find people who are beyond where you want to be. It’s more motivating for you as you work towards it.

Then when you reach your goal (as long as you never quit) you can share it with them. They will be envious, upset, and annoyed. Enjoy the moment, because you are just getting started.

Let’s say someone is making $200k a year, and you want to make that a month. Would you really want to tell that person that kind of goal?

Of course, not, their ego will totally eat you alive. Go to someone who makes $1,000,000 a month and they will support you 100%.

But make sure they are the kind of people that WANT to help you and are not puffed up in their own ego and think they are better than you. Stay the hell away from people like that. You need inspiration.

I follow people like Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Bob, Proctor, and so forth. Why? Because they are ALL winning in a big way, and WANT people to win too.

They get the meaning of life, and you can tell by their results and how they treat people and all the success that they have helped people achieve!

8). Set Goals That Are In Alignment Towards Your Vision:

Everybody has a mission in life. It is important that you set goals that align with your life’s mission and purpose (vision is what I like to call it).

If your goals are aligned with what you like, you are likely to be motivated towards that goal. If you have a passion for music, you can set a goal of being a music producer.

If you are good at business, you can set a goal of starting a retail shop and so on. You will realize that you will not be struggling to achieve such goals. This tip can help you a great deal. Passion is everything. It won’t feel like work.

Granted some things will feel like work as you work towards them, that is just the name of the game.

But as long as you are really passionate about what you are doing that is the most important thing. Because you will be working towards it a lot at first.

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

9). Be Committed:

It is important that you get committed to your goals. You should have targets that you actually want to achieve.

You should be committed all the time. If you fail to achieve your targets, you should keep trying until you hit your target.

Never EVER lower your targets. Increase activity levels. I learned this from Grant Cardone, and it has changed my results like you wouldn’t believe.

Don’t think small, think big, be all in, be obsessed with your goals, or be average. You should be working towards your goals every single day, even if it’s only an hour. Make sure you are doing something. And try to be productive as much as possible.

We all have 24 hrs in a day, and let’s be honest, most people waste it on stupid things, and not really being productive.

Look at all the successful people in the world, and you will see that at the very beginning they were super productive. I’m talking 100 hr weeks and whatnot.

But they understand that to make an impact you have to pay the price. Also, they loved what they do, so it’s not really working if you catch my drift :).

10). Identify Barriers:

Once you have set your goals, it is important that you identify barriers that can make you not achieve what you want faster. If you want to lose weight, you should avoid taking junk foods, etc.

Junk food can be a barrier that can hinder you from losing your body weight. Such barriers should be identified as early as possible.

Other barriers could be Netflix, Hulu, Gaming, Hanging out with friends too much. You get the idea, just be mindful of how you are using your time, and you will see the results that you want in time.

Time is such a precious thing. You have to be ever so mindful of how you use it. Whatever you waste you will not get back. Successful people literally have their calendars full all day long.

Now you may not want to do this, but if you want to achieve great levels of success you will have to learn how to use your time wisely and more productively.

Ellen mask says that working 100 hours per week will obviously make you more successful than a person who only works 40 hours per week.

Now I’m not saying go and bend over backward and be a workaholic unless that’s your thing then by all means go and do it.

What I’m saying is if you want to be successful in life, be so mindful of the way you use your time, because the way you use it will determine how much success you’re going to get back.

but just remember to be very passionate about what you’re doing and it will not feel like long hours to you. It will be joyful, it will be fun, and it will be like time is just flying by and that’s the trick.

That’s how people who are so successful are able to work as long as they do because they are extremely passionate about it.

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them


By following the above tips it will change everything for you in regard to setting your goals. Goals take time, goals take patience, and they also require great amounts of passion.

Don’t give up, keep pressing forward, and make sure that what you’re working towards makes you happy fulfilled and alive. Life is about feeling good and joyful, and the way you do that is by following your passions.

Think big, act big, and don’t ever quit. In time you will find what you’re looking for as long as you never give up. Persistence is a great key to success in life.

If you are willing to persist and push through all the difficulties you will come out on top. If you want a formula that’s 100% guaranteed for you to win in life do this. Never ever give up and press forward until you reach your goal no matter how long it takes.

What do you to to help you achieve goals in life? What’s the number one thing that has made the biggest impact? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Learn How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them!”

  1. I love reading your writings. I am a fan 🙂
    Around year 2017 when I stumbled upon LOA while surfing on the net and only took the teachings seriously after reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It really made great impact and changed my life!
    Like you, I am blogging now (just started) to share to my friends and people around the world that dreams are achievable. It’s just a matter of mindsetting and believing.
    By the way, we are following each other on Twitter. -Libra1971.

    • Hi Agnes,

      That’s so wonderful to hear. Thank you. I think the secret really is a life changer, and I’m so glad that it has been for you. Life goes by so fast, and we get so caught up in the daily tasks of life that we really lose the meaning of life. I’m glad that you were able to find my website and I’m glad that you’re a follower. I know that your blog will take off, and continue to keep following those passions they will lead you to great and wonderful heights in life.



  2. Learn how to set goals and how to achieve them are very important no matter what age you are, and you have provided good steps to get into a routine that will only become better the more you practice it.

    Everyone should have goals they wish to achieve, but I feel the most biggest obstacle for most of us is knowing how to get started to make those dreams come true. Any guides on how people can get started on their goals, so many people might not know how to get started and this guide would help so many people.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes, I agree that most people do not know how to get to there goals, and that is what stops them. But what is funny is all it takes to figure out the HOW, is to first make the decision, the 100% not look back, no matter what it takes decicsion that I will achieve this.

      Once you get to that point, where it is an obsession, your how will find YOU. Works every time. It has never failed me. When I go after goals,

      I never worry about how. I follow my passions, and the how shows up along the way. The law of attraction in action!



  3. Alex,

    Your article is comparable to SMART goals that I have learned in leadership meetings. Your section on sharing your goals with winners was a unique twist to what I have learned in the past. I can agree with that. People like Grant Cardone (as you mentioned) are great motivators for people who want to get to where he is. I think you’re right that sharing your goals with these people will help motivate you to complete your goals. Plus, these already-successful people want someone to mentor, after all. That advice makes sense. Thanks for sharing! It really makes a difference to read some good content like this one!

    • Hi Robert,

      I think that is fantastic. So glad that you were able to see it from this viewpoint. It really is such an eye-opener. Something about having people help you along the way who are where you want to really makes all the difference.




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