Law Of Attraction Manifestation Tips!

Law Of Attraction Manifestation

Today in this article, I will be going over 5 law of attraction and manifestation tips. Many people think that the law of attraction does not work properly and is bogus and not real.

The crazy part about all of that is if that’s what you believe, that’s what you will manifest. And if you believe the opposite, that’s what you will manifest as well; it works either way.

When you really get obsessed with this law, your life will begin to change quickly. You will need to learn to use this for everything, not just for a specific occasion or an event.

That’s what I’ve seen so many people do. They use it for just one small thing or one big thing and then leave it alone. I hear a lot of success stories, but in each story, it’s always the same thing,

“I used to use it a lot, and then I stopped and went back to my own habits and ways of thinking.” You really want to become obsessed with this fantastic universal law because it will change everything for you if you stick with it. With that being said, let’s delve right in and get started.

5 Law Of Attraction Manifestation Tips:

1). Feeling Is Key:

The biggest thing that you need to understand is that your feelings are key. Your thoughts lead to your feelings which leads to your actions, and also, which leads to what is attracted to you.

They really didn’t  go over that too much in the film “The Secret,” but that’s fine because now you’re really going to understand all of that from reading this article.

When you know what you want, you need to come from a place where you feel that it is yours now or that event has happened.

And you need to be able to maintain that as much as possible. You will basically live from the end as much as you can every day. Granted, we live in physical bodies, and that is pretty hard to do and really impossible.

But effort and persistence are key. You must understand that feeling is everything. Another word for feeling is vibration. The vibration you are in will determine what you attract to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but the law of vibration is first, and the law of attraction is secondary. The best way to feel like your dreams are true is to use affirmations throughout the day.

Use them in your mind and make sure you visualize your dream as fulfilled for a couple of minutes, a few times a day, especially right before bed.

You have heard all of this before on other blogs; I don’t need to go over it in detail. If you do have questions on more specific steps, let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to help you out.

Law Of Attraction Manifestation

2). Gratitude: 

Gratitude is something that we have all heard but that we truly don’t apply enough in our life. I’ve come to find out that most of us go through life and get so caught up in the outer world that we forget to be grateful.

Gratitude is something that you should feel in your heart every day because it would make you feel better and make your day that much better.

After all, you’ll be attracting things to you that are on that vibration. I’ve tried different methods with gratitude, and the only thing that I found that works well for me is making a long list of things I’m grateful for by typing it out.

I will usually do it first thing in the morning in the afternoon and then say those things that I’m grateful for before bed. Now the key here is to be able to feel it, right?

And the only way that really works is by keep typing what you’re grateful for until you feel it. For me, it’s anywhere from 15 things and up before I start feeling that gratitude.

I prefer typing because I’m just not a fan of paper, but you might be a big paper person, so do whatever is best for you. Remember that as you’re feeling grateful for the things you have in your life, you will attract more of that to you because of your state of vibration, not necessarily because of what you’re thinking.


Many people go through life thinking and yet are not getting satisfactory results because they’re not mixing emotion with their thinking; they forget that, so it turns into a big failure.

This whole article is going to be based on how to help you stay in that feeling State. Another thing that you can do to help you feel grateful.

Put your arms to your side while sitting in a chair and let them dangle, and then say things you’re grateful for in your mind slowly.

That helps me to a great degree. I even like to say, “am I aware?” Your true self, your higher self, is always happy and is always for more expression.

When you’re not feeling grateful, and you’re feeling frustrated with everything that is going on. That is your body responding to things. You’re aware of those things and events not going well, but that is not who you are; you are awareness itself, but you let your thoughts in your mind overtake that, and you forget.

Law Of Attraction Manifestation

3). Go For A Walk:

one of the other great ways to help you feel good and happy is to go for a walk. Number one, it’s healthy for you, and number two is it allows you to look at all the beauty around you.

I like to go after a busy day or when things are a little hectic, as it allows me to focus on my inner peace. The whole trick here is to help you to detach from all the garbage that’s going on outside of you.

All the things that are grabbing your attention, and help you to focus and operate from within. Walking helps you to do that because you can talk to yourself in your mind.

One of the greatest things you can do while walking is tell yourself how wonderful things are and pour your heart out to yourself, feeling that happiness and peace because you have so much to be happy for.

I like to take my dog with me when I walk because their innocent state brings me happiness and peace. Animals are so gentle, kind, and more understanding. I think they’re a great gift for all of us.

4). Listen To A Song And Say Your Main Dream Affirmation:  

This technique is pretty incredible because it has made me tear up in a good way and continues to do so because of how it makes me feel. What you do if you find a piece of music that has no words in it, but that’s uplifting.

It makes you feel thrilled and at peace, almost like you’re at one with your higher self. Well, as that piece of music is playing you say out loud your dream that you want.

Do you want to see it in the present tense as though it’s already happened. This will make you cry because you will feel so happy.

The trick here is to find the right piece of music that will help you trigger those emotions. I really like the song called “My Name Is Lincoln” The Island Soundtrack, and the other one is called “Homecoming” by Thomas Bergersen.

I promise you when you listen to these two, and you say your affirmation or affirmations, you will actually transfer that feeling states your subconscious mind much quicker than without the music.

I’ve done this. I’ve manifested all sorts of different things that are in alignment with that feeling state.
And this is a great thing to use when you’re not feeling really good because that’s how life is; you can’t constantly be feeling good 24/7.

It’s impossible. This will turn around the way you feel so fast, and you’ll be right back on track with feeling good.

And feeling like everything is perfect in your life and the way you want it to be, regardless of what’s going on, and that is the trick or secret.

Law Of Attraction Manifestation

5). Say A Short 3 Word Phrase:  

Now, this technique is pretty powerful, and it’s effortless. All you have to do is when you’re not feeling up to par or just feeling like your life sucks right now;

It’s a short phrase that makes it sound like all your dreams and your life is where you want it to be. Here are a few examples:

  • It Is Done
  • All Is Well
  • Isn’t It Wonderful
  • It Is Finished
  • Thank You, Universe
  • Thank You Consciousness 
  • Thank You Awareness
  • Thank You Imagination

The key here is to get into the habit of doing this as much as you can every day because you will be conditioning your mind to start being more positive and happy regardless of all the issues.

As a matter of fact, all your problems in your life will begin to disappear and be replaced with circumstances that emulate your current state of feeling or vibration.

The law of attraction is so simple, but we don’t apply what we learn with consistency. So be persistent and doing these exercises.


The key to understanding your dreams coming true and having life be easier is to learn to be happy regardless of the problems.

The thing is, people think problems are what causes their feelings state; in reality, it’s your thinking state mixed with feeling that is causing your problems.

It’s a human habit to let everything on the outside dictate what we’re thinking and feeling, and that has got to stop.

When you master your mental state, that’s where the magic happens, that’s where paradigms are changed, and that’s where life becomes more effortless and dreams come true.

Law Of Attraction Manifestation(Feel Happy Now And At Peace, All Is Well, Trust In Your Higher Power)

I’d really like to know what is worked well for you that I did not mention here so that we can teach other people and help them.

What is it that’s worked really well for you? And why do you think it’s worked well for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Tell the community your stories because this website is meant to help everybody in the world. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a blessed week ahead.

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