Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?

“Is too much money a bad thing?” Money is not everything, but money has its importance. Apart from fundamental necessities, money helps fulfill our dreams and wishes and supports our life’s most important things: health, education, family, and charity.

If money has importance in our life, it doesn’t mean you should be arrogant. When a person gets a lot of money or becomes rich, they sometimes become arrogant and consider themselves superior and inferior.

This thinking is completely wrong, which should not be accepted. Suppose you get a lot of money, so it’s your duty to help others who do not have enough money to support two meals.

Usually, when people become rich, they become arrogant and don’t care about the lower class instead of helping others. EXTREMELY WRONG! We are all EQUAL. Money is simply a tool to amply more of WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. If you’re a dick now, well, your gonna be a much bigger one with money!

Money makes us feel more confident and stable so that we can provide all luxuries to the family. Money helps us to make our lifestyle better. With money, we can get a good education and good health care. With the money, you don’t have to suffer, and all your wishes come into existence.

There is nothing bad about having a lot of money. With money, we can help the needy and poor. With the help of money, you can easily study at an expensive university/ school and get a high-quality education, so you don’t need to sacrifice your wishes. You can take good care of your health as the fees of good doctors are high. Even if you have to buy a dress or travel, all things can only occur with money.

There is nothing bad about having money as it makes your life easier. To show humanity, you should help others who are in need. Keeping all money for yourself is a selfish thing. Money can solve your problems, but money is not everything that you need in life. But it’s on the scale of air, as you have to have it while you are on earth.

Why Too Much Money Is Not A Bad Thing:

1. Help The Poor And People In Need:

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. Who are we? As a human being, if we ignore the suffering of others. It calls as inhumanity. You should feel and understand the pain of the people who do not have enough money to eat a single meal. You should do charity differently, support someone’s education, and contribute to girls’ marriages, but your intention should be pure while doing charity. It means always do charity to do good deeds rather than showing off. Try to do it in secret, because your father in heaven sees it.

Never think by helping poor people, you are wasting money. In fact, you are earning their smiles and trust. Moreover, on the Day of Judgment, you will be rewarded so much that you can’t even imagine. You should not show off your money or power in front of the poor it can make them feel bad because of their situation.

Try to help them in every way you can, distribute meal boxes or grocery bags. Recently when covid -19 hit Pakistan, there was a severe Lockdown due to which poor people suffered a lot, but many people came as a savior. Many grocery drives and money distribution were going on. It was a miracle.

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?

2. Supports Family:

Since childhood, your parents try to fulfill every one of your wishes. When a family lives in a house, there are many electricity bills, gas bills, telephone service, internet, and much more. Apart from that, grocery and maintenance expenses are major too.

When you become rich, the priority should be to support the family to a large extent. We should try to fulfill every wish of the family members and keep them happy. No doubt, money can’t buy happiness, but it can turn some wishes into reality and make you very comfortable.

3. Fulfills Your Dreams: 

“May a dream come true” is everyone’s wish that can be fulfilled with money only. “The best thing money can buy is financial independence.

When you are financially stable, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can easily turn your dreams into reality. Suppose you want to be a doctor, but we all know to complete the degree of MBBS is pretty expensive. Most people sacrifice their dreams and give up because of the lack of money and hope.

Many students are broken when they don’t pursue their desired studies as a career just because of a lack of finance. They sacrifice their dreams. But on the other hand, students who have good financial status managed to get admission in their desired fields, and they don’t compromise anywhere.  When dreams remain incomplete, a person from inside breaks on a serious note.

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?

4. Investments:

When you get a large amount of money, you should save it for hard times. Suppose you run out of money and become financially unstable.

In the future, these savings will help you at that time. Moreover, you should invest your money, which in return will be double.

It would help if you kept an eye on the projects which are beneficial for you later. You can invest in bonds and stocks too because you can get a big amount back later.

Even you can invest in properties and jewelry, too, as time passes, as the value of property and gold is increasing. Instead of wasting money on luxuries, you should save and invest it for a better future.

5. Makes Your Lifestyle Much Better:

After becoming rich, you should spend an amount to make your lifestyle better. There is nothing bad about spending money on your comfort or making life better. Apart from your lifestyle, you should change your dressing style and groom yourself.

It would help if you visited Spa’s to give yourself a break; thus, you will feel much better. For personality grooming, you should hire and consult a professional. Self-grooming is so important, which is also part of making your lifestyle better. It would help if you changed the house’s interior and home decoration, which will give a new vibe and so many other things.

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?


When we hear the word “money,” some people get greedy while some value money. Just like money, when you become rich, you spend money unnecessarily, but you regret it after becoming financially weak.

So open your mind and first think about the future, plan your future in a better way. You should invest in gold or property; as time will pass the gold rate and the property’s value will increase. Moreover, the best way is to invest your money in stocks and bonds, and you will definitely get a good profit in return.

You should keep a check on such projects that are best to invest in and proved useful. After getting money, never be arrogant and consider yourself superior. Always be down to earth and do everything possible for the sake of humanity.

False Beliefs:

Many individuals assume that the cause of every problem is too much money, but lack of money is the cause of every problem. For example, compared to rich countries, we see developing countries facing tons of problems. It was also said that “it’s better to weep in a BMW than on a bicycle.”

Eighty percent of the world’s money comes from twenty percent of the population, and the other 20 percent of the world’s money comes from eighty percent of the population.

And if we split the money evenly between all of them, eighty percent of the money will eventually return to twenty percent of the population in no time. Money sticks to those who have positive thoughts about money, and, unfortunately, twenty percent of the world’s population feels good about getting money.

Is Too Much Money A Bad Thing?

So much money is deemed poor, and many people forget how to value and be happy in life for getting it. They take everything in life for granted and feel superior.

They forget what is good and wrong, and do not abide by the rules, and behave the way they believe is right. Several prominent individuals worldwide have formed their own laws and eventually ruined their lives and relationships with others.

But not because of money, but because of who they are personally. Money amplified that to a great degree. We should also accept the fact that not all people are alike.

Be Grateful:

There are several prominent celebrities who, despite having valued others for so much wealth, did not take anything for granted and had an attitude of gratitude. Money is good; it’s not bad, it allows you to be free, do what you want when you want, and make this world a better place.

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