Is The Law Of Attraction Not Working For You?

Law Of Attraction Not Working

Is the Law Of Attraction not working for you? Following all the steps but not seeing any real big outcome? I can understand what you’re going through. It often gets destructive when things don’t go your way despite doing what’s in your power.

The Law of attraction sometimes works like a charm, whereas sometimes it feels like it’s lagging. There are for sure some reasons that the Law of attraction is not working for you. This article will let you know about those reasons and what you can do to overcome them.

10 Tips To Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You:

‘How’ Shouldn’t be Your Concern:

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to take over the control. We try to get to the driving seat. But the reality is that the driving seat isn’t made for us.

In our case, the universe is the driver. We can only give instructions, and that’s all. And to be honest, we don’t need to do more than that.

How things work should not be our concern. Rather, the universe does this for us. Whether you believe it or not, it’s a blessing in disguise (although you should believe).

Getting to the driver’s seat shows our desperation and distrust towards the universe. It indicates that we are looking to take things into our hands, which gives negative vibes to the universe. So, the universe gives our negative vibes back to us.

Moreover, your frequency/feeling state will no longer match the frequency of the desired thing. Which case do you think will works better after applying for a job?

Calling again and again to know your application status or silently waiting for the interview call, assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled? The second case, right? This proves the point!

Law Of Attraction Not Working

Don’t Fear The Success:

Okay, you may find this one strange, but stop worrying about the success. The biggest limitation on your path to attaining your goal is the fear of success. This terror lies in your subconscious mind.

On succeeding, your life will no longer be the same. You won’t have any excuses to back your faults. People will look at you strangely and jealously.

But to be honest, these are just false assumptions. This is how the human brain works. It depends upon you your interpretation of the events going on around you.

A lot of people fear they will lose all their money once they’re successful, and what happens is they do, in fact, lose the money, and then they change their mental state to get money again, and they get it all back and more this time, and then they lose it again, and it’s a repeating cycle.

The only way to prevent that is to focus on abundance continually and to take the fear of success out of it. The only way you will have problems is if you actually continually think about those problems on her emotional level.

Anytime you have a negative fear come to you, allow it to be there and don’t push it away but be at peace with yourself and know that you are not related to it. It is simply just a thought and nothing more.

You are not your thoughts. You are awareness. You are not your feelings. You are awareness aware of those feelings. Always keep this in mind.

Let Your Wounds Heal:

The Law of attraction depends upon your imagination through feeling. But it is not enough to only imagine and manifest. Rather it would help if you healed yourself from the inside.

It would help if you eliminated the thing that is holding you back from inside. And that thing is the guilt and wound in your inner-self such as you feel you are not worthy of more success or whatever your heart truly wants.

We all face bad experiences in life; everyone does, even the masters of the Law Of Attraction. If it were constant good times, then we would not know anything else. The Law Of Rythm is what this is called. Wave comes in the wave goes out. Bad times come, and good times come.

The difference is how are we going to proceed when those times come. It’s our perception of things that really make the difference, not the problems themselves.

I was heavily abused for 13 years of my life, but I change my perception and ask myself, what can I take away from this? How can I grow from this experience?

Long story short, I took so much good out of this long, painful experience and turned it into something that doesn’t even compare to the bad because I chose to change my perception of the matter.

I chose to feel good instead of being a victim; I chose to be strong instead of saying I’m not capable. I chose to identify with who I really am instead of thinking I’m a human being. I chose to let God be in my life instead of thinking from the outside all the time.

Law Of Attraction Not Working

Believe In Yourself:

It would help if you learned to believe in yourself. I struggled with this for so many years because of the abuse and miss treatment when I was younger. You have to really understand that you’re not a human being.

Really consider that. We are floating in a black, either spinning at 25,000 miles an hour on the planet. And yet I’m just a human being? I am a spiritual being with infinite potential living inside my body. When I really understood this, when I really pondered over what that meant, that’s when my whole life changed.

You are not a victim; you choose to be a victim. You can do anything you want, you have so much potential locked up inside you, and yet your thoughts and feelings are what holds you back.

Live from within and know you are special beyond understanding. You always have been, and always will be; you don’t remember it. But you will find one day when you leave your tabernacle and move on to the next infinite journey.

Stop Thinking Its Not Working:

This is the principle of the universe. You won’t get anything until you firmly believe that you are gonna get it. Let’s understand this with an example, you’ve got your exam scheduled tomorrow, but you have already made your mind that you will fail it.

Do you know what the result will be? You will fail it because you had already made up your mind on failing it, which massively affected your inspiration to study.

The same goes for the Law of attraction. It won’t work until you strongly believe in it. With the absence of belief, you will send negative vibes to the universe.

So the outcome you will get from the universe will not be what you want. The main reason behind this lack of faith is that you haven’t seen anyone succeeding at the Law of attraction, or it’s your first time trying it.

In this case, you need to get motivated. Read success stories of people, watch YouTube videos, talk with anyone you know who succeeded using it. This will improve your trust in it and generate positivity in your mind.

Law Of Attraction Not Working

Keep The Environment Productive:

It would help if you had a positive environment as much as possible. Most people are in the habit of letting their outer world dictate everything that they do.

I still do this day because I’m not a true master yet and will not be in this life. If you don’t like the environment, then learn to think from within and disregard everything else that does not support what you want. The person who can really master thinking from within and letting everything else go will have a much easier life.

You May Be Missing The Signs:

What if the Law of attraction is actually working, but it is just your belief that it’s not working. Yep! You are missing out on the signs.

Now don’t expect the universe to give you clear signs 24/7. The indication you are looking for maybe a small ‘Y’ instead of a giant ‘A.’ You never know!

Or maybe it’s just a small whisper from the universe’s side you do not hear as you are busy in your thought noise instead of having a quiet mind and understanding that you are not your thoughts. Or they may be some clues leading towards the signs.

To find these signals, you need to change the way you look at things by changing your perception, as stated earlier. You will need to think about them with an open-mind and open-heart.

Check out how other people received their signals. Keep focusing on every little aspect, and you will find what you need at the RIGHT TIME.

Law Of Attraction Not Working

You Don’t Really Need It:

Do you really need it? Sometimes what you are manifesting for is not your heart’s desire. It is something that is just in demand. Let’s take an example; you are manifesting for the latest iPhone only because everyone nowadays is wishing for it.

It’s not from your heart. This is what I am telling you. You cannot achieve something until you need it from the deep down of your heart. Before manifesting for something, you must recognize your real wish! And you create that real wish by feeling your dream is here now.

You need to get emotionally involved in that idea and then let it go. What I mean by that is know that it is yours and go about your day normally.

Check-in with yourselves a few times a day and ask yourself am I feeling abundant? Or do I feel like I have my iPhone right now? You get the idea.

Universe Has Planned Better:

Never be specific while desiring something. Do not wish for a specific person. Rather pray and manifest for someone with those unique yet specific qualities.

(so important for you folks out there wanting someone in your life) As I mentioned earlier, don’t try to get into the driver’s seat. Just feel it here now and leave the rest on the universe. It will come to you in the PERFECT WAY.

Don’t Go Looking For Reasons:

Don’t go looking for the reasons why you’re not getting what you want right now. Most people spend their whole life focused on why.

With the law of attraction, the trick is to feel that all your dreams are fulfilled right now. Most people can’t do this because they’re constantly bombarded with everything that’s going on with their senses.

Just know that everything that is happening to you right now is meant to be, and at the same time, you are connected with it in one way or another.

Everything is connected in this universe; there is no separation. There is an infinite number of vibrational frequency’s and make no mistake, you and I are vibrating 24/7. If you don’t think that’s true, then explain how a person in a coffin turns to dust after a certain period of time and never moves.

Law Of Attraction Not Working

Stop looking for why things aren’t working for you, and instead look for all the reasons why things are working for you and assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled at this very moment.

Maintain this feeling as much as you can throughout the day, and then go about your day as normal. What you want will come to you at the right time. You already have it in the fourth dimension; it’s only a matter of time before you have it in the third dimension, which is here in the physical.


Never give up on this law; it is absolutely real. The biggest problem for most people is they do not control their state of vibration/feeling.

As I stated earlier, I am still mastering this, but I’m getting better and better with practice. Learn to control your emotions; it is the single biggest thing that will destroy you in this life.

Your thoughts cause your emotions, and you are observing things on the outside and letting that get to your subconscious mind.

Neville Goddard, one of my most favorite teachers, talks about this continuously and all his books. I highly recommend you start reading his stuff. I don’t believe everything he rights in there, but most of it. He was a very bright individual.

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