How To Use The Power Of Visualization! (Law Of Attraction)

How To Use The Power Of Visualization!

Today you will learn How To Use The Power Of Visualization in your life. Visualization is the process of using one’s mind to put visual mental imagery of what you want to manifest. This helps in putting one’s goals and desires into the world, which then brings in the motivation to achieve them.

Visualization has so many benefits in one’s life as it uses the mind’s eye to look deep into the desire of a person then bring in the motivation to narrow down that vision to a perfect scene of how they want their life to be.

After every visualization exercise, one should feel inspired to take INSPIRED action when given from the Subconscious Mind. A piece of advice for all reading is before visualizing first be clear about what you really want and why you want it in your life at this time.

When a person begins to doubt their journey to success or their dreams, they should be able to replay in their mind the visual images or mental movie to remind themselves of what they need to have attracted before giving up.

You need to be in the right state of mind and use all the senses before starting to visualize. Successful visualization also needs a lot of emotion in it, and you have to invest everything in yourself so that this process can be a success.

The last tip is to practice as much as you can and always have a mentor that you look up to in order to pull out a fruitful process of visualization. With that being stated let’s get started.

How To Use The Power Of Visualization (Law Of Attraction):

1). Have A Vision Board (Real Or Digital):

A Vision Board is a board with pictures from magazines or from online, the digital movie of pictures, or the piece of paper with our dreams, wishes, desires, and a lot more.

We should always focus on positive things because that’s what we attract and manifest. However, if we keep on focusing on negativity, then that’s what we will keep on attracting and manifesting.

Because of this, we create a personalized vision board. Every person has things that they want to experience and attract, and these things are worthy of being kept on a vision board.

A vision board needs to be as detailed as possible with no limitations; it doesn’t matter what your want it is. For example, if you’re going to grow in your career, write down in your vision board whatever you need, either more education, experience, people you need to step into your dream, and much more.

Include the income you need to get to on that vision board. Afterward, place that board where you can see it on a daily basis, and you will find out that somehow the details on the board find their way into your mind. Later you will start thinking about those things and how to manifest them.

A digital board is even more effective and much quicker to make and funnier. I highly recommend checking out this software that I personally use that makes this process so much simpler. Click Here To Check it Out.

How To Use The Power Of Visualization!

2). Affirmations:

An affirmation is a present tense statement that affirms what I need as if I actually have it. A vital key in affirmations is holding what you desire in your mind through deep feeling as if you already have it.

Always believe in this unfactual reality from your mind. Affirmations always come with the law of attraction in that it facilitates you to focus your mind on enhancing the ability to visualize and feel that what you want is yours right at this moment.

There is so much importance on affirmations. Affirmations help one get better control of visualization and direct them in what they want to attract.

It will also strengthen your belief in your ability to attract what you want and to manifest the reality of your choice quicker than through sheer physical force.

The ability to visualize clearly is very powerful in that it gets your mind ready for success and this allows you to manifest your dreams to reality with less effort.

Giving your mind-affirmations in the middle of any problematic situation always helps in overcoming fears and doubts and any other problems you may be experiencing at the moment.

It is easier to gain a positive attitude when you train yourself to give out positive affirmations. Affirmations will also make sure nothing in your subconscious mind is affecting you negatively.

This is of extreme importance to understand. Finally, make sure that your affirmations remain in the present, future, tense such as “I am rich, prosperous, and abundant and my relationships are getting better and better every day in every way.”

How To Use The Power Of Visualization!

3). Meditation:

This is a method where some people use a technique such as mindfulness or the art of focusing your thinking on a particular goal in a bid to train attention and awareness and create a state that is clear and calm emotionally and helping to have you feel your wish fulfilled now at his very moment.

There are several ways of meditation, and each and every person considering visualization through meditation should be able to choose one method that works for them.

Basically, concentrate your mind while your body relaxes. When you have achieved this, then make sure you can engage the imagination to visualize images and ideas or a movie playing where you are looking through your own eyes at the world about you.

Meditation helps increase focus and mental clarity. It also helps with stress management and helps in boosting self-confidence, which most of the world population actually struggles with, but can be changed with a few strategies.

One tip on meditation is to find a regular spot to use or a specific environment that you will get used to every time you want to keep on using during the practice.

On meditation, you need to be a bit patient and kind to yourself. When we indulge in meditation, we bring far-reaching and long-lasting benefits to our lives.

Meditation helps you connect to yourself, improve focus and lower your stress. You are able to understand your pain when you meditate.

In any meditation, the process brings in your desire and also matches it positively with what you want to attract due to your state of vibration or feeling.

The more you learn to slow down your thoughts, and be at peace with yourself the quicker you will be able to visualize clearly and with less effort.

How To Use The Power Of Visualization!

4). Creative Visualization:

This is a mental strategy that uses the images in the imagination of the images in mind, and the power of thoughts and the law of attraction to make the goals and dreams of yours come true.

It uses the power of the mind and thoughts, and it is termed as the power behind every success. When you use creative visualization, you naturally make the law of attraction work because they work together, especially when you are feeling really happy and prosperous.

To change your life, you need to change your thoughts emotionally but also understand that you are not your thoughts, you are awareness, and you are aware of them and nothing more.

When you are passing through a certain situation or circumstance, you have to visualize positive circumstances and situations in order to create a different reality.

Anytime you are feeling sad or down, stop for a moment and tell yourself you are awareness. And let those feelings be there for a moment, don’t push them away, simply allow.

But know that they are not you and those feelings are not you. AS you do this you will begin to feel lighter and happier and those feelings will go away on their own naturally. I’ve done this so many times and its life-changing.

As Spiritual Beings living in a physical body, there are some areas in our lives that we find hard to change in the future because we are so stuck on the outside circumstances.

By this, we tend to limit ourselves to the normal we are used to. It is important to note that limitations are locked within our minds, and it is up to us to rise against them.

Creative Visualization is accomplished through habit. You must do it before you fall asleep at night. You must also be relaxed, happy, and feeling good about life no matter what is going on.

If you are feeling terrible, and you go visualize, it will be a complete waste of time. Make sure you are in a positive vibration, then once you are relaxed, let your mind go and see yourself living your dream now.

Really take in all the details in and have fun with it, but keep the scene short, so that you are able to play it over a couple of times before drifting off to sleep.

By doing this a few times over the next couple of days things will happen on their own that will make your dream come true.

But you must continue to be as happy as much as you can and ignore all problems while going about your days because your state of vibration determines what you attract to you. The first great law is the Law Of Vibration, the second great law is the Law Of Attraction, understand the two!

How To Use The Power Of Visualization!

5). Gratitude Journal:

A gratitude journal is a great visualization tool as it helps you to believe in your success and goals while also providing you with a positive attitude and mindset.

This is where you write down everything you are grateful for that day. Make this a routine every night or during the day and write down the things you are grateful for and make it a daily practice. You can type it as well if you want, I do that and its much more convenient for me.

Doing this keeps you in a positive mindset and makes you reflect on the good things in your life. With these things, you find it easy to believe in yourself and whatever you want to achieve in the future.

Today I was struggling to be positive, I got caught up in the outer world. I took a moment and typed out 15 things I was grateful for, and at that moment everything changed.

I started attracting things to me on that same frequency as I was on. Changed my whole day.  By concentrating on making a happy present experience, you also teach yourself to expect more good from what you have outlined for your future.

Use this technique, and it will help you create your dream life. Just believe in who you are and attract positively by being positive and feeling rich, prosperous, and loved by all.


Visualization requires developing a habit. The best time as stated above is at night right before sleep. When you do that, your subconscious mind goes out and makes things happen and pushes you along through intuition feelings.

You can use this for anything you want. Relationships, money, a car, a raise at your job, literally anything. Make sure to do it every night, and create your affirmations.

Also when saying your affirmations make sure to say them out loud. Doing that will get to your subconscious mind quicker. Have you used these methods before and seen results? Let me know below!

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