How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money – 10 Tips!

the law of attraction for money

How do you use the law of attraction for money? How do you get yourself to literally recieve money out of the blue?, or find $100 bills on the ground? It’s very simple, when you apply the principles that are listed below consistently over a period of time you’ll see results.

Let’s get started. We all want more money in our pockets. In fact, a huge chunk of people dream and even fantasize about becoming filthy rich and wealthy.

However, it is only a handful of people who realize this dream for the ultimate wealth and success. Why is it that you cannot seem to crack it where the money is concerned?

The simple answer to this question is as follows. You are probably not aware of how to apply the Law of Attraction for Money in your life.

What Is The Law Of Attraction And Should You Care?

Our world is enigmatic, to say the least. This means that the universe holds many mysteries. Just like the law of gravity, there is a law that governs how we achieve things in our lives.

It all starts in your mind. All the thoughts you entertain tend to materialize in your life. In other words, your actions are firstborn in your mind.

With this knowledge, the Law of Attraction for finances can be activated for your good. With your thoughts and actions, you can block or attract money…..LITERALLY.

Therefore, to really attract wealth in your life, there are certain principles that you must apply. Here you will learn to train your mind on how to think positively and feel positive about money.

When you fully optimize your ability to attract money, the sky is the limit. How do you apply this law practically to see real results? This article gives you 10 powerful tips to jump-start your ability to build wealth.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Money – 10 Tips

1). Embrace Gratitude For Abundance:

Even if you do not have a dime in your pocket now, this principle is pivotal. Start by being grateful and thankful for the abundance in your life.

Even when reality states that you are broke, just focus on abundance. This is not denial but rather a change in attitude to focus on the positives over the negatives. Every person can be grateful and they can choose to focus on the gains over losses.

Doing this practically every single day is the key. You can write down the things you are grateful for. This could be your clothes, shoes, car, watch; you have so much to be grateful for.

If you have life, this is an invaluable asset that warrants proper genuine gratitude. You can also take 5 minutes a day to think about all the good things you have. All these things constitute your abundance and this is the right mindset to attract money.

The Law Of Attraction For Money

2). Counter Negative Narratives With Positive Thoughts:

You may be late on your rent this month. Also, your car may be in great need of repair. These are real issues that can disrupt your feelings of gratitude mentioned above.

In every situation, you must allow positive thinking to override the negatives. Focus on positive outcomes rather than dwelling on your immediate problems. By so doing, you will inspire positive action for positive results in your situation.

If you have to stand and stop your negative thoughts out loud, do what you have to do. Attracting money can only be done by people who are extremely positive and radicalized to getting the results no matter their current challenges.

Even when your debt seems uncontrollable, you must remind yourself that this problem is temporary and you too can achieve wealth.

3). Use Money To Reflect Your Values:

To attract more money, you must use the money you have in a valuable way. Let your values shine through whenever you spend.

In other words, do not put money on things that are not helpful or valuable to you. When you train yourself this way, you will be able to trace your expenses without having any regrets.

Money is indeed supposed to serve you. To this end, let it serve you in the best way possible. Wasting money on unnecessary things will not help you attract more money or wealth.

Therefore, note the things that add the biggest value in your life and focus on them. With money, it is not just quantity that matters, quality is essential as well. Your little money now can be optimized to work for you better.

4). Don’t Bury Your Head In The Sand:

Many people are drowning in debt while others have very large bills to cater to. This reality should not be overlooked. Face these problems boldly and tailor a suitable solution.

If you need debt coaching, go for it. Figure out how to be debt-free. Others may need to ask for help from colleges or family members.

You cannot wish away your problems. Face these facts while acknowledging the points that have been mentioned above.

Remember, every situation is dynamic; it can change at any time. You may not get an instant miracle to rub off your debts, but you can put a plan in place to mitigate the issue going forward.

With time, you will overcome the challenge as you edge closer to building more wealth for better living. This law is therefore not for escapism; it is for people who are looking to transform their finances with practical principles.

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5). Overcome Your Fear Of Success:

Believe it or not, many people are terrified of being wealthy. Wealth could be new territory for many. The biggest fear could come when you realize that many people affiliate with you for your money.

Also, some people may think that wealth and true happiness do not go together. Some people are afraid of not being able to handle the success and that they could lose it all. There are endless misconceptions about having a lot of money.

To overcome these real fears, you have to really interrogate each problem. Whether rich or not, false friends are always around. The key is knowing what constitutes true friendship.

Also, look at what money can do for you where happiness is concerned. Being able to travel, help your family, buy a house; all these things boost happiness and satisfaction. Not having to worry about bills will make you a happier person.

6). Have A Noise For Money:

A critical principle in this law requires that you have a nose for money. This means that you need to see yourself as a money magnet.

It does not mean that you become obsessed with money; it simply means that you open yourself fully to receiving money from the unseen realm.

It is about believing more in yourself where the ability to get money is concerned. This way, you will not feel intimidated by wealth. Having a nose for money also means that you can smell money.

Attracting money has to be done on purpose. See new possibilities and opportunities. This is the sure way to come closer to your dream of wealth and success.

Also, do not be apologetic for seeking money. Oftentimes, wanting money has been deemed as greedy and nothing could be further from the truth.

As long as your money sources are legal and morally acceptable; all the money in the world is available for you.

the law of attraction for money

7). Employ Meditation For Money:

Meditation involves focusing on something positive to really acquire full relaxation. This positive energy can be channeled where the money is concerned.

Meditation for money means that you take time to close your eyes and think about money. Imagine great abundance for all people.

This way, you attain inner peace and attract money. Dwelling on money this way allows you to remove any negative thoughts on money.

Money meditation is a deliberate attempt to make money a core need in your life. If you want it bad enough, this is a way to cement that positive thought.

Think of money as being a tool to help people in need. To help you pay college fees for your kids and so on. At the end of the meditation, you will boost your relationship with money and it will definitely be attracted to you.

8). Use Money Affirmations To Attract More:

Affirming yourself about money is key. You are what you think. Positive affirmations have the power to transform your whole outlook for the better. There are so many affirmations including the following;

  • Money is very good and I love it
  • Today, I will attract more money
  • I can earn all the money that I need to become wealthy
  • I will not lack money to fulfill my needs and wants
  • I’m happy because I have great abundance in my life
  • I’m a money magnet and money cannot help but come my way

9). Be Happy When Others Become Wealthy:

In our society today, envy is very common. When others close to us gain wealth, we become jealous and malicious in our attitude.

These negative emotions cannot exist in a positive money mind. Therefore, you have to be happy for others. Even when you are struggling, know that your time is also coming. Any negatives towards yourself and others cannot suffice.

the law of attraction for money

10). Be A Giver And You Will Recieve Much More:

The attitude of giving sparks transformation. It goes without saying that you will also receive more than what you give. Therefore, be generous and give whenever you can.

After all, attracting wealth is not just for your own personal benefit; it is also about touching the world and making it a better place for all of us.

I know this works, I do it with ALL the money I receive, and NOT ONCE has it ever failed me. Look up on youtube testimonials of this, or TITHING or whatever you want to call it.

There are so many miracles that happen when you do this. But the key is to do it with the FEELING of generousness.


Apply everything that we have gone over with full intent. Go all in and watch how your life changes so quickly.

Money is not a hard thing, but if you FEEL it is, then that is what you will continue to experience in your own life.

So change that mindset, and be like a kid, make-believe that all your dreams are true now, and watch what happens for you!

What do you do to attract money into your life when using the power of your thoughts and feelings with the law of attraction combined. Let me know below!

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