How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love!

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

In this article, I will be going over “How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love.”Struggles to manifest love, repeated breakups, and bad dates make people exhausted.

Most people think it’s a very difficult thing to achieve. People don’t want to experience constant rejection or heartbreaks because it’s highly unpleasant.

Over time people become adapted to single life and normalize the wish to give up. However, you still desire to love and be loved by someone special on a subconscious level, and that is normal.

No one should be alone. We are social by nature. That is 100% normal. And You should never push it to the back of your mind and give up. We are what we think all day long. If you quit, you are to blame. Don’t ever give up and apply what I teach below.

No matter how many dreary experiences you have had in your past, you are not alone. Many people experience all these hard aches and difficulties when it comes to attracting someone they love.

The number one thing to remember is that your thoughts cause everything so that’s where the problems need to be fixed. Has nothing to do with anything else on the outside.

Everything you are experiencing on the outside is a manifestation of what is going on internally on a subconscious level.

The law of attraction for love can lead you to attract a specific person easily. With this super law, you can visualize all facets of reality.

Whether it is hooking up with someone you love, sorting the things out that seem impossible to you based on experiences or logic.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

If you want to manifest a specific person you love, focus on yourself first. This is how the law of attraction for love works. It is all about yourself, not the other person.

This is the most difficult task to do. Because we continually think about the person we love. Our perception is that by the law of attraction we will be attracted to them and we will be noticed by that person.

But the scenario is the opposite. The law of attraction is only about you and your visions, thoughts, and vibes (feelings, mental frequencies).

If you wish to manifest love, the key path is to believe that your FEELINGS are real and to understand that they LITERALLY cause things to shift in the outer world.

By staying in a vibrational state of “I am loved now” you end up drawing love to you because of your mental frequency, instead of hopelessness based on your thoughts which have been dictated by your past experiences.

Or desiring someone back in your life that did not end well, and you felt it could have lasted if you would have done a few different things.

Whatever the situation is, believe me, it can be better with your firm faith by following the law of attraction steps listed below. So, apply the steps and watch how things begin to change for you quickly.

8 Ways On How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love:

1. Know What You Want:

Just like money, a car, a new house, or anything else, you can visualize and design your soulmate in your thoughts. But, here you need to not be so highly specific, For example, do not think about the height, weight, and skin complexion, or hair color.

Because you want to have true love, not a model to show off. (Unless that is what you want, then go for it, and be way specific like that, because you get what you focus on with feeling).

So, avoid thinking of such meager details. No one is perfect in this world. It is not necessary to have all liked features in one person.

Your wish is to attract love, not just the good looks. (but let’s be honest there has to be some good looks, that’s just human nature). How do I prove that?

Well, would you be attracted to me if I had 5 eyes and 3 noses? Of course not! That’s human nature, and that’s normal. Nothing against something like that, but when it comes to the attraction they have to look and feel cute to you.

Now, Focus on things you would do with this person. Focus on the vacations you would have to gather the home that you would live in together and the way that you would feel being together walking through a park holding hands.

Get yourself really involved in this idea or mental movie inside your mind. Really feel that state as much as you can because that is the trick. That’s where all the magic happens in your life, it’s from your state of feeling.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

2. Design A Mental Dream Board:

After knowing what you are wishing for, now is the time to align with some mental reminders to sustain your vision for your wish.

Creating a dream board mentally is the most mesmerizing step in the law of attraction. The dream board is the blend of the reminiscent pictures that you want to see manifest.

For example to attract love, ask yourself a few questions like How do you want to be treated by your partner? What do you wish your partner has in their personality? How do you want to live with your soulmate?

According to the law of attraction for love, believe that you have such a partner in your life right now. Create a board on your mind’s wall.

Then display images on the screen of your mind of the moments of love you want to manifest. Capture pictures that fascinate you to be with your love, see a short thing happening in your mind that makes you feel like it’s all true now.

Go ahead and even make a list of a few things you want to see happen. Then when you’re visualizing these moments you’ll be able to bring up these pictures in your mind and it will help you to feel like everything is perfect right now.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

3. Connect With Yourself First:

It has been said that if you love yourself with genuine respect for who you are, then you will love others much easier. This will impact whether you manifest love or not.

If you love yourself, you will find a person that matches your wavelength. Otherwise, if you are down, people will also treat you poorly.

Know your worth and let others do the same to you. Really put it out there. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. God never makes mistakes, it’s only our thinking process that is incorrect, and that is all that needs to change.

You must be confident in your personality and the way you are. Realize yourself as a good person rather than thinking what others think about you.

And you do not need to make other people love you as you should love yourself enough. Self-confidence is enticing, so, people are very much attracted to that type of vibration.

4. Be A Person You Love To Have:

As you have already dreamed of the person you desire and what behavior they must show. Have a look at that list once again. Now find if you have those traits in yourself as well or not.

For instance, you wish to be treated by your partner in a certain way, just think do you treat your loved ones in the same manner, as well as yourself?

If your wish list is high then work harder to adopt those traits. Devise the ways to cultivate those traits in yourself. Stick to your intentions and continue to follow the law of attraction for love with persistence and of course the feeling of fun and that all is well.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

5. Live Like You Are Already In Love:

This is the easy way to manifest love in your life. Start your day as if you have gotten your love. This may sound a little bit awkward. You will be very conscious while doing this stuff. But believe me, that is going to work just like fake it till you make it works.

For instance, buy yourself some colorful flowers on Valentine’s day. Have a small dreamy candlelight dinner with yourself. Gift yourself a special piece of jewelry on your birthday.

Such small acts of love will echo in your subconscious to manifest love. Moreover, listen to romantic music, smile, and assume yourself already in love with the specific person you desire.

One more important aspect is to make your home suitable for welcoming your partner. Thus, make a space a dreamy place for commitment.

Try to arrange your house and find out where you will spend your time with your love. Decorate your living area and bedroom in that sense.

Henceforth, you can decide on a corner of your room where you spend more hours of leisure, to practice all such aspects of the law of attraction for love.

6. Spread Love Around Yourself:

Like attracts like and the law of attraction for love demands that you have to be a loving person to attract love. This does not only include romantic manners but also some other little things to spread love. For instance, be kind and generous towards strangers and everyone you come into contact with.

Help others, give charity to the needy, contribute in a donation box, or give compliments to others. These are the small acts of kindness and love that you should do and by doing that you will receive that back 100 fold. Thus, to seek love, first spread it to others. Apply the Golden Rule.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love

7. Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs:

The law of attraction demands to manifest the love you want is to let go of discouraging fears and false assumptions. Observe the false beliefs that limit your thoughts and activities every day. Such limiting beliefs are holding you back from finding real love.

Write down such scary thoughts and think about where these come from.  Find the clashing beliefs and affirm to battle against it by saying the opposite in the present tense. Overcoming the limited beliefs will let you manifest your love in the right way.

Getting rid of limiting beliefs requires that you write down or type the opposite of the problem. For example “It’s so hard for me to find love” to “Finding love in my life is so easy, and people flock to me continually because of my magnet personality.”

You will want to do this 10 times in the morning, the afternoon, and write before sleep. Do this over the course of thirty days and do not skip a day, or you have to start over.

Watch as your mind begins to think differently, and expect different results. And then you will start seeing things happen in your world because that is your new state of vibration.

8. Be Patient:

After following all these steps to manifest your love, the final step is to be patient. Yes, you have to show some patience and wait for the process of the law of attraction to complete. Cultivate peace inside yourself and trust that the universe will do it for you. Know that it is done and be happy now.

Though you may have struggled in the past to attract a specific person by following the law of attraction for love, in the end, the universe knows better who the right person is to manifest that love you desire. You just have to trust and observe patience.

Do not ever create any fuss to find your soulmate but rather, stay calm and believe that you will HAVE found them. Wait for the perfect timing and continue to stay in a high positive mental state.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love


By applying the steps above consistently you will see results. Most people aren’t willing to stay consistent with what they learned and then they wonder why nothing happens.

Most people never finish what they start. Will you be one of those people? Or will you finish what you start? Have faith in the process, believe that it’s already happened, and go about your days being as happy as you can.

Do you have questions? Do you have concerns? Do you have a success story you would want to share? Go ahead and post your comments below and share them with the community we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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