How To Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control!

How To Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Control!

I would like to go over a couple of different ways today on how to stop worrying about things you can’t control in your life. I see this every day in people’s lives.

So many people are wrapped up in all the problems of the world and all the things that could go wrong and how difficult life will become. How does that even help you? How does that make your day better? How can you continue to really be happy when you’re letting all those things on the outside control your emotional mind?

Why do we worry? We worry because it’s a habit created over time. When we were first born there was nothing wrong with us, as time went on and we began to experience life itself. We began to develop a specific way of thinking based on the outside stimuli of the world. From there that’s how most people operate and they simply let all the stuff on the outside of themselves dictate what’s going to happen in their life.

That by far is the most unproductive thing you can do if you really want to stop worrying about things you can’t control. If you think about it, life is nothing more than where your thoughts have taken you.

So you can choose to have the outside do your thinking, or you can choose to think what you want no matter what is going on. That takes dedication, time, and lots of practice. Most people would rather die than think. Sad bad true! Let’s jump in and get you on the right path!

How To Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control:

1). Decide To Take Control Of Your Inner Mind: 

No matter what strategies you decide to implement if you do not learn to take control of your mind or your thoughts none of those strategies will matter.

You have got to make a firm decision right now that you are really going to try to control your emotions and your thoughts and learn to think from within. Make that commitment right now with yourself.

You’ve got to be serious about this because it’s going to be somewhat difficult to do at first until you form the habit of thinking from within.

Understand this, when you take control of your mind everything else will literally take care of itself in your life. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re just gonna sit on the couch and do nothing you need to go about your life as normal but you’ve got to do it in a controlled manner.

2.) Let Go Of What You Can’t Control:

There is plenty of stuff out there that you cannot control. Don’t even worry about it. And the best way to not worry about it is to stay busy and productive on things that keep your mind off of it.

Too many people in this world don’t stay productive enough and therefore naturally focus on the negative. You staying productive, serving others, focusing on your family, that’s where the difference is made.

Some of the people that I know that are very successful in life are extremely productive and don’t have time for negativity let alone criticism.

I know that can be hard to believe but when you’re so busy being so successful and being with your little ones at the same time, you don’t ever worry about things you can’t control you’re too busy focused on the things you can control.

3). Stay Busy And Productive: 

You must learn to stay busy and productive so that you don’t have downtime to worry about things you can’t control. An idle mind is the devils workshop.

People who are very successful don’t have time to worry about all the stupid little things going on. They’ve created a habit of focusing on the things they can control and what kind of results they can get by focusing on those things.

If you’re staying busy and productive with something that you love you naturally will keep your mind off of things you don’t enjoy. One of the biggest benefits of doing what you love.

When was the last time you can remember where you were doing something that you were enjoying and your mind was focused on stuff that you couldn’t control or all the worries in the world? The point is by learning to control your thoughts by doing what you love makes this process a whole lot easier instead of you just sitting there trying to focus on things you love.

4). Stay Away From Negative Sources:

you have to learn to be mindful of your environment. Avoid the news, social media, and people who naturally complain and talk about their worries and their woes.

This does not help you in any way except go straight to your subconscious mind and screw your life up sometime down the road. I cannot emphasize this enough, if you do not stay away from these sources it will destroy you, your ambition, and things that you love over time. The mind must be protected at all costs because it is the reason that you have the results in your life.

5). Get Yourself A Role Model:

one of the greatest things that I love doing is following somebody that I would consider to be a role model. This person Hass to be successful, have great relationships and have a great influence on the world for good.

Anytime I catch myself worrying for a moment I will simply ask myself what would this person do? By doing this strategy it helps me to immediately change my mindset and focus on the things that I can’t control and move past what I can’t.

Roll models are especially helpful when you’re struggling really hard in life. For me, I follow Grant Cardone, Neville Goddard, Bob Proctor and I follow other successful people. Any time I’ve had a difficult situation I imagine I’m in their shoes and let my mind take over at that point because I know it’ll be honest in what they would do with my current thinking and present problems.

Wrapping Up:

To stop worrying about things you can’t control only requires that you take control of your mind. You must not let the outer stimuli of the world dictate every single thing that you think about.

You must dedicate time each day to learn to live from within and focus on that place. That does not mean that you ignore everything on the outside because that’s just dumb.

Learn to be balanced in your thinking and use common sense. You can’t control your life and get the results that you want and it all starts with learning to live from within getting emotionally involved in your dreams and pressing forward without giving up.

Life is what you make it, if you think it’s hard and you have no control over anything you will continue to manifest that over and over and over again. So tell me what is it that you’re thinking now? How do you feel you can change the things in your life and make them better? Comment below for the community!

4 thoughts on “How To Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control!”

  1. Great article. Enjoyed reading and taken on board the strategies you introduce. Mindset is everything. Nice tips as so many of us Procrastinate over things we cannot control. Taking action is the key. Thank you for the insights. I will read again when I need a reminder. Thank you, Rose.

  2. Hey thanks for creating such a post!

    These type of posts are really needed, I really needed this. Currently I’m struggling with stress and I think it’s safe to say there is something more going on in my head however I feel implementing these definitely can help my already clustered mind. I’m going to take note of these and hopefully start including them today!

    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you for this blog post on how to stop worrying about things I can’t control. This has been a problem for me all my life: I worry, worry, and worry. From the time I get up in the morning until bedtime. And because of the worrying, I can’t sleep. I have read books on this, but still, it is something hard for me to do. These tips you are giving could help me out a lot, especially the part on staying away from negative sources. That would be social media for me for sure, haha! Thanks again.


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