How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work – 5 Tips!

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work

I will be going over with you “How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work.” Let’s get it straight, the law of attraction isn’t working for you, right?

Well, you aren’t alone! I still have memories of the days when I was continuously manifesting day in and day out, but things were just not working out.

And there was a point when I was eventually about to give up. My belief in the law of attraction was almost over, and I just couldn’t continue! But it was about time I came across many success stories of people achieving their dreams using it.

And I was like, there must be something I am missing on, and after some research and meetups with successful people, I figured out that I wasn’t doing it right. Gladly, after many failures, I found out that I lacked on five essential steps to make it work!

Fortunately, you don’t have to repeat the whole pain process, as this article will give you the five tips that will make the law of attraction work for you.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work:

1. Identify Your Desire:

Whenever you’re beginning with anything in life, the first thing you do is to get your basics right. Otherwise, you will struggle a lot and learn the basics down the road, but the time and energy wasted will never come back. The same is the case with the law of attraction. So you need to start from the fundamentals.

Before manifesting, you’ll need to identify your desire. It may sound nonsense at this point but believe me. It’s the real key. You need to be vivid with what you want to achieve. To identify your desire, make sure to do the following:

  • It’s what you want. Not what the society!
  • Resolve your inner conflict
  • Be specific

Let’s discuss each point briefly. So, the first point means that the desire has to be truly yours. It shouldn’t be that all your friends bought the new iPhone. That’s why you want it.

Neither should it be that your parents want you to get good grades, but you’re interested in sports. So, you need to get both your conscious and unconscious minds on the same page for the second point.

For instance, you consciously want to pursue football as a career but unconsciously think that it won’t be good for you. Lastly, you need to be specific, don’t be like, I need a new house. Rather elaborate on your wish.

Say that I want a big house with a lawn, a lounge, a dining room, and a swimming pool. So, the key takeaway is ‘be truthful and specific with your desire!”

2. Believe in the Law Itself:

Okay, so the next tips to believe in the law of attraction. Suppose that you are a literature student and you want to learn creative writing.

You find a teacher and go to him and say that “I want to learn creative writing, although I don’t believe that you’ll be able to teach me, but still I want you to teach me.” It doesn’t make any sense, right?

How is that teacher going to teach you when you don’t even believe in his credentials. Imagine if Newton hadn’t believed it by heart that gravity was behind the apple’s falling. I bet he couldn’t derive formulas the physics is based upon today!

You need to believe in it, by heart and mind. I understand that believing in something you never saw happening yourself is very difficult.

When I began with the law of attraction, the most troublesome part for me was believing. It was before I realized that I was testing it for something very unrealistic (for my brain to believe it will happen). Well, Rome was not built in a day!

The point I’m trying to raise here is that you should start with something small, something your brain thinks is more likely to happen.

In my case, I decided to manifest for a branded wristwatch (because I never had that). These small achievements will strengthen up your belief. Long story short, begin & progress step-by-step!

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work

3. Visualize The End Result:

As a student, what makes you study hard? Good grades, right. Or what makes you work hard 9 to 5 at the office?

Salary, right, Nah! It’s always the end result that drives and motivates one to go through the struggle. It’s obvious that we put less effort into things that have nothing to offer.

This was one of the major mistakes I made when I started. It’s really important to give you a feeling of joy in the final result. In this step, you need to picture yourself enjoying success; that’s why it’s called visualization.

Imagine yourself chilling in your new villa. Envision yourself driving your new car on your road trip in England. Visualization is all about conceptualizing your success even before you achieve it. Sounds crazy?

As a beginner, it’ll be difficult for you to start visualizing. But don’t worry, as there are multiple techniques you can use to tackle the hardship. So let’s talk about those techniques.

–  Use a vision board. It is a collection of pictures of things you are manifesting for. This board will keep your motivation high and will help you a lot while visualizing the goal.

–  Draw it out. Another way to supplement your visualization is drawing your success. No fanciness required! All you need is a pencil and a paper.

–  Do it regularly. Just like you need practice to master anything, visualization is no different. Keep doing it every single day.

The best practice is to visualize once after waking up and once before sleeping at night. Not only will this help you in manifestation, but rather it will also assist you in other domains of life.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work

4. Keep Your Mindset Right:

Anything you do with a positive approach will result in 2x better output. While using the law of attraction, it’s important to keep your morale high.

Make sure to align your mood and attitude positively. Positivity is the secret to happiness. But what’s the secret to positivity? It’s gratitude.

Always be grateful for what you have! Respect the money you have. Respect the resources you have. Get rid of your complaining stance.

Successful people don’t complain; they pay gratitude. So learn to stay happy, no matter what. Doing so will boost up the positivity inside you.

You can practice gratitude in various ways. But the one I use is the write-it-down method. Grab a paper, and write all the things you are grateful for in your life. It can even be your office cafeteria’s tea! And say thanks for each thing you have on that list.

Our thoughts and words influence us. In fact, each thought and word have its own vibration. The positive ones throw positive vibes, whereas the negative ones throw vice-versa. So be grateful, show gratitude, set right your attitude, and always say positive stuff.

5- Get Inspired By Other Peoples Success:

This really helped me throughout my journey. Back when I was struggling with the law of attraction, I decided to get help. I planned meetups with successful people, learned from their experience, and made my strategy.

Take inspiration from others’ success. Learn from their journey. Talk to them and understand their ideology. As there is a famous saying:

“Instead of failing yourself, learn from others’ failures.”

Where to find such people? Well, they are everywhere. Track your family, and you’ll find someone pursuing their dream job or driving a luxurious car. Meet with them and learn from them.

Never feel ashamed in asking questions. Because ‘the one who asks questions is a fool for a minute, but the one who doesn’t is a fool for life.” In short, leave your couch, hunt such people and learn from them!

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work

Final Thoughts:

The law of attraction is undoubtedly a powerful mechanism. And when executed properly, success is guaranteed. As Rhonda Byrne states in her book The Secret:

“The Secret is the Law of Attraction”

This article was all about discussing tips to make the law of attraction work for you. I gave you five pieces of advice that will help you use it at its best. I used all of these

tips personally and learned them by trial and error. But you can save yourself time and energy by following these proven tips and make the law of attraction work for you.

Now it’s on you to use the above-explained strategy and manifest your dream! How has the law of attraction work for you? I’d love to hear your experiences below!

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