How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction!


How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction

Today you will learn how to make money using the Law Of Attraction. You can use the law of attraction to bring whatever you desire into your life, including money.

Money is easy if you THINL AND FEEL it’s easy. By using this simple law, the rich have attracted more than 97% of the world’s wealth while the poor have to scramble for the remaining 3%. (absolutely illogical and crazy but it is what it is)

The law of attraction, however, is no respecter of persons. Whatever, you can conceive, you can ultimately achieve. To help you make the transition from insufficiency to abundance, here are 10 tips on how to make money using the law of attraction.

How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction:

1). Visualize Your Wealth:

The Universe responds to your thoughts, whether they are negative or positive. So instead of spending time worrying about not having enough money and sending out negative vibrations, you should do the exact opposite.

From now on, start visualizing your wealth. Think about how great it will be to have an abundance. Concentrate on the FEELINGS of happiness, joy, satisfaction, and the fulfillment you will enjoy when you have all you want and a lot more to give to others. As you begin to send out these new thoughts or vibrations, every other thing in your life will begin to change accordingly. This never fails!

2). Affirm What Your Desire:

You can experience a rapid change in your finances through daily affirmations. It is very easy to do. Jack Canfield, working under the tutelage of W. Clement Stone, used this principle to move from an income of eight thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars a year. (Said this in the movie the secret)

Initially, when he began to affirm what he wanted, he knew nothing about how it was going to happen. But he kept on saying what he desired and got his entire being to start sending out the right thought vibrations to the Universe. Many years after, he became an international bestselling author and a multi-millionaire.

3). Maintain An Attitude Of Gratitude: (So Important)

One of the best ways to attract more money is to be truly thankful for the money you have now. And if you are in debt or you feel you don’t have anything you can call your money, simply appreciate every other thing you have now.

Be grateful for your existence, your ability to read and write, your family, friends, and of course be thankful that you are now getting information that can transform your financial status.

If you still feel despondent and think you have absolutely nothing to be grateful for, be thankful for the money you see around you. Remember that by applying the law of attraction consistently, that money WILL soon start flowing in your direction.

4). Act As If Your Rich:

In addition to your thoughts, your actions also send vibrations to the universe. The beautiful thing about using the law of attraction to become wealthy is that you don’t have to be rich to send out vibrations about wealth. This is so much fun to do.

Just start to act like you are rich and do it with strong FEELINGS and conviction. As you send out vibrations of having money to the Universe, it will respond to you by making sure you get the money.

So when you see a new bill in your inbox, you should smile and say “a thank goodness, I’m rich, that is why I’m receiving this bill, and I will pay it promptly”. € Also, you should start going to where the rich go and learn how they think and act.

How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction

5). Abstain From Negative Words:

Mind your language and make sure you avoid words and thoughts that go against your desire to get wealth. As you seek to use positive affirmations and declare that you are wealthy, you will still be confronted with financial challenges. Its called life, and it happens to EVERYONE!

Discipline yourself to say, “this situation is working to my advantage. €œI will meet all my financial obligations. €œI have more than enough€.” In addition, you should constantly strive to keep your mind free of junk that can pollute it. When you entertain positive thoughts, positive words will naturally flow out of your mouth without conscious effort.

6). Be At Peace With Yourself:

Now that you know how to think, speak, and act in a wealthy way, you should cultivate inner peace and relax more often. (this is extremely important) Begin to see life as an interesting game and visualize yourself as a winner.

Use various tools to manifest your desire for wealth. Cultivate a good sense of humor. Sing about your wealthy state, joke about it to others.

Develop a new set of relationships with people who are also prepared to taste the bright side of life and you will begin to enjoy greater peace and even improve your state of health.

7). Remember You Will Have What You Believe:

Always remember that you receive what you BELIEVE AND FEEL not just what you want. So you must constantly convert your desire into a strong belief that can propel you to take appropriate action to actualize it if that is needed. Inspired action is effortless.

For instance, you should write out your major aim and put it where you can see it regularly throughout the day. You should also strengthen your confidence and ability to achieve your goals by constant re-affirmation as many times as you can each day. The stronger your belief, the stronger your vibrations and the faster your desires will manifest physically.

8). Strengthen Your Imagination With Good Pictures:

Good pictures will help you to visualize your goals faster and create the kind of vibrations that will cause the Universe to respond to you. You should have pictures of what you will do with your money when it eventually manifests.

You should also use pictures to keep your thoughts fixed on your goals. Thanks to the plethora of pictures available for free online, you can easily put pictures on your mobile device and keep your mind focused throughout the day.

How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction

9). Use Your Sleeping Time Well:

The subconscious mind is the part of our being (spiritual side) that actually relates directly to the Universe. Whatever goes on there, determines our future. One of the best ways to re-program your subconscious mind is by feeding it with the right information throughout the day with deep feelings.

Each time you affirm what you desire with strong FEELINGS and you act in line with your desire, your subconscious mind will send out those signals to the Universe. But one of the most critical times to program your subconscious mind is just before you go to bed at night. (SO VERY IMPORTANT)

Make sure you read out loud all that you desire. State the amount of wealth you desire and ensure that you do this every night until your desires become a reality. And make sure its all in the present tense, like “I am so happy and grateful, now that I have…………..”.

10). Rejoice With Those Who Succeed:

Another great way to experience great wealth and happiness is to rejoice in the success and prosperity of others. Flush out all thoughts of resentment that may arise when you see someone acquire wealth or display it.

Remember that you can’t receive what you criticize. Anytime you have a negative thought towards another person’s financial success, you are sending the wrong signals to the Universe.

So make it a habit to share in the joy and excitement of other people’s breakthroughs and you will automatically begin to attract such breakthroughs into your life.


Those are some of the ways to bring good fortune into your life. Remember that you are the one who determines how fast you achieve your financial goals. If you consistently apply these 10 tips on how to make money using the law of attraction, you will soon discover that you can attract all the wealth you want into your life and you can do it easily, if you think and FEEL it is easy. If you think its hard, well then that is what it will be for your experience in life.

What works best for you when you want to attract money into your life with the Law Of Attraction? What do you find least effective? Let me know below!


8 thoughts on “How To Make Money Using The Law Of Attraction!”

  1. I liked the way you put all the positive aspects of what happens in real life and the world of marketing. By using this positive affirmation I can see where it can help to give you peace of mind and the focus to move forwards in life.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I’m glad that you understand the whole peace of mind. That’s what it’s all about. If we are at peace internally our lives will reflect that on the outside 100%. Success starts from within ALWAYS. Everything on the outside is an effect, We ourselves are the cause.


  2. Hi, Alex,

    Thank you for these great tips. I can’t stress enough how important is the way we think, and how it can change our lives.

    It’s known that our brain is also is a muscle, and we can “train” it to think positively, just the way as we train our abs to look better.

    I agree with you that our subconscious mind is what determines our reality, and it’s extremely important to go to bed with good thoughts no matter how was your day. I have seen it brings a brighter time the other day.

    What helps me a lot is a little prayer before bed when I say “Thank you, God, for this day, it was a good day”, and ask Him to send me good restful sleep.

    • Hi Natalie,

      I totally agree are thinking is so important, above anything else because that is were it all starts. I love your prayer, I think that is excellent. Hope you have an excellent week, keep thinking positive and big and I know things will keep getting better and better for you 🙂


  3. Hello AJ,

    I appreciate how you shed light on the positive aspects on obtaining our financial goals. In this day and age, negativity is commonplace (in those with no goals haha). Having a more positive outlook on life can truly help you with your goals in all aspects!
    I enjoyed the read and I intend on utilizing the tips you’ve talked about in my daily routine! Thank you so much

    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you so much for that. Our mental attitude will really change our outer world more so than just mere force and working our tails off. I’ve noticed just having a relaxed feeling while working on my goals makes such a huge difference. I accomplish things in half the time. Our mental state really is everything. If we have bad results, the cause is our own. Thanks for reading and wishing you the best.




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