How To Lucid Dream For Beginners:


How To Lucid Dream For Beginners

In this article, we will be going over “How To Lucid Dream For Beginners”. Nowadays, lucid dreaming has become the ultimate wish of everyone.

Every single dreamer wants to lucid their dreams, but it’s not possible. According to research, only 23% of people have experienced lucid dreaming in less than a month.

Almost every single human being living on the planet has experienced lucid dreaming at least once in their whole life span. The main benefit of Lucid dreaming is that it reduces anxiety, sleeping disorders, and depression.

The question is, what is actually lucid dreaming? Well, lucid dreaming is a state in which you are aware of your dream. It means that you know you are sleeping and having a dream.

It is the wish of many to master and control their dreams. Well, this control of your dreams is possible with the lucid dream strategy.

For example, if you face problems in your regular social activity, you would want to overcome them. For this purpose, lucid dreaming is the most helpful option. If you are good at lucid dreaming, then you will divert the bad social situation in your favor.

Moreover, if you face odds in your daily routine office work, you will want to be a master in that particular task. So, by controlling your dreams, you can master that particular task while you’re in that dream state.

If you can master it in your dreams, you can surely master it in real life, and it must be mastered because that is the Law and how creation always starts. FROM WITHIN!

Lucid dreaming is mostly possible during the REM state of sleep. It is the state of your body when your mind and eye movement are fully active, while other parts become paralyzed so you cannot harm yourself during a dream state.

If you can master your REM state by using the following techniques, then you will be able to control your dreams. Lucid Dreaming can be very helpful in removing different psychological problems, including anxiety, depression.

How To Lucid Dream For Beginners



One of the very main and active techniques to master lucid dreaming is by making your bedroom hospitable to sleep. As already mentioned, good lucid dreaming can only be possible by having a good REM sleep state.

It mostly happens during the second half of the night. To enjoy more dreams, you need to enjoy more restful sleep during the REM state.

For this purpose, you need to make the environment of your bedroom favorable for sleeping. You can set some soft foam on your bed to get a calm and better sleep.

Moreover, you can remove all your electronics before going to bed. Before going to bed, you can take a warm bath or do regular meditation. These techniques will help you to get a better lucid dreaming experience.


Another good technique you can adopt is by keeping a dream journal. The best and most important part about mastering a dream is by memorizing it.

It happens to most of us when we wake up just after having a dream; we totally forget it. This happens to many of us many times. So, for lucid dreaming purposes, you need to keep a dream journal by your bedside.

You can note down the dream just after you wake up to keep it memorable. By doing this, you will be able to read the dreams you have written, and you can choose the dream of your choice.


Recognizing your dream signs is another method. You don’t keep a dream journal and leave it. You need to study the dreams you have written.

You can view certain patterns. You can learn what your inner psyche is wanting and what it is you wish to achieve. It is scientifically proven that if you dream for a certain thing during different time patterns, then it means that is what you really want from your heart.

How To Lucid Dream For Beginners


Reality checks enable you to verify your current state. It means whether you are dreaming or awakening. Certain reality checks are used to check your current state to be mentally aware of your dreaming or awakening state.

  • Try pushing the index finger of one hand through the palm of the other. This will enable you to understand your current situation. It is the best reality check. If you make a strong habit of doing this regularly, then it will become easier for you to do the same during your dream state. In your real life, it is not possible that your index finger passes through the palm. But in the dream state, you can pass your index finger through your palm MENTALLY.
  • Look for your hands and feet. If you cannot see them clearly or they seem to be distorted, then you are in your dream state.
  • Look at a clock or page of a book for some time, then look back away at some other thing. Then look back again at the clock or page. If you are dreaming, then the time on the clock and text on the book will be changed this time. Although, this does not happen in real life.


If you are in your bed and your eyes are open during sleep, then grab the dream journal by your bedside, write down the dream you were experiencing and try to go back to sleep again. This will help you to get better sleep and reconnect with your dream.


This technique involves the setting of alarms during your sleep so to maximizing your chances of wake up during sleep. This will helps you when you fall back asleep you may reenter into your dream.

For this purpose, set up an alarm that goes off after 4.5,6 or 7 hours you fall asleep. As already mentioned, your chances of lucid dreaming are more in the second portion of the night.

So, by setting the alarm for 6 hours, one is more likely to be experiencing lucid dreaming. You need to set the alarms with the same time patterns.

When you wake during the REM state, stay up for 30 to 60 minutes, write down the dream in a dream journal then go back to sleep. This will increase the chances of lucid dreaming.

How To Lucid Dream For Beginners


It may sound wild to some of you, but video gaming is the best technique to get a better lucid dreaming experience. According to a study in 2017, video gaming is beneficial.

The reason is that in video games, you experience a world where you can control your character and manipulate things the way you want. So, the same technique will be beneficial in controlling your emotions and dreams during lucid or regular dreaming.


Lucid dreaming, as already discussed thoroughly, is a state where you can be aware of your dreaming state. Moreover, you must be the master of your dreaming.

We discussed the seven most basic and widely used techniques for lucid dreaming in today’s world. It includes many scientific as well as common intelligence-based techniques.

The easiest and top priority technique is to make your room hospitable for sleep. And there are other techniques, by following, which you can look up online, that can help you get control of your dreams and become a master at them.

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