How To Have Self Control?

How To Have Self Control?

Self-control is one of the most powerful qualities of a human being. But, whether a human use it as a quality or not depends on that person.

So, as far as self-control is concerned, it is very important to note that it is one of the most vital elements to have a healthy and prosperous life.

According to a survey held, when people were asked to mention on paper their strengths and qualities, unexpectedly self-control was last. It is very alarming. Self-control can be the key for us to get success.

Self-control is not just one thing. But, you can say it is the universal strength for a person. If you have good self-control, then you can control the emotions, scenarios, actions in your favor. There are certain techniques which you can adopt to have the best self-control in life. Lets get started



No one can deny the importance of self-control. By having complete control over yourself, you can control and make the odds in your favor.

But, all this needs to be done by adopting certain techniques. You should have some sort od aim in your life. There is something in everyone’s life, which he or she wants to achieve.

For example, for a sportsman, a certain world title is the highest aim in the way to victory. So, he or she first determines the aim then starts to work towards it.

For determining the aim, it is necessary for you to understand “Why” do you want this? See, this why determines everything in your life. If you know the answer to this why then you will get through the hard times that will come, as they come to everyone.


The best technique of having self-control is by controlling your emotions in any given situation. Controlling the emotions in any unwanted situation is the key to get out of that situation without any mishap.

Suppose you are in such a circumstance where if you show anger, then it might be hazardous for you or for your loved one. So, in this situation, it is better to control your angry behavior and get out from there. So, by controlling your emotions, you can turn the odds in your favor. (remember thoughts cause emotions)

This formula is applicable in every area of life. If you want to achieve anything, you must master this technique, and by doing so enables you to have the best self-control.

How To Have Self Control?


Another technique is by spending some time with yourself. You are the one who deserves you more than anybody in this world.

So, to attain self-control in the best way in your life is by talking to yourself. You can ask yourself what you actually want in your life. You can seek help from yourself.

The best to get in life is by becoming sincere with yourself. You should make a healthy schedule for yourself. You should manage your schedule in such a way that it includes all the activities from the start of the day to bed.

You should look after yourself. You can give yourself the complete attention which you deserve. Don’t let yourself down for others who don’t deserve you. By applying this technique in your daily life, you can have self- control in life.


The best way to manage anything in your life is by writing it down. This will not only increases your memorizing power but also ensures the availability of the data whenever you need it.

So, to attain the best self-control in life, writing can be very helpful. You can write down your strengths and weaknesses of daily routine.

You can also write down what good happens to you and what bad. By writing it down, you can compare different dates. You can see the difference when the odds are in your favor, whereas some days, they are against you. But, this comparison will give you confidence. You can empower yourself to have a better future in the upcoming days.

More, writing your strengths and weaknesses ensures you work on both these. You can work on your weaknesses and make them your strengths.

Moreover, you can also practice making your strengths more powerful. This will help you in having complete control over yourself, and thus with the best self-control.

How To Have Self Control?


The foremost thing to achieve anything in life is having a healthy and sound body and mind. If you have a healthy body and mind, then you can do anything perfectly.

Well, in order to attain self-control in life, health has crucial importance. And to attain proper health, healthy activities and diet are necessary.

To stay healthy, a healthy diet is very crucial. It includes all those necessary nutrients, proteins, vitamins, calcium, etc. To have the best knowledge about them, you can go to a nutritionist. The nutritionist can guide you about the best food for your health.

Moreover, some healthy activities, including exercises and yoga, can also play a crucial part. By training under a professional instructor does not only helps your body to grow, but you can also attain internal peace, which is necessary for having self-control.


To have the best self-control in your life, it is necessary to have a peaceful mind. To have a peaceful mind, it is necessary to always be near to peaceful things, places, and people. This is collect will provide you such a power that will enable you to attain self-control in every aspect of your life.

Thus, going to places filled with nature will provide you complete support and health you need to go on in your life. You may visit your house garden in the early morning.

This will be very helpful in order to have a healthy and peaceful mind. Your whole day will go in your favor because getting near nature gets you near to the universe.

How To Have Self Control?


Another great technique to have self-control in your life is by developing unbreakable confidence. See, confidence may be of different types. It could be you are confident about someone, something, or someplace.

But, in our topic, developing confidence refers to the person itself. The person should develop inner confidence to live a daring life. If you have complete confidence in yourself, then certainly there is nothing you cannot achieve.

For example, as a businessman is concerned, he or she is not quite confident whether in respective tenure will company earn profit or not? But, I think self-control is the thing by which that person can also control the profits and loss of the business. For this, he needs to be confident about everything. First, he should have confidence in himself. Then it descends in an order.

So, simply to have self-control in your daily life, developing confidence is of sheer importance.


In our article, we have talked about the eight best self-control techniques. If you are willing to search on this topic, then you will certainly find more. But, above these are the best.

So, willpower can play an important role for a person to have the best self-control in life. Firstly, what is willpower? And how does it enables a person to have self-control?

First, Will power is preferred by most of us to the power of the inner body to fight against diseases and ailments. It is true at a certain level.

But most psychologists say it is the power that helps you to control emotions, scenarios, actions, etc., by empowering self-control.

So, we can say that will power of a person is another basic component along with self-control. If someone has good willpower, then he will certainly have good self-control. This can be attained by a good diet, exercise, and following the law of nature.

Avoiding temptation is another technique to save yourself from falling again. If a person makes a mistake, then it is mostly seen that person become tempted of offensive. Well, finding the solution to the problem is the key, not to get offended by it. So, to have self-control in life, temptation avoiding is necessary.

How To Have Self Control?


So, we have discussed briefly and widely on “How to have self-control in life?” This is the most asked question. This can come to our minds and can be asked by others.

So, self-control may look like a normal term, but it is not. To have a balanced life, self-control is of utmost importance. For this purpose, in this article, we have defined the eight best techniques to have strong self-control in our lives. If these techniques are adopted properly in our life, then there are more chances of victory and success for all of us.

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