How To Fix Low Self-Esteem!

how to fix low self-esteem

In today’s read, we will be going over “How To Fix Low Self-Esteem.” Many people struggle with low self-esteem due to bad programming for parents and society, and not knowing that they can think for themselves.

Self-esteem is based on our perception of ourselves. It is not something like what we are good at or bad at. It is about how we think or place ourselves in our daily life. Also called our self-image.

We all have good and bad feelings about ourselves during times. It sometimes, for some people, becomes very hard to believe in themselves, results in low self-esteem. If this continues to happen, then it may result in bad mental health such as depression and anxiety problems.


As already discussed, Self-esteem is about how you feel about yourself. Self-esteem can also be defined as an inner voice. The voice that teaches you whether you are good enough to do or achieve some goal.

These symptoms show someone is suffering from low self-esteem:

  • Avoiding taking on new things.
  • Feeling unloved.
  • Blaming others for your mistake.
  • Unable to deal with frustration
  • Negative self-talk and comparison to others.
  • Difficulty in making new friends.



You can improve your low self-esteem by recognizing yourself and by developing awareness about yourself. You have to be aware of your inner fears and possibilities you always think about if you do not achieve a certain goal.

It is not necessary that someone has to be good at everything. When you are aware of yourself, your higher self, you can get an inner voice about how you can combat your fears. You can create a moment between your emotions and your actions.

how to fix low self-esteem


Another great technique to improve your self-esteem is by identifying your negative thoughts and by challenging them. You have to notice your thoughts about yourself.

For example, you might find yourself thinking about limits such as, I am not able to do this or I am not on that level. So, these type of negative thoughts lowers your self-esteem.

You have to remove these negative thoughts about yourself from your daily life. You can write down all the negative thoughts that come to you about yourself throughout the day.

By writing down for a few days, you will be to get those negative emotions out instead of kept in on a subconscious level.


You can also improve your low self-esteem by thinking something positive about yourself. Not a single human being on this planet is complete. Everyone has some flaws in them.

There is something good and bad in all of us. All you have to do is find positive things about yourself. Remember, when in your school days your teacher said, you are very good at mathematics or whatever.

Or your boss appreciated you once for your great performance. There has to be something in you that you feel good about you. You are maybe good at doing some particular work. As already discussed, it is not necessary for you to be good at everything just something that you are passionate about.

how to fix low self-esteem


Another great tip to overcome the problem of low self-esteem is by avoiding negative relationships and build positive ones. There are some people around you who want you to always be the loser.

And on the other hand, there are some people who always feel positive about you. You need to be aware of these people.

You have to find people around you who always encourage you. They appreciate you by saying you can do this, or you are worth it, etc. So, you need to remove the negative people from your life in order to improve your self-esteem.


You can improve your self-esteem by being kind to yourself and by giving yourself a break. You are not born in this world to make everyone happy.

You have to stop blaming yourself. You are not perfect in every hour of the day—your self-esteem varies from situation to situation. You may feel relaxed with your friends but confused in front of your guests.

Similarly, one may be perfect enough to have complete command of their daily job, but feel helpless in dealing with sociological perspectives.

Another negative thing that we sometimes do with ourselves is by criticizing ourselves to others. This will make them feel negative about us. It will build a negative opinion about you in their minds and hearts.

how to fix low self-esteem


People with low self-esteem find it difficult to speak up for themselves or say no to others. They become overburdened at work or often at home due to responsibilities.

This burden may also lead them to low self-esteem. It is also because they do not like to say no to anyone. But this can increase the stress problem.

You can develop your assertiveness to improve your self-esteem. This habit of believing in yourself can actually help to increase self-belief. Just learn to say no.


You can improve your self-esteem by taking care of your health. A better healthy body is the way to a happier you.

You can make a schedule of doing some exercises throughout the day. You can make a timetable for sleeping. You can also set time for doing different healthy activities, including sports.

You can do yoga to calm down your mind and different meditation techniques. You can take a little morning walk on a daily basis because walking daily in the morning and inhaling fresh air in your lungs can make you feel better. Once you feel healthy, you can feel your self-esteem getting improved.

how to fix low self-esteem


Another tip for improving your self-esteem is by accepting challenges. You can improve your self-belief by giving yourself new challenges daily. This is so critical.

Apparently, people with low self-esteem avoid facing new challenges in life. They want to be in their circle as they think they are not capable of doing a certain task.

This thinking leads them to lose their self-belief. You can start doing a new hobby to make yourself busy. Moreover, on completing the challenge, you can give yourself a party, that’s positive reinforcement.


We talked about self-esteem, what its symptoms are and how we can improve our self-esteem by adopting eight techniques. We need to identify ourselves. What can we do, and what are our capabilities? We need to eliminate negative thoughts from us and need to acknowledge positive aspects of us.

We should focus on our physical and mental health for healthy self-esteem. We need to take challenging things to combat this problem. So, by adopting the above mentioned rules, you will be able to improve your self-esteem greatly.

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