How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

In today’s article, we will read about “How To Develop A Magnetic Personality.” Have you ever met a person and gone like, “Oh Man! That’s some personality.”

Their conversation stunned you. You felt like in the skies while talking to them. Well, we all see people with such charismatic and magnetic personalities. But how do they develop such a magnetic personality?

Did they take some therapy? No! They just integrated some magnetic traits into their personality. And boom! The result was an attractive personality. Want to learn those magnetic traits? You cannot afford to miss this article!

Why Develop A Magnetic Personality?

Now that’s a serious question. Why would one want to build a magnetic personality? There are hundreds and hundreds of reasons to do so. Let’s discuss some of them here.

  • An attractive personality helps you make more friends, which means a better social life.
  • Become a center of influence in both your personal and professional life.
  • It’s a psychological fact that people take attractive people as leaders. People will start to value you and will give preference to your advice.
  • Your way to getting new promotions will get a lot easier.
  • You will be considered trustworthy.

Be Motivating And Encouraging:

Wonder why everyone likes motivational speakers? This is because they encourage people to do things in life that get great results. They motivate them to achieve their dreams. Here is a question for you? What will you do if you see someone hungry?

You will give them something to eat. The same goes when it comes to motivation. People need doses of inspiration from time to time.

Always try to inspire them. Help them if they are stuck in something. Motivate them to achieve their dreams. Encourage them to do something better.

If you think that discouraging them when they start a new business will make you look attractive in front of them, I am sorry, but that won’t work.

Try to inspire them with your stories. A magnetic personality is always incomplete without the ingredient of motivation. So be the motivating force in others’ lives.

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

Believe In Meditation and Prayer:

You visit your friend’s house. It is very clean and beautiful from the outside. Quality paint, tiles, and what-not. It has everything. But when you enter the house, it’s a nightmare. Rooms are dirty, walls are covered with spider webs, and the list goes on.

Do you still think that the house is attractive? I bet you don’t. This is what makes a person attractive. No matter how much well-dressed you are (it matters as well), but your personality is nothing unless your clean from the inside.

You can show your charisma only when your soul is clean. And for the purification method, I don’t see a better option than meditation and praying.

Meditate each and every day, pray frequently. This will purify your heart. You will be able to think well. And remember, your inner-self reflects on your personality. So, never underestimate that.

Keep Confidence In Yourself:

Never underestimate yourself. You can do anything. You are as powerful as anyone else. Let me tell you a rule. People always rate you where you place yourself.

Now ask yourself, do you rate yourself high or low? Stop worrying about people. They do not care if you say something wrong. They only care when you have a good personality. They care when you engage them, and they care when you teach them something valuable.

A magnetic personality without confidence….Well, I don’t see that happening. Here are some tips to help you build some confidence:

  • While in a conversation, try to maintain eye contact with the other person. To do this, try to identify their eyeball color.
  • Non-Verbal communication also matters. Never write-off its importance. Use your hand gestures to communicate effectively.
  • Practice before going to a conversation or meeting.

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

Always Be Energetic:

Nobody likes those slow and lazy personalities. While meeting someone in your life, you probably have witnessed that when you were looking at them it gave you a feel of energy. Their conversation never bored you.

This is because they are energetic and have charismatic personalities. You can be one of those too! Try improving your lifestyle.

Balance your daily routine. Wake up early in the morning, go for a jog, sleep at the proper time, and boom! You will see a significant boost.

Another thing you can do is follow a well-balanced diet. (Very important). Maintaining a work-life balance is also important. The energy you will gain from all these actions will reflect in both your office and home. You will be able to work more productively and efficiently.

Your colleagues will talk about your speed and effectiveness. People will take you as their role-model. Moreover, energy is meant to be there to conquer someone’s attention, so keep your energy high and constant.

Drive Communication Your Way:

It is also essential to be a communication leader. You should know the art to divert the communication your way. This is what the interviewers look for!

This in no way means that you should not listen to other people; instead, active listening is very important. But you should have enough confidence to continue a conversation but in your way.

This shows that you are willing to talk. Another important thing in this point is never to move away from a conversation.

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

Always Be There To Help:

Never back down from helping someone in trouble. If your colleague has an emergency and asks you to complete his work, do it.

Doing this will make you his favorite in a way, human nature I suppose. Help your spouse with household chores, kids with their homework, and see the magic.

Try helping an older woman cross the road and feel the inner peace. Earlier, we talked about improving the inner-self. This will help you do that as well. In short, never back down from helping anyone. It’s called the Golden Rule.

Try and be that friend who is always there for others when needed. People will start looking towards you as trustworthy. Someone they can count on.

Someone they can share their secrets with. They will begin to care about you. Give them moments to cherish. People will start to talk about you. You will work as the influential force in their lives.

Keep Your Promises:

We often say to our colleagues, family, and friends that “I will be there for you” or “call me if you need anything.” Although these phrases themselves are attractive, to let them affect your personality, you will need to apply them. You have to show up if someone needs you.

You must keep your promises. Whether you have made them with your spouse, kids, or friends, you have to fulfill them. Not doing so will result in a loss of trust.

Moreover, this will also damage your integrity and self-confidence, which I am sure you’ll never want to happen. For instance, before leaving for office, you promised the kids to take them to an outing in the night.

But you don’t do that after coming back, this will certainly hurt their feelings. So, learn to keep your promises. If you often forget things, then try setting reminders on your phone. Do whatever you can to fulfill your promises. It is more important than you think.

How to Develop a Magnetic Personality!

Be Well-Dressed:

Remember that kid everyone used to bully at school? This was not because that he was weak. The reason behind the bullying was his personality.

Let him wear clean clothes and improve non-verbal communication and see the results. Change his self-image to an amazing young person. No one will dare to bully him. Instead, everyone will want to be friends with him. Magnetic personality is a symbol of power.

So, never compromise on your dressing. A misconception here is that you need expensive clothes, wristwatches, or perfumes to look good.

Rather wear decent clothes and try the right color combination. Another important thing is whenever visiting a college or office meeting, always follow the dress code. Also, work on your sitting position. Long story short, wear good and clean clothes and always smell good. It’s a golden rule to follow.


Developing a magnetic personality is not difficult. Rather it takes practice. But the end result will be beautiful. So, all the struggle is worth it!

This article was all about building a good personality. We discussed the importance of having an attractive personality. Then we talked about the rules and strategies to follow to become everyone’s favorite.

We spoke of factors like being motivating, inspiring, and encouraging. We also discussed strategies like helping others and keeping yourself well-dressed. A magnetic personality offers many advantages.

I don’t see any single reason why one should not try improving his personality. This article has shown you the path; now it’s your turn. Go and grab your opportunity!

Also, go get the book “The Law Of Success” By Napoleon Hill. It talks about this to a great extent. It will change your life. FYI The book took 25 years to write and do the proper research especially those who are massively successful.

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