How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!

Let’s go over “How To Cure Low Self-Esteem The Easy Way. “Do you ever feel demotivated and not proud to be you? Do you ever think that you are not able to accomplish a certain task? All of these and many other questions will come to your mind when you are THINKING AND FEELING NEGATIVE.

This happens because of your low self-esteem and subconscious paradigms/beliefs. Self-esteem is basically what you feel about yourself and how you view yourself from the world.

Low self-esteem is caused by constant repetition with feelings of negativity and a negative past. Most people identify themselves with their failures and have it become a part of them. What winners do is they learn from those experiences but don’t identify with them and continue to hold onto a winner self-image.

Getting your Self-esteem back to its level where you can be confident about yourself and be proud to be you is all about understanding who you are as an individual and learning to control your thoughts. In this article, we will give you the ten most basic techniques which you can use to cure your low Self-esteem problem.

10 Techniques To Fix Low Self-Esteem:


Everyone has unique abilities of their own, and you should accept yourself the way you are because you are spiritually perfect. You have the greatest potential of any other creature on this planet.

Whatever you can see on the screen of your mind, you can actually accomplish in your life as long as it is within reason. (pulling the moon closer to earth with a piece of yarn is not within reason, that’s what I mean by within reason). There is nothing wrong with you whatsoever. I don’t care what people say.

The real you is infinite and always has been. Know that you can achieve any worthwhile goal. I don’t care what your past is; I don’t care what your parents have told you; I don’t care what your friends have told you; you can have it all IF YOU BELIEVE AND BEGIN TO THINK FROM A WINNERS MINDSET, IM TALKING THE BIG HITTERS.


When you achieve something, give yourself credit for it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the achievement is. Just understand that you were the one that accomplished it, and you should be rewarded for that.

You’ve done things in your life I’m sure that you’re not proud of, but that doesn’t matter. Focus on the things you’ve accomplished in your life and the things that you’ve accomplished today and give yourself the proper credit.

The sad truth is most people will never give you the credit you deserve because most people only care about themselves. So you need to learn to be your own hero, learn to speak for yourself, and praise yourself; the more you do, the better you will feel about yourself.

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!


Working out is one of the greatest ways to improve your self-esteem and help you feel better. I can attest to this 100%, and so can many other people.

Working out can be hard at first, but once you’re in there and you’re working, and you’re pushing yourself, you begin to feel better. What’s funny is after a while, you’ll notice a better physique on your body, and naturally, you will begin to respect yourself even more.

People will actually start complimenting you not so much because of the way you look but because of the way your energy level is. When you’re working out and your bodies in better shape, you’re naturally producing energy, and people notice that.


Challenging yourself sounds crazy. But believe me, it is the best remedy to overcome the problem of low self-esteem. As you are already feeling down about yourself, challenging yourself to a certain task will surely help you feel better.

There are many different ways that you can challenge yourself in life. If you’re a gamer, for example, put it on a greater difficulty and push yourself through the entire campaign and then make it harder the next time around and so forth.

If you’re used to doing something and it’s easy for you, that means you need to level up. Find an area that you feel you can improve in and start improving in it wherever you feel is appropriate.

You will start to stack wins in your life, and you’ll start to feel even better about yourself as you count these wins AND journal them.

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!


Plants and greenery always look great to the eyes. Even animals ravishing their health go near places where there are plants and greenery.  So, it is the best and easy way to get rid of a low self-esteem problem.

You feel at peace when you walk in nature, and the only vibration around you is the trees themselves and plants. And if you haven’t noticed, but trees and plants are always perfect. They’re vibrating at the perfect frequency, and you’re feeling that as you’re walking through the forest.

I encourage you in the moments where you’re feeling down and unsure of yourself in your life, get in your car and go IN nature, take a walk and really lose yourself in it.

All those negative feelings that you’re feeling well go away. I know this. After all, I do it all the time because I love nature; I think it’s beautiful and makes me feel good.


Many other people in the world are in a terrible condition than you are. It can be financially bad or health-wise bad. You should always be thankful for what you have. This will make you feel better.

You can help someone who needs some money. You can look for a needy person in your circle first. You can aid him or her secretly.

Moreover, if you think you can morally motivate someone who is feeling lost in their lives, you should go for it. It is the moral responsibility of all of us. If you help one in need, nature will pay you back by completing your desires 100 fold. Golden Rule Baby, follow it every day of your life.

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!


Reading and writing is always the most helpful remedy for curing of any emotion. For curing your low self-esteem, you should make a habit of reading and writing different topics.

You can write your daily routine at night. For example, what you did the whole day. What were the good and bad experiences for you throughout the day?

What are your problems according to your self-assessment? Writing these things will clear an image of your daily routine and problems to you.

You can then overcome the problems of your daily life but focus on areas of improvement. You can read different inspirational articles to inspire yourself as well.

This will leads you to believe that you can do anything in life. You can get the solutions to your problems from reading different books of different authors on their experiences.

I typically read before I go to bed because it helps me to relax and whatever you’re reading at night before sleep goes straight to your subconscious mind. And whatever your subconscious mind takes and goes to work automatically to help you accomplish those things.


Staying positive is the best remedy for the problem of low self-esteem. You should always see the bright side of your problems.

There’s always the opposite to everything in life. Problems have their lessons that you can learn from, and if you learn from them, you will benefit greatly in life.

The trick to staying positive is to focus on things that are positive and not negative. That does not mean that you just ignore everything bad and all your problems.

It means that you know they’re there, but you ignore them, and you continue to focus on things that make you feel good no matter what’s going on.

When you master that, you’ll naturally begin to be happier in life. We get so caught up in our senses that we forget that our thoughts cause emotions.

But we choose to have our thoughts be based on what we see on the outside. When you can break that and learn to have your thoughts be based on what you want, that’s where true happiness comes in.

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!


Always be sincere to yourself first. Don’t expect others to be fair to you if you are not sincere to yourself. You first need to recognize yourself. Like, what are your priorities? What makes you happy?

I see so many people go through life basically selling their soul to make other people happy. It’s impossible to make everybody happy in this world.

You’ve got to do what makes you happy, and you’ll find people who support that happiness. If you’re doing things in your life that are not making you happy, like working a job that you hate, figure out ways where you can get out of that.

Look at the people in this world who don’t work jobs and are so happy because they’re free doing what they want when they want.

Some of these people actually had low self-esteem at one point in their life, but they decided that they wanted to change their lives and were willing to do anything ethical to make that possible.

If you want to accomplish your dreams, do what makes you feel good, but make sure there’s also money in it because more money equals more opportunity for you to help yourself and others, and that’s what life is all about.


We basically feel the problem of low self-esteem when positivity gets replaced by negativity in our lives. This happens due to many factors. The most important thing is why do we allow negativity to come into our lives and take the place of positivity?

It depends on how you keep on stopping negative thoughts from coming to your mind. You should never listen to negative talk of your brain and heart.

There are so many people in this world I wanna bring you down and have you be miserable like they are. The sad truth is a lot of families like this because of egos and whatnot.

You need to get around people who support you and want the best for you. There’s something really weird about success that when you’re successful, the people around you begin to get envious and jealous and start to act weird.

The whole point I’m trying to make here is if people aren’t going to support you, especially family, and they’re negative when you’re around them, be around them much less.

Be working toward something amazing that you know will change the world. A Vison or A Definite Cheif Aim in life is what I call it. Be on a mission in life that you’re obsessed about, and negativity will go away so fast.

The following quote describes self-esteem beautifully,

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” 

How To Cure Low Self-Esteem!

The greatest way you learn to change your self-esteem by working towards a vision and continuing to have self-improvement be a part of your life every day. I do self-improvement every single day because I want to become better at everything I do. That’s the spiritual side of me seeking expansion in fuller expression.

That urge to wanna love yourself more, want to be respected more, and feel more confident is totally normal. That is your true self coming to the surface, don’t ever push that away but learn to express that in your life.

Like I’ve stated earlier in many of my other articles. I believe in every person on this planet. I know we are all great; I know that we have great potential to achieve anything.

I believe in you, and I want nothing but the best for you. Don’t be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes but understand that you are God’s highest form of creation and love you perfectly without end.


Self-esteem comes down to understanding who you are and applying the techniques above. The biggest thing I want you to take away from this article is that you are special and good enough.

If you don’t think you are, stop that right now. Understand the magnificence of who you truly are. Understand that these thoughts that you’re thinking and these feelings that you’re feeling or not yours.

You are aware of them, but they are not you. Detach yourself from them and understand that you have the greatest potential on this planet and throughout the cosmos.

I highly recommend that you set a purpose for yourself in life that will help you make money and help other people.

Life is all about service, but it’s also about being able to live a good life and enjoy yourself at the same time, requiring money. Check out some of my other articles on subconscious reprogramming and autosuggestion.

Everything in your life is because of thoughts with your feelings. If you can learn to control those and reprogram yourself with a higher self-image, your life will change quickly.

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