How To Control Your Subconscious Mind!

How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

Today we will be reading about “How To Control Your Subconscious Mind.” The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that remembers information when you are not trying to and it also influences your behavior.

The subconscious mind reflects our inner thoughts, desires, memories, fears, beliefs as well as hopes. The subconscious mind works hand in hand with the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind’s primary purpose is to store and retrieve data and helps you to stay in the right vibration of what you want, so you attract to you all your dreams through the Law Of Attraction.

The subconscious mind affects the mental state of a person by keeping them thinking and acting in a manner that is the same as what you have done or said in the past.

In order to understand the subconscious of a person, observe the person’s natural behavior. Such can be completed by observing their eye-tracking nature, vast visual onslaught, their visual fixations as well as getting to the conscious level with the subject of interest.

How To Control Your Subconscious Mind – 8 Tips:

Human beings need to gain control over their subconscious mind in order to gain more power over their thoughts and what is attracted to them through the law of vibration.

The subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of one’s comfort zone, and therefore you have to train your mind to be your ally and not your enemy. There are several ways to gain control over your subconscious mind. Let’s begin:

8 Ways On How To Control Your Subconscious Mind:

1). Repeating Positive Affirmations:

Being positive greatly influences one’s emotional wellbeing. Words you use to describe yourself or situations affect the type of emotion that is triggered.

Uplift your spirit by changing your negative perspective of things.  When you look at things in a positive manner, you most likely tend to be cheerful and optimistic in nature.

Acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved daily, no matter how small it is. Start your day by telling yourself kind and motivational words and carry them throughout the day no matter how difficult the day becomes.

Words like, “I am beautiful/handsome, and I love my job”, are great affirmation words to start your day.

Find good in all situations. Do not allow challenges in life to put you down. Instead, embrace the challenges and grow from the lessons learned.

Neutralize negative thoughts that cross your mind by countering them with positive words such as, “I am happy to be alive today.”

You can even write down words of affirmation as sticky notes and attach them to your place of work, or wherever is more convenient for you.

Read them anytime negative thoughts cross your mind and remind yourself that you are doing great. Re-program your thoughts by slipping in positive sound bites.


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How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

2). Read Inspirational Quotes:

Inspirational quotes are very motivating and largely affect what goes through your mind. Make it a habit to read quotes that lift your spirit and motivate you.

Our way of thinking as well as our feelings are key role players in the way we lead our life and also determines whatever happens in our lives. Changing your quality of thinking directly affects your quality of life.

A positive word can change your thoughts completely and lift your spirit. Humour quotes also pray a role in lighting one’s mood. They also teach us not to be too serious about life. Laughter is always medicine to the soul and mind.

Reading inspiration quotes helps one to decide what to think. You convince your mind to meditate about the quote you have read, thus returning your thinking and feelings.

Recite inspirational quotes whenever you feel your energy dropping. Compile a list of quotes that inspire and lighten your mood and read them from time to time.

The subconscious mind is a servant to the conscious mind, so try and feed your conscious mind with positive thoughts so as to gain control over your subconscious mind.

3). Exercises:

Exercise is a healthy distraction to your mind. As much as exercises help with your physique, they also greatly affect your mind positively.

When you are feeling low or having negative thoughts, engage yourself in active sports such as running or lifting weights. This is a healthy distraction to your mind.

Yoga, for instance, is known to stimulate the body to release endorphins which is a feel-good hormone which reduces stress, improve sleep and also aid in controlling anxiety. Exercising relaxes the mind and creates a better psychological environment.

A healthy body equates to a healthy mind. You can always tame your subconscious mind by engaging in exercises that you enjoy and that involve the mind. Create a routine to do your exercises.

How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

4). Stop And Breath:

You find yourself overthinking a lot and drawing conclusions? Well, stop all that and take a deep breath to clear your body and mind.

When you overthink, you tend to draw incorrect conclusions, which leads to anxiety and stress. To reset your thinking, first, you have to pause and take deep breathes.

Breathe in and out until you feel calm and can think straight.  Exhale slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed and let go of any worries or tension that you may be feeling. You can close your eyes so as to concentrate more on your breaths.

Take more breaths till you reach a state of deep relaxation. At this state, your subconscious will have your full attention as it does not need to work hard to move muscles or to track motor functions. This helps you to make a more logical decision based on actual facts and not bias thoughts.

5). Eliminate Fear And Negative Thoughts:

Fears are projections of one’s situations. Your fears tend to come true, especially when you get emotional about them. Fear could be through a series of traumatic experiences or negative events in a person’s life. The same emotions are triggered whenever we face fearful situations that seem familiar.

To get rid of the fears, you first have to be honest with yourself about your fears by identifying them. Secondly, you have to break the fear cycle and then face the fears.

Continuously face your fears head-on, and your subconscious will learn not to fear the particular stimuli, thus turning it to your favor.

Try out self-hypnosis to help in managing your fears and anxiety. Hypnosis will help you communicate with your subconscious mind and change its pattern. You can employ the services of a professional hypnotist to help you in managing your fears.

6). Embrace The Beauty Of Uncertainties:

The brain has the ability to imagine all the bad things that could happen in any situation. Uncertainty can lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

The subconscious mind will most probably think about the dangers associated with a situation that you are unsure of.

Human beings should learn to embrace uncertainties in life as they are necessary and inevitable. The beauty of it is that it moves us out of our comfort zones, more so through the failure associated with it.

Failure is not a bad thing not unless you allow it to keep you down. You should come out stronger than before and with more experience and motivation to do better next time.

Choose to feel your emotions to avoid them having more power over you. Feeling your emotions allows you to move through them.

You need to accept the fact that you can not control everything around you and embrace all possible outcomes. Instead of thinking of how things would go wrong, change your mentality to how things will be right.

How To Control Your Subconscious Mind

7). Watch Your Environment:

Your environment comprises all of your surroundings, from people to objects, as well as all activities that happen around you.

Your environment plays a great role in your subconscious mind. Emotions are triggered with similarity in environments. For example, being around the same people that have traumatized you in the past will always trigger the same emotion as before. Staying in the same house associated with negative memories will always remind you of the negative memories.

A healthy environment equates to a healthy subconscious. Take care and mind what surrounds you. If something or someone around you brings some negative energy, you should cut them off for the sake of your conscience. Stay away from temptations that mess your subconscious mind.

Always surround yourself with inspiration from home to the workspace. Pay more attention to your external environment as it greatly influences your subconscious wellbeing.

8). Critical Thinking: 

Critical thinking is the ability to think in an organized manner to understand the connection between entities. You should be able to stay objective and focused when looking at a situation.

The subconscious mind may have predetermined answers about a query, and the moment you allow it to make conclusions for you without critically weighing the situation, then you are giving the subconscious mind the power to control you.

To effectively complete thinking critically, first, you have to identify the problem, collect data and opinions about it, carefully analyze and evaluate the data accumulated.

Identify any loopholes in the data collected and make your decision depending on the data significance. Once you reach a conclusion, you can then act on the matter at hand. Critical thinking engages your subconscious mind positively and helps in avoiding emotions while making decisions.


As much as the subconscious mind influences our day-to-day life, we have more power over than we know. Having control of your subconscious mind is very important if you want to lead a healthy life. Take charge of your mind and act like the boss.

Anytime your subconscious mind starts to think of negative things, counter that by practicing the above methods to gain control over it.

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