How To Be Organized At Work – 10 Tips!

How To Be Organized At Work

In this article, we will be going over “how to be organized at work”. Being organized is all about creating a habit in your life! Also when your organized you personally will feel less cluttered and more relaxed.

Also it is essential to remember that a well-organized office usually runs more smoothly than one that is not.

Avoid any further losses to make you a statistic in business, get an organized work area. Let’s delve in and get started:

10 Ways On How To Be Organized At Work:

1). Keep Things At An Easy Reach:

Organized workplaces will allow you to have all the things you need to use for your daily work in the office in a centralized position at easy reach to where you sit.

These can be things like the computer, writing pads, filing cabinets, and others. It is required this way to enable you to save time and energy and aid your concentration during the working hours. This will improve production.

2). Get A U Shaped Work Station:

It is the place where everything will be arranged around the U-shaped work area which accords you much space and most things you need are in your view and easy reach.

Add a swivel chair or rotating chair, and that will really improve your performance, comfort, and happiness at work.

How To Be Organized At Work

3). Manage Your Paper Work Effectively:

Paper is the number one thing that clients call us, professional organizers, for help with. Paper piles, mail, to-do lists, business cards, ideas for projects, and on and on!

To clear a backlog, FAR your paperwork and make 3 piles: File, Action, Recycle. File the things you need for reference or keep the IRS or some other government department.

Get strict with your action pile – if it’s something that might happen, someday, maybe, put it in the recycle pile and forget about it – you most likely would have forgotten about it anyway.

4). Label:

Label. Label. Label your bins and shelves and file folders to know whereabouts to find something when you are trying to find it.

You can take this organization a step further by organizing labeled files alphabetically or by task or job or client or other applicable factors.

Hang a notice board or magnetic dry erase board on your wall to help you remember vital reminders and appointments. You may employ a paperweight to help hold down and secure loose papers on your desk.

5). Develop A Cleaning Schedule For Your Work Area:

This is an excellent way to maintain order in chaos. Each month clear out drawers of unnecessary materials and shred any needless papers. This will soon become a habit, and your office will continue to be immaculate.

How To Be Organized At Work

6). Try Clearing The Work Area By The End Of The Working Day:

That way, when you get back the next day, it will be clear and ready to go. Clutter-less working areas can promote a good mood.

Co-workers will appreciate this dedication to keeping up with your space. Most people can respect someone organized and consistent.

7). Use A Calendar To Keep Days Organized:

A Deskcalendar is an excellent way to keep the days organized and protect the desktop from scratches.

The calendar serves as both a reminder of days and is a great place to jot down notes. If you get an opportunity to get to the supply store, then pick up one of these calendars.

8). Pick A Desk That Fits Your Personality:

Unless you are an executive with a budget, you won’t have much say in what kind of desk you get at work. Most desks are located in cubicles.

If you do have any say in what type of desk you can purchase, consider something that will comfort convenience.

Many executives strongly believe that a piece of office furniture is an extension of the executive’s personality. When selecting a desk, pick one that completely suits your personality.

How To Be Organized At Work

9). Need To Remove The Clutter:

Another way of improving your office performance and thus boost productivity is by clearing all the clutter from the office work area.

Things like writing materials, paperwork, and other such things can cause chaos, so remove them every morning to create a clear working area each morning as you enjoy your cup of coffee and planning the day.

10). Focus On Being Productive:

Being organized is a means to an end, not the end product. Be sure to make a shortlist of “must-do” actions each day. Do those things first. The rest is gravy.

I keep a sticky note right in front of where I work to remind me to stay on task and finish my to-do’s for the day. I only own one post-it that has my “MUST DO’s.”

Collect various to-do’s on a master list, which can be referred to when making the”must do” list. I make my list at the end of my day, so I can fully rest at night and not be thinking about all the things I need to do the next day while trying to sleep.

Keep a hot file of the paperwork associated with actions either by the due date (tickler file), by type of activity, by project, or by priority

This way your office will look more organized, and you will enjoy working there plus it will be easier to move around and do things.

Learn to have fun doing your work by simply organizing your workspace, and you will never find yourself short of time in the office again.


Being organized at work is easy. You just simply have to take everything one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the tasks that you have to do just take everything at one step.

Try to get the important stuff out-of-the-way first and then do the less important stuff later. I always like to do the hardest stuff first because it makes the rest of my day that much easier.

There have been studies done where if you are more organized and clean you will actually perform better. Have you ever noticed after you wash your car you feel like it runs better? It’s the same exact concept.

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