How To Attract Prosperity Quickly! (LOA)

How To Attract Prosperity

In this article, we will be going over how to attract prosperity quickly with the law of attraction. Wealth and riches is mostly mental but you must also have a plan in place with consistent actions over time. And those actions must be iNSPIRED actions.

Many people will say, well, you’ll have to work at it and take physical action and work really hard. That may be the case if you’re trying to run a business.

But even then, it requires a certain mindset for your business to be more prosperous. Everything in life is based on a mental internal activity.

If you are lacking prosperity and money in your life, it’s because of your subconscious beliefs and programming. Check out this article to help you learn how to change your mental programming or paradigms ===> Click Here. Let’s jump in and get going.

5 Ways On How To Attract Prosperity Quickly With LOA:

1). Understand Your Limiting Beliefs About Money And Wealth:

You need to understand and know what you’re limiting beliefs are about money and wealth. Many religious organizations make it sound like wealth and riches are bad and that God does not care about those things nor for his people.

But that could not be further from the truth. You need to understand that money is a perfect thing and allows you to serve others and live comfortably, which is exactly what God wants.

Why would you think God would want you not to have enough in your life and live a mediocre one until you die? That’s because you’ve been programmed to believe that by a religious organization as well as other people in your life.

You’ve also probably heard a lot of negative phrases like money is not everything or be grateful for what you have now and don’t worry about it.

Everyone who is telling you this information guarantees you have not even made $1 million in one year. So how could they possibly know the difference?

Be mindful of where you’re getting your information and start to tune out all the negativity in regard to money. And the best part is if you believe something negative about the money, you can change that belief and be no longer valid.

How To Attract Prosperity

2). Visualize Your Prosperity As If It’s Yours Now:

The best thing about the law of attraction is that what you feel is what you attract, not so much what you’re thinking about. But the irony behind that is what you’re thinking is causing you to feel the way that you’re feeling, but you have to really be focused on what you’re thinking about.

So if you want to attract more money and abundance, you play a movie in your mind of you living your dream in every aspect right now. If a yacht is something that you want, don’t worry about how you’re going to get it; visualize yourself on this amazing billion Dollar yacht living it up with your family and your friends.

Visualize you donating to charities and kids in Africa that need help with schooling in Food. Make your dream feel alive; whatever it is.

Make sure that as you’re playing this movie in your mind that you’re really feeling good, prosperous, and abundant. If you’re feeling those things, then you’re on the right frequency to attract more of those things to you into your life.

Remember, the key here is feeling more than anything else. The best time to also do this is at night before you go to sleep. So play the movie in your mind seeing the money in your bank account, seeing your mansion seeing whatever it is that you want, and really feel that and then fall asleep feeling rich and prosperous. And do this every night for as long as it takes.

3). The Universe/Subconscious Mind Will Give You What You Want:

When you’re getting emotionally involved in your wants and dreams, and you feel like it’s yours right now, that’s really where the magic begins to happen.

Quantum physics has proved that the past, the present, and the future are all playing at the same time. That means for you that your future reality is already here, but the only way you will get to it is by getting yourself in vibrational alignment with it.

And the best way you do that is through feeling. Once you do that and once you’re in that feeling state and you’re in it most of the time throughout the day, your subconscious mind or the universe will begin to give you what you want because that is the law.

Everything vibrates in the universe, and so if you’re in vibrational alignment with what you want because you feel it’s already yours, it will come to you that is 100%.

The problem most people have is they don’t know when they are going to get it, and that’s not your problem to worry about. Let the universe or your subconscious mind do it for you and understand that it will come to you at the right time.

Remember that it’s already here; it’s just a matter of time until this physical reality matches up with your spiritual reality of what you want.

Just keep in mind to stay in the vibration of wealth and success as you’re going about your day. If you have questions on how to do that, more so with other strategies, comment below. I’m happy to help you out.

How To Attract Prosperity

4). Smell Money:

One of the great things that you can do if you have a hard time triggering a feeling state for wealth and riches is to smell some money.

Once you know what that smells like, then you can close your eyes and begin to visualize yourself with money all around you, stacks of $10,000, and smell the room that smells like.

The crazy part is you’ll actually be able to smell it in your mind, and you’ll begin to feel really excited and happy. Take a moment right now, grab some money go ahead, and take a little of a sniff of it; I know that sounds funny but do it.

Then imagine that wherever you’re at right now, there are stacks of cash everywhere and just take that and really smell all that money around you.

I bet you $100,000 that you’re feeling really good right now, am I right? If I’m not right, it’s because you’re not really getting emotionally involved with the image in your mind or the video.

5). What Will You Do For Others When Your Dream Is Realized?

One of the greatest things you can do to enact the feeling of riches and prosperity is to visualize yourself helping people in need, especially your family.

The whole point of life is to help humanity, serve others, and make a difference in the world one person at a time. Money allows us to be able to change people’s lives because we live on an economic planet. Money really is not the end game, but it’s serving others.

But in order to help people, we do have to have money as well. I’m not saying that you always have to have money to make a difference.

Still, I guarantee you that a lot of people need help with money and if you’re wealthy and rich. You know how to attract into your life, imagine being able to teach other people how to do that, but as well as be able to give them money to give them some hope while they’re in the process of changing.

One of the greatest things for me that gets me emotional is being able to see myself helping those that I love. Imagine you being able to go up to someone you feel is a need, hand them $25,000 and simply say I love you, and I hope you have an excellent year.

Imagine that movie going on in your mind right now, and I bet you’ll start crying. Why is that? It’s because we all young to be loved, and a great way to do that is by serving others and being aware of their needs.

This is one of the greatest ways to enact a feeling of prosperity. There are so many people in need in this world, but what they also need is understanding how to get that money into their lives through the power of their imagination/feeling state.

If you can help people with that and at the same time, give them a little money to get them started, it will change the world.

How To Attract Prosperity


Prosperity is an easy thing if you understand the laws of mind. Everything in this world is based on feelings or vibrations. Feeling and vibrations are the exact same thing.

The more that you feel happy, prosperous, abundant, and hopeful, the more you will attract those things into your life through the power of the law of attraction.

By learning how to master your feelings through the power of your imagination and being able to maintain that feeling as much as possible throughout the day is the key to success.

Be patient as this will take some time, but you’ll start to see results as you stick to it. Ignore the outer world; anything that does not support prosperity is disregarded immediately.

Say things you’re grateful for throughout the day to keep your mindset right on prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

And understand that the universe wants you to be rich. This is your birthright. Don’t think money is bad money is just energy at a certain vibration.

Everything is a manifestation of the same thing, energy or spirit. So how could money really be bad if it’s what you’re made out of? Find out what your beliefs are, right them out on paper, and destroy that paper.

Then begin to make new beliefs in your mind that are the exact opposite of those negative beliefs about prosperity. Then visualize throughout the day all the good in your life that you want to accomplish.

Make sure you’re feeling excellent, happy, and confident, and you will attract everything you need to be more prosperous in your life because that is the way that it works.

If you are not attracting Wells to you right now, I understand that it is because of your internal mental-emotional state.

Learn to change your mental-emotional state permanently every day, and you’ll attract all that you desire. Master your thoughts, and you master your life and your joy in this world.

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