How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power!

How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power

Attracting money into your life with the power of your mind sounds super silly to those who are very logical. But it happens and there are plenty of stories out there to prove it.

You may call it luck, or at the right place at the right time. Without Mind nothing happens, so think about that for a minute.

In this article, we will be learning “How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power”. If you study the law of attraction, you will discover that when something is thought about, either unconsciously or consciously, it will happen one way or another.

You might even daydream about how to attract money, but reality tells you that everything made will go towards upcoming expenses. Life has taught US everyday ideas to believe money is also of a conveyor band. Once you get money, it will just go right back out.

It is essential to change your entire mindset, especially thoughts you experience daily. The idea is to get your mind to attract money instead of turning it away.

Is it possible to attract money with your mind? If you would talk to a wealthy person, they will tell you money comes to them. It isn’t a secret, but it seems to be something many have a hard time grasping. This means you need to learn how to attract money by leaving the old thought on the conveyor built and think of it as a way of getting more.

Most likely, you have been thinking about money the same way the majority of your life. Even when you were a child and received a dollar from the Tooth Fairy, there is a good chance you spent it the right way.

It isn’t easy to change how you attract money, but once it happens, the benefits will be reaped for life. The goal is to change how you look at financial resources because it is obvious the old way isn’t working.

On the off chance that you believe that you are making a decent attempt as you can to gain a living, at that point, you are feeling the loss of the boat. This is not about how hard you work, or how many hours you put in to make a living wage, but your inner, subconscious attitude.

To attract money, you have to think of yourself as a money magnet and FEEL that. You need to walk to that mailbox each day, full of excitement, wondering what beautiful things await you.

You need to concentrate on what you will do with all of that wealth, and not in a negative way – in other words, don’t think about paying off your bills. Think only of wealth and not debt. This will help you to attract more money than you could ever imagine.

How to Attract Money With Mind Power:

Think Positive Thoughts:

Can you really attract money into your life just by using the power of thought? According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. This means, if you sit around thinking, “I’m poor and need money,” then you will continue to be weak and need money. By putting a more positive spin on the way you think, you will be able to attract exactly what you desire. LITERALLY!


One way you can use positive thoughts to attract money is to start to think about it more directly. Visualize yourself having more money, and you will notice something begin to change.

You will see that money seems to just fall into your lap. This is the law of attraction at work. By using positive thoughts and visualization techniques, you will attract exactly what you want.

Be Generous With Your Money:

Be generous with the money you do have. Don’t be stingy or cheap, or this will send out signals in the universe that you are weak, and you will not be doing what you can to attract the money you want to attract.

Give to charity often, give money to friends, and spend money as that is what it is meant for. The more you spend, the more you think about having money, and the more you will get in the end. If you are wealthy but are afraid of losing your money, then you aren’t wealthy, are you?

How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power

Appreciate What You Have:

Appreciate what you do have. If you appreciate and respect the money you have now, it will quickly grow. Cash allows you freedom, and when you know how to attract money, you will find that you inexplicably have more of it at any given time.

By using the law of attraction and sending out the right signals to the universe, you are not going to be disappointed with how the world answers you.

Quick Ways To Attract Money Using Mind Power:

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy financial prosperity by utilizing your mind power:

  •  Meditate regularly. It will increase the power of your mind and make it more receptive.
  • Understand that it is you who has the power to alter your not-so-good financial condition. When you close your mind to negative thoughts and fill it with positive feelings about your desires every day, you not only clear your mind of negativity, you also take a step forward towards financial security.
  •  Don’t limit yourself to the company of small-thinking people. Their negative talk will only bring you down. Instead, try to be in the company of forward-thinking and inspiring people.
  • Spend time each day visualizing the future you want. When you start imagining, your mind automatically comes up with ways to realize your dreams.
  • Put your dreams to work. Make a list of what you are going to do every month to bring you one step closer to the financial security you dream about.
  • Put your list to practice. In the case of setbacks, always remember that there’s still the next time.

You can attract money by using mind power. The key is to believe in yourself.

Attracting Money Through A Specific Mind Set:

One of the biggest problems in the world today is poverty. A lot of people are suffering from profound financial constraints. Money attraction is significant in this modern world to survive.

An individual can choose his strategy to prevent financial crises and get away from poverty, but the most effective way to start that is through proper mind setting.

If you know what your goals are, your path will be directed towards it until such time that you’ll meet the success that you’re chasing for naturally.

You must be able to think positively, considering that you already possess what you’ve wanted to achieve. It needs focus and determination.

Therefore, do not give up so easily and continue to challenge yourself against the struggles that you are facing in this world of reality.

Focusing your mind into something might be quiet hard, especially if you already experience the bitterness of failing. However, training yourself is the best option to succeed. Here are some tips that WILL help you in generating money with your positive outlook in life.

How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power

Believe In Yourself:

Firstly, believe in yourself. Never lose confidence in every plan that you have in mind. If you want to become rich, then think of something that could make you become one.

Remember that you are God’s highest form of creation. Nothing can stop you. You are a SPIRITUAL BEING LIVING IN A PHYSICAL BODY. You need to keep this at the for-front of your mind always. This is EXTREMELY important.

Be Optimistic:

Being optimistic is one of the best means that could help you maintain your faith and hope in yourself. Feel and think that you are abundant in everything, then you have to do something to make it happen, and that is FEELING RICH. With that, you will be more persistent in reaching something just to meet your expectations.

Don’t Ever Complain:

Secondly, learn how to be thankful for everything that you receive. Complaining too much won’t do anything useful to you. Just accept the blessing that has been given to you and continue to strive harder so that you will gain more the next time around.

Believe In Yourself:

Always believe in yourself and be open to various opportunities being presented to you. Even the most straightforward opportunity that could help you with your goal is already a big thing that will serve as your stepping stone towards success. When the time comes that negative thoughts will cross your mind, be strong enough to combat it with your optimism.

Be Righteous:

Thirdly, be righteous in everything that you do. Make sure that you are not unfair to anybody. Being receptive to the ideas of others that could help you out is the right attitude.

Do not let your ambitions turn you into a greedy and heartless person. So many people lose their morales just to feed their aspirations and expectation without thinking about the good of other people.

The latter is being involved in the process of your money attraction. If you want to become rich, opt for good ways that can be beneficial t everybody.

How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power

Do What Makes You Happy:

Lastly, do something that will make you happy. All your efforts and hardships will be useless if you are not happy at all. Make sure that you do something out of willingness and good intention. It feels good when you’re being motivated by a positive attitude and satisfaction.

If you look at some of the poorest people in our country, they probably work harder than anyone, yet they are not rewarded. On the other hand, you will find people with plenty of money who barely work at all – it is their money that is working for them.

Being able to attract money is more than just finding a good job that pays well. You have to revamp your own mindset about what money means to you and how you FEEL about your personal financial situation.

The law of attraction states that you will attract what you think about, and if you think about debt, that is what you will attract. Using that argument, to attract money, you must think about abundant wealth.

Keep Visualizing:

The second trick to being able to attract money is to visualize yourself receiving it, having it, and enjoying the feeling of being wealthy. Don’t get caught up on trying to figure out where the money will come from, because that really is irrelevant. Just imagine how you will FEEL in the morning, waking up knowing that you have money to burn, and no worries.

Bless Everything:

Finally, you must never forget to appreciate or bless the money that you do have. By understanding your abundance, no matter how small it is right now, you will train your mind and spirit to expect more of it.

Bless everything that you have, be thankful for it, and you will find that more of that goodness will come to you. Just keep your thoughts away from thinking about your debts.


Meditating daily can allow you to concentrate and can also increase and improve the power of your mind. This, in turn, makes it a little more receptive and will help you attract the money that you want in your life. Focus is the key to getting what you want, and many people have a hard time staying focused.

Positive People:

Avoid people who are always miserable and negative. This only brings you down, and you need to be around people who are on the up all the time. Be around others who are wealthy and have a positive track and who are also forward-thinking in life. You will come to appreciate them, and money will become attracted to your life.


Attracting money to your life can be done with mind power, and many people are applying the Law of Attraction to their life. Focus on the good and focus on having more money, and you will soon be able to spend freely and not worry about running out. If you want to attract money, you have to work at it and follow the law very correctly.

What are you doing to attract money with your mind? What is working the BEST for you? Let me know below! Remember sharing your experiences with others helps everyone in the world and that’s what life is all about, making a difference one person at a time.

6 thoughts on “How To Attract Money Into Your Life Using Mind Power!”

  1. A great guide on how to attract money! The pointers given on how to attract money are practical and doable. Great post!

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your website!


    • Hi Joe,

      This advice really works, and it works fast. The mind is literally everything, because thats were it all starts. If we see money problems in our lives, WE are the cause and nothing else. The effect is the outer world. Cause is ALL WITHIN. Thanks for reading.

      Your friend,


  2. This article is on point. Great motivation! It’s all about mindset. If you get can yourself to a place where you are regularly practicing mediation and VISUALIZING *key*, then you will find a pathway to success. This stuff may seem woo woo to some, but it is the foundation to creating the life you want to live! If you can not CLEARLY visualize the life you want, then you can not create the life you want.

    Thanks for a great read!

    Courtney Sunshine

    • Hi Courtney,

      I absolutely couldn’t agree more. I think visualizing is so important especially when we mix it with feeling. That’s were everything starts. We couldn’t visualize it if we couldn’t do it, so thats pretty powerful. Thanks for stopping by, and I know you will reach all your dreams.

      Your friend,


  3. Wow, this is very true, and something I also had to learn over the years. Although I have a much better mindset about money now , I am stil learning, and I will definitely follow your advice. It is true that you must surround yourself with people who support you and believe in your success, and I think that only one of my friends has been that person so far. For a while now I have slowly been changing my circle of friends and acquaintances, and it is also making a difference.
    Great article!

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, our influence is so important. Crazy to think that, but it’s so so true. You say you only have one friend that currently supports you! Make that 2 now, because I am supporting you 100%. I know you will reach your dreams. Don’t ever give up. If you don’t give up you are GUARANTEED to win. I know you can do it 🙂

      Your Friend



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