How To Attract A Man And Keep Him!

Today we will learn how to attract a man and keep him. There is no clear way to make a man madly fall in love with you.

However, there are some of the things that most men will look for in a woman of their dreams and these are the things that will keep and make him fall for you.

Most women are always curious to learn these things because it is the dream of every one of them to get a good man and be able to keep him forever. These attributes go beyond looks and there is also a need for consistency.

Many women spend most of their time trying to get the attraction of men and that is why you will find them doing make-ups, rigorous glooming, plucking eyebrows, shaving, and waxing their bodies.

They will also be doing styling the latest hairstyles in a bid to get the attention of guys. Despite the fact that you can do very little to change your look it is fundamental to try to look presentable since the first impression is always very crucial and it determines if the person will have the desire to meet you again or not.

If you are in search of tips on how to get the attention of every man and attract them then this article will explain every detail that you should keep in mind.  The tops will be of great importance and you will easily achieve your objective.

How To Attract A Man And Keep Him:

1. Be The Best Version of Yourself:

  • Before you can think of attracting any man, you first need to develop self-confidence.

Men are mostly attracted to women who seem like they are having all fun in their lives and are happy in who they are as compared to women who are desperate and in denial looking for someone to fill the gaps in their lives.

They want someone with who they will have a fulfilled and happy lives with together. That can only be achieved by dating a confident woman who is herself and not a desperate one.

Some women will be curious to know how do you boost their self-confidence in order to attract men and below are some of the tips.

  • Tell yourself that how amazing you are and always keep in mind your strengths and the attributes that make you a unique person,  This constant assurance makes you feel confident and it is also important to keep a record of the things that makes you feel unique and this will make you as a person to feel worth to get any man’s attention and you will not feel intimidated.
  • Always remember that you are beautifully and fearfully made and before you can come oy tog your house, always look at yourself in the mirror and see the bear that you are.  Appreciate the positive aspect despite the imperfections and flaws.  Always focus on the positives may it be the beautiful smile, the beautiful legs and by focusing on them, men will see them also.  Be yourself and do not feel bad or intimidated by your imperfections and you will never lose your confidence.
  • Whenever you are meeting new people, ensure that you are confident.  Meeting and interacting with new people can be a bit intimidating but if you are confident and ready for anything then this will make people have the urge to know you more.  A man is more attracted to a woman who has friends surrounding her than a one who is boring and living a lonely life.  He will want to be [part of the fun and positive energy around you and that is how he gets attracted to you.
  • Always yearn to continue improving. Despite the fact that we have said that it is vital to focus on your positives, it is also good to keep improving what can be improved to be a better version of yourself.  As you keep the focus on the positive, take good criticism as a challenge and try to improve where you can without pressure or losing confidence.

How To Attract A Man And Keep Him

2. Develop Your Own Identity And Values:

  • Every man’s dream woman is someone who is proud and comfortable with where she comes from, where she is and where she wants to be in the future.  A lady who is comfortable with her own aspirations, desires, and limitations.
  • When you maintain your identity, it means that when you have a man you will not change who you are completely for him or always fall him and this will make sure you remain who you are with pride.
  • Every man wants a woman who is proud of herself and can live without him.  When you know who you are and you do it proudly, it will be able to attract a man once you meet him Nd it will be easier to talk to him.
  • It is important to stick to your own standard instead of comparing yourself with the people around you. This is one way to impress and attract a man when you believe in yourself, it is therefore important when for instance you leave the house loving a certain outfit you are on, continue loving it even when you meet other people with better ones, and do not start disliking it and comparing it with others. Love oi and be proud of it.

3. Invite Him Into Your Personal Space:

It is not that difficult to know that a guy is interested in you. B However, you can be the most attractive with all the attributes that he might need but if you do not position yourself in an approachable manner will mean that the guy may never reach you.

The protective surrounding around you might make it difficult for any guy to approach you. If you walk alone this may not be a big deal but if you are the kind that always walks around with a gang of girts or guy friends, then you need to get concerned.

You will need to have some break from the group which will give the man the opportunity to get into your personal space and this will boost your chances of getting his interest.

This entirely has to do with the physical behavior and does not speak to allowing your brains and accomplishments to aid in attraction.

How To Attract A Man And Keep Him

4. Communicate Clearly:

A study conducted in the past shows that the leading cause of most breakups between lovers is a lack of clear communication.

If you want to attract and keep the man in your life always give him meaningful compliments and let him feel special and appreciated.

Whenever you feel upset or disappointed by your man always clearly let him know and talk it out with him instead of remaining silent.

That communication will help solve a lot and will go a long way in helping keep the man in love and attracted to you. Let everyone in the relationship express how they feel and everyone will feel free.

Bearing in mind that we are in a digital era, it is important to consider it as a major player in today’s relationships.

In a research carried out initially, it has shown that the text conversations have helped create more bonds between partners and this is mostly those in long-distance relationships.

5. Connect Over Common Interests:

The study has shown that those partners who connect and have similar interests end up creating a lasting relationship.

Every man wants a partner who shares his interest since this will make adapting easy and they will not needs to change a lot in order to accommodate you in their lives.

Always talk to your man about the things he loves and share your hobbies and other interests. Try to find a common ground between the two of you and go for those things and they will help you create a lasting bond between the two.

Actually, it is crucial to use such a crossover to find common activities that you can both take part in and this will end up strengthening the bond.

You may also have an interest in an activity but maybe you have never tried for lack of drive to partake but you can even take a lesson to both learn and now commit to it as a couple.

How To Attract A Man And Keep Him

6. Offer Emotional Support:

Whenever a man is looking for a lifelong partner, he wants someone with who he can share his challenges and be able to help emotionally or in any other form.

It is therefore important to be keen ad listen whenever you are communicating with him. This act of paying attention to what he is telling projects you as a caring person who is ready to offer a shoulder to lean on and that is what attracts and keeps a man.

Whenever he is troubled and feeling down it is Important to give is some affirmation and physical actions such as hugs and this will bring back his mood to normal.


You now have a clear picture of what you need to do in order to attract and keep a man. It is important to keep all these tips in mind.

Continue working on yourself since they all revolve around you and the attributes you pose. If you do so you will be able to attract potential partners and be able to keep them around and in love.

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