How To Apply The Law Of Attraction!

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction!

Today I would like to go over with you how to apply the law of attraction better. Is the law of attraction not working for you? Things not going your way? Well, the law of attraction is certainly a very powerful tool and is ALWAYS working.

But how effective it works depends upon the usage. Once you start using the law, the ball’s in your court. Now you really can control the way you want the law to work if your mindset is right.

But what if the law doesn’t work for you? The answer is, ‘You are not doing it right!’ Yes! That’s true. The Law of attraction is the same as any of your college subjects. You won’t get a straight-A without getting your basics right.

So, what should you do? Apply it with proper homework using the right tricks and techniques. The ones all successful people used! You must be wondering, ‘what are those?’

Don’t worry! This article is all about discussing those techniques. So, read till the end and apply the law of attraction correctly!

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction:

1) Identify Your Desire:

Identifying your desire is a very basic thing. And unfortunately, most people get it wrong and still expect the law to work their way.

You need to be crystal clear about your wish. First and foremost, it must be something that you truly want. It shouldn’t be something like you want the new iPhone just because everybody’s buzzing about it.

Secondly, you need to be specific and detailed about your wish. For instance, instead of simply saying ‘I want to study in the best college in town.’ Rather be more specific and say, ‘I want to study computer science at MIT and feel the taste of best quality education.’

This way universe will not confuse your desires and give you exactly what you want!

2) Believe In The Law:

Belief is the key behind the law of attraction. Let’s say you want your friend to teach you driving, but you say to him, ‘Well, I don’t believe you can teach me to drive, but still teach me!’ Seriously? Will he be

able to teach you? Why would he even consider putting in his efforts when you don’t even believe him. The same is the case with the law of attraction. It demands you to believe in it! Believe that you’ll get your desire.

Here arises a question. ‘How can I believe in something that I have never seen happening.’ And it is valid. But you can easily tackle this situation and strengthen your belief by starting small.

Start by asking for something less complex, something you never had. For example, you can ask for a new fancy minimal bookshelf. Believe that it’ll come, no matter how much time it takes. Once you achieve your first small desire, you will automatically start to believe in it more and more.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction!

3) Visualize And Achieve:

A very important technique, you need to visualize the result. Imagine how’d you feel when you finally achieve that villa, car, or dream job.

You need to see yourself in those shoes before achieving the goal. Still, confused? To put it simply, it’s all about feeling a taste of success before even getting it. Sounds good, Nah!

Picture yourself that you have achieved what you manifested for. Visualize yourself sitting on mountains, chilling in the soft cool breeze, enjoying the lake-view in front of you, feeling a pure nature.

Not only will this help the law work better for you, but it’ll also hook you up with the motivation to start struggling to achieve the goal.

But to be honest, visualization can get difficult at times. Especially when you’ve never visualized ever before. But there are some techniques to supplement you in the process.

  • Vision Board: It is a board with a collection of images of things you want to achieve. Looking at this board will draw a picture of the goal in your mind and help you visualize it with ease.
  •  Be an Artist: Take a pencil and a piece of paper, and draw your goal. No artistry skills are required!
  • Be Regular: Just like you won’t get perfect in swimming with one dive, you can’t expect to visualize perfectly in just one go. Practice it regularly. According to experts, the best time to visualize is once before sleeping and once after waking up.

4) Be Positive & Grateful:

Positivity is very important. Whether you want to stay happy, get healthy or achieve success, you can never write off the importance of positivity.

Staying positive will help you stay motivated and keep a firm belief in the law of attraction. Is staying positive difficult? It isn’t if you practice gratitude. Gratitude leads towards positivity.

Be grateful for whatever you have in your life; Even if it’s too little to count in. Instead of complaining about 3rd tier college, you study in or the rented flat you live in, be grateful that you still have those because many don’t.

Now there are multiple ways of practicing gratitude. But the suggested one is to pick a pen and a paper and make a list.

And the list needs to feature everything you are grateful for; Even if it’s your old phone! And make sure to say ‘thanks for everything that comes on your gratitude list.

These benefits of positivity and gratitude aren’t limited to the law. Rather they will help you in every department of life!

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction!

5) Be Confident In Communication:

This may sound unimportant, but you got to believe that it’s as important as believing and visualizing.

You need to be confident in your communication with the Universe and while asking for your desire. Use present tenses instead of future. Doing this will also help you achieve positivity and strengthening your belief in the law.

Instead of saying, ‘I’ll be the best entrepreneur in town. Say, ‘I am the best entrepreneur in town.’ Your communication shows your character. So, confident communication means confident character!

6) Visit Success Stories:

Visit or read success stories. What teaches you more than actually sitting among the game champs! And as you have already heard, ‘your company makes you what you are.’

So, sitting with five winners will result in making you the 6th one. Go hunt for people that made the law of attraction worked successfully for them.

Ask them their secrets. Listen to their story. Pay attention to their journey. Instead of failing yourself, learn from their experiments and failures.

And you’ll eventually understand what you are missing out at. Set up meet-ups with them. And you can easily find such success stories everywhere. Look for them in your friends, family.

Meet up local business hits. Attend online sessions. Long story short, learning from successful people will give you a close victory taste and a strong sense of belief.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction!

Wrapping Up:

Nothing will work unless you put your efforts and homework into it. And this principle is valid for the law of attraction as well.

You need to follow the right path, the right strategies & techniques. In this article, we discussed six techniques to make the law of attraction work!

We started with very basics like identifying the desire, strong belief and progressed our way to more working tips like visualization and positive attitude.

All in all, this article was a complete guide for anyone who thinks things aren’t going their way. Happy manifesting! Which techniques worked best for you? We’d love to hear you out in the comments!

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