Discover 5 Ways On How To Overcome A Breakup!

How To Overcome A Breakup!

In this article, I will be going over 5 Ways On How To Overcome A Breakup. This is because a breakup can be so painful to some extent.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can immediately heal the heartaches that are caused by the breakup. However painful it is to lose someone you love, it is not worth losing yourself in the process.

It is also challenging to get over the positive memories you have had with the person. However, you will need to move on and focus on other things despite the challenges.

This is because once you get stuck in the situation, you will lose your focus, which may lead to bad thoughts.

Basically, when going through a breakup and trying to get over it is like trying to quit a drug. When the brain processes that you are no longer with the person you love.

Your mind no longer releases the feel-good chemicals that it once released every time you saw that person.

This leads to a sick feeling all over your body which led to abnormal behaviors. However, there are a few ways on how to deal with a breakup and get yourself together during and after this crisis:

5 Ways On How To Overcome A Breakup!

1. Accept The Reality:

When someone breaks up with you, it is possible to keep holding into it with some hope that everything will be okay and you will be back together with time.

However, these hopes are, in most cases, false, and they are a result of denying reality. This act of not accepting reality does a lot of harm than good to you emotionally by causing you a lot of pain that is unnecessary.

Love can, in some instances, keep people hanging on the relationship even though it is no longer working and healthy. Unfortunately, some lose their sense of reasoning, and there is no amount of advice that can change their mind.

It is therefore important to take acceptance as the first step to healing, and you will be able to get over everything and end up saving yourself a lot of pain.

How To Overcome A Breakup!

2. Cut Off Communication:

It may seem very difficult but cutting off any form of communication with your ex i9s one of the easiest ways to heal from a breakup.

Obviously, everyone knows this, but doing it is somehow difficult, but it is important to do it despite the difficulty. You will be able to heal faster than keeping the communication and continue hurting.

Once you have cut the communication, you will look at your relationship and the whole breakup from a different perspective.

Thus if it was not your fault, you would be able to get yourself back up, heal and focus on your purpose.

It is obviously painful to get over your ex, but this will also give you the room to free up your energy and focus all that energy on bettering your life.

3. Keep Busy And Stay Inspired:

This is the most appropriate time to reconnect with things that inspire and nature your mind, body, and soul during the breakup period.

The things you are passionate about. All that energy should be focused on the thing that you have always wished to do, and you will easily be happy seeing it happen.

For example, you might have a passion for writing, painting, or even traveling, but you have never done it.

This is the ideal time to pursue it and do it wholeheartedly, and you will easily be alive from the inside by seeing the things you are passionate about happening.

You should focus on sources of distraction that serve your highest self. For example, do not keep meditating on sadness and maybe sleeping all alone or drinking alcohol.

This will hold you back and lead to a self-destructive mode. But, on the other hand, when you focus on your passion, you will get destructed from the breakup drama, and you will obtain happiness by achieving things that you have always envied.

How To Overcome A Breakup!

4. Build A Support System:

It is normal for anyone to miss someone you have loved and spent a lot of time together. You are likely to keep fantasizing about the great memories you have had together.

When you get yourself stuck in these memories and ask yourself why this happened to you at what you could have done to evade this situation, you are likely to drive yourself crazy.

When you find yourself in such a situation, the most appropriate thing is to reach out to family or friends.

Share with them and let out do not keep it to yourself and act as if everything is fine while you are hurting from inside.

When you share your situation with the family and friends, every time you are tempted to call or text your ex, call these friends and talk to them and since they understand you.

They will be willing to listen and divert your thought to things that will make you happy and get you relaxed.

It is very dangerous to process such a situation like break up alone and therefore it is advisable to seek help from someone who is willing to listen from you.

When you have shared your problem with someone, it is half solved that keeping it and continue hurting alone.

5. Connect With Your Emotions:

Instead of trying so hard to forget about the conflicting emotions you are experiencing, it is good to feel into them. It is normal to want to disconnect from your emotions when you are going through a breakup.

In the current society, we are taught that being vulnerable means that you are a weak person, which is not true.

It means that you are willing to come out and accept the reality and be seen as who you really are instead of pretending.

Accepting that it is okay to feel, you are actually giving yourself permission to forgive and move forward, which means a lot to your healing process.

It is important to love yourself even amidst such a situation because the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have.

How To Overcome A Breakup!


To wrap it all, love can be a double-edged sword, and if you allow yourself to be a victim of it, you can easily lose yourself in the process.

Instead, you should cherish the great memories you have had together since no one can take that away from you.

The pain will pose at the end of it all, and your heart will heal eventually. But, it is now the time to start a new chapter in your life.

What have you done to overcome a breakup? What would you say is the number thing that has made the biggest difference for you? Let the community know in the comments below!

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