Affirmations For Great Health – 5 Effective Tips As Well!

Affirmations For Great Health

In this article, we will go over affirmations for great health.  Affirmations will change anyone’s life when they’re doing it correctly and with enough repetition over a period of time.

Most people can’t really stick with something for more than 30 days because their programs to be inconsistent in everything

A lot of people are using affirmations in order to improve various aspects of their lives so that they will be better equipped with the challenges of life, which unfortunately happens to everyone.

The power of affirmations when done correctly, helps a person believe in his ability to overcome whatever he needs to surpass as it strengthens the brain’s resolve as well as motivates him or her to do better.

The success of affirmations really depends on how emotionally involved we get with the affirmation being said. The feeling is everything to our subconscious mind.

So if there is no feeling being felt as we say the affirmations out loud it will absolutely have no effect on you or your body. This needs to be ingrained in your brain. Do not underestimate the power of FEELING when doing affirmations. When applying FEELING it works 100% faster, and you will see results.

This article will give you a few affirmations to help you with your own health. Remember to always put affirmations in the present tense, and not a future tense.

The subconscious responds to NOW not later. It does not know what is good or bad, everything just is to the subconscious or our emotional mind. Let’s get started.

Affirmations For Great Health:

1). Think Of Positive Thoughts About Your Health:

You are actually able to speak to the body so that your body will be able to heal itself. No, this is not a joke. There is actually a scientific study that has proven this. Do some research on google, and you will find plenty of what I’m talking about.

Employ the following suggested affirmations so that you can think of your health positively and remember to do it with emotion. The best way is usually out loud and saying it slowly over and over and over again for 5 minutes right after you wake up, and right before you go to bed. The very last thing you do before you sleep. Don’t overthink it. Just do it and watch what happens.

  • I am healthy
  • œI have taken back control of my body and health
  • I am getting healthier every day
  • I feel terrific, healthy, and confident

2). Convince Yourself Of The Positive Effects:

A big part of why affirmations work is because it enables the subconscious mind to alter a lot of its thought as well as behavioral patterns.

So if you are looking to sustain your progress with your diet or you are trying to persuade yourself to continue exercising, then uttering affirmations out loud to do that is highly effective. Here are some statements you can consider:

  • I enjoy eating better and better every day
  • What I am eating is good for my body
  • I have a strong desire to eat healthy foods every day

Affirmations For Great Health

3). Free Yourself From Negative Feelings:

Thinking negative thoughts always manifests in your body. Remember the instance when your tooth ached for some reason and you told everyone what you were feeling and it ended up getting worse?

You are not the only one who has experienced that or something similar. Purging yourself of negative feelings can be such a chore, especially when you are so used to feeling that way and complaining all the time.

However, practice makes perfect when reprograming your subconscious. Repetition is key, and doing it with FEELING as stated early is the most important. Be patent, keep doing it every day morning and night out loud for 30 days, and watch what happens.

  • œI feel so good and young
  • I am getting healthier and healthier every minute of every day
  • œI am now expressing excellent health at this moment

4). Avoid Vices:

There is a reason why support groups are utilized by therapists in order to help those suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Verbalizing your desires and your willingness to change is a form of affirmation.

The most important first step in quitting your vice is acknowledging that you have a problem. You can do this in the form of an affirmation for optimal effect. The road to quitting may be difficult but it will be a bit easier with the help of affirmations.

  • Saying ‘no’ to cigarettes will bring me better health
  • I give myself permission to stop drinking alcohol
  • œI refuse to give in to my vices

5). Express Gratitude:

Expressing your gratitude to yourself may sound weird in theory, but it is actually an effective way of using affirmations, because it makes you FEEL good. This is because it is able to strengthen the motivation of a person to maintain the positive things that are going on in his life. Affirmations, after all, are not only about changing patterns of behavior and thought, but it can also emphasize what does not need to be changed but only fortified. While there are a lot of ways to express your gratitude in affirmations, here are some of the most effective:

  • I am thankful for every day that I am alive
  • I am grateful for the progress that I have made and continue to make
  • I am blessed to have the privilege of great health and increased energy

Affirmations For Great Health


These affirmations help in the process of the body to self-heal. Tell yourself these affirmations on a regular basis with conviction, with FEELING so that you will be able to keep yourself healthy in all that you do. The subconscious will respond to you, as you do this over and over and over and over again for 30 days.

Remember morning 5 minutes out loud and right before you go to sleep out loud. Do it with feeling and then let your consciousness do the rest. It’s simple but we tend to overcomplicate everything that we do because we think there is so much more to everything and its never simple. It is simple.

1. Say them out loud 

2. Say them with FEELING

3. Do it twice a day morning and night for 5 minutes per session

4. Watch the magic happen as your subconscious mind rewards you for your efforts

What do you feel has really made the difference for you? What strategies have you learned that would help others here reading this information? Comment below and share!

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