8 Ways On How To Overcome Being Shy!

How To Overcome Being Shy!

Today you will learn 8 Ways On How To Overcome Being Shy. Shyness can be best described as being nervous, self-conscious, uncomfortable, or having negative self-evaluation, especially when in the presence of other people.

The most common cause of shyness is low self-esteem.  People with low self-esteem become anxious about the thought of how others perceive them.

Being shy brings discomfort to a person, thus interfering with their ability to successfully perform in social situations. Shy people try their best to avoid social interactions.

Others adopt unhealthy means of overcoming their character. Such habits include the use of drugs and substances to boost their confidence.

Shyness creates problems for the people in their personal life as well as those they interact with. Being shy has adverse effects on one’s social life as interacting with new people is usually a big problem for shy people. Let’s jump in and get started.

8 Ways On How To Overcome Being Shy:

1. Identify Reasons Why You Are Shy:

You cannot treat a disease without knowing more about it and its causes. The same case applies to overcoming shyness. You have to first point out the reasons why you are shy and occasions where you feel shy. Understanding the causes of your shyness helps you to be more aware and accept yourself for who you really are.

Most causes of shyness are:

• Genetic makeup

Shyness can be a genetic attribute. Children born by shy parents are most likely going to be shy too. They inherit the trait from their parents’ genes.

However, it is not guaranteed that children born by shy parents become automatically shy. Their offspring might possess outgoing characters.

• Prenatal influence

Medications and treatments taken by pregnant women have a great effect on developing their fetus’ character. Stress, trauma, and toxic environment during the prenatal stage affect the baby’s brain formation and character development.

• Environment

This includes both the external and internal environments. The surrounding of a person greatly influences their character. The internal environment includes people around you, that is, family, friends, and work colleagues.

Most children with more assertive parents feel intimidated and overshadowed by their parents’ characters and end up being self-conscious about themselves since they cannot develop their own characters.

When you are so cautious of people around you, you tend to become shy since you are always not sure about yourself when around them.

The neighborhood of a person also greatly affects the self-esteem of a person. It is therefore important to check on your environment, identify how it shapes your character, and then find the solution.

Traumatic social experience

Some people who are shy may have a traumatizing experience that stripped away their self-confidence. For example, when a person might have been ridiculed after saying something in public.

Thus making them withdraw from people and also develop the fear of speaking in public. Such experiences are stored in the subconscious mind, and any time the person wants to speak in public, thoughts of previous experiences bring discomfort and nervousness to them, making them shy.

How To Overcome Being Shy!

2. Smile:

There is no better way to project confidence than smiling. A warm, friendly smile portrays relaxation and calmness.  Smiling is a good way of acknowledging someone and makes it easy to start a conversation with people. Smiling triggers positive emotions that boost your confidence, and you come out as being more secure with yourself.

Smiling is contagious. Smiling to people makes people more receptive leading to more positive experiences. Positive experience drives away the fear, doubt, and insecurities you might have.

Smiling not only makes you approachable but also makes you more likable. Creating that kind of rapport with people will help ease your nervousness and fear of judgment by people. Smiling when you feel tensed or in doubt will greatly help in overcoming shyness.

3. Choose Relationships Carefully:

Most shy people are introverts in nature. These people usually have very few but very deep friendships, which mean a lot to them. If you are shy in nature, choose the kind of people you associate with carefully as they have a great impact on your personality.  Spend time with people who are warm, friendly, and encouraging.

Avoid bullies in your life. Keep off from friends who make fun of your nature. Positive criticism is okay but teasing people about their misfortunes is unacceptable.

Avoid people who are sarcastic and cruel to you. These kinds of people take advantage of your shyness and make you feel inferior about yourself.

How To Overcome Being Shy!

4. Maintain Eye Contact:

Eye contact is a form of body language and is essential when it comes to communication. Shy people mainly have a problem maintaining eye contact.

You should learn to overcome this by reducing the anxiousness you feel when keeping eye contact and learning how to maintain it.

Start by talking to someone you are more familiar and comfortable with, and try maintaining eye contact with them. Try shifting your focus to slightly above their eyes when you feel anxious.

You can also exercise maintaining eye contact by using your mirror. Talk to yourself for some time on a daily basis until you feel comfortable and more confident.

Our eyes and body language speak more of us than our words, so you should focus more on your body language to improve your confidence.

Eye contact is known to activate the social brain that influences how we respond and relate to people.  Learning to make and maintain eye contact will come a long way in helping you deal with your shyness.

5. Appreciate Your Uniqueness:

We cannot all be the same. Embrace your own character by self-appreciation. Appreciating yourself means that you recognize the values that lie within you. Do not fake your character but instead live your life as it is. Acknowledge yourself and embrace life with all its shortcomings.

Stop sabotaging your own self. Don’t allow your inner self to put you down. Learn to control your subconscious because it plays a large part in controlling your thoughts.

Being shy does not make you less of a person. Shy people are believed to have better listening skills, so appreciate that about yourself. There is always a positive side to every situation.

Do not let shyness become part of your identity and if you have already identified with it, begin to detach yourself from such thoughts.

By appreciating yourself, you are a step closer to overcoming shyness since you will be more confident in yourself.

How To Overcome Being Shy!

6. Look The Part:

Anything that helps in building your confidence will definitely help you overcome shyness. If you are self-conscious about how you look, it is impossible to overcome shyness since you will always be cautious of what others think of you.

Taking care of yourself includes keeping fit, dressing well, eating healthy, and having a nice sleep. Your appearance has a great impact on your self-confidence.

When you look good, you feel confident about yourself and eliminates self-consciousness. Wear accessories that make you feel bolder and more confident.

Find what you are comfortable with because feeling good about yourself will help you overcome being shy. Complements from people about your looks will help in boosting your confidence.

7. Work On Your Fears:

Working on your fears involves identifying what triggers your shyness. Make an effort to deal with your fears one by one. Be kind to yourself while dealing with these fears. Do not pressure yourself to conquer them at the same time. Overcoming shyness is a gradual process and needs time.

Reward yourself for every fear that you manage to overcome. Rewarding yourself helps in training your mind to associate overcoming your fear with great things and good feelings. Patience is essential when working on your fears, as you have to approach them carefully.

For example, if public speaking makes you uneasy and shy, practice tips to improve on public speaking. Execute the tips step by step until you overcome them.

Try speaking to a smaller group of people to build on your confidence and increase your audience with time. This builds your confidence and eventually helps in overcoming shyness.

How To Overcome Being Shy!

8. Arm Yourself With Information:

Being shy may be a result of not having enough information about a topic you are speaking about. The audience might ask a question that you are unable to answer, and this may give you anxiety.

The audience expects you to know everything about the topic you are addressing. If you are going to address a public gathering, equip yourself with information, so you don’t tarmac during your speech. Do your due diligence and research thoroughly about the topic you are going to talk about.

Being well informed boosts your confidence in social situations

Be well informed with current issues so you can contribute to conversations with friends. Engage in small talks with people so you can build your confidence. Educating people in areas that you are well informed helps in also building your confidence, thus eliminating shyness.

Wrapping Up:

Being shy limits a person a lot in their day-to-day life since they are always self-conscious and self-doubting. Overcoming shyness is a gradual process and may take baby steps.

The most important thing is your willingness and determination to overcome it. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to remember that you are God’s child.

That you are a part of a power that has no beginning or end. There’s absolutely no reason in the world for you to be shy. Your potential is unlimited you’re very unique and there’s no one like you.

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