8 Ways On How To Change Your Self-Image!

How To Change Your Self-Image!

When you learn how to change your self-image, results in your life begin to change, and drastically.

What is self-image? Can you describe yourself? Or, instead, how do you view yourself? When you look into a mirror, what do you think of the person in the mirror?  By answering these questions then you get to understand your self-image.

Self-image is the mental picture or the personal view that you have of yourself. It involves knowing both your strengths and weakness.

Your self-image is a product of gradual learning about yourself. Your early life, including how you were brought up and interacted with other people as a child, greatly influences your self-image.

We often find ourselves evaluating ourselves in areas such as physical appearance, relationships, and performance.

We tend to be constantly worried about these things without knowing that how we view ourselves reflects how we carry ourselves around. Based on how we view ourselves, we develop either positive or negative self-image.

Having a positive self-image means that we recognize our assets and potentials and are realistic about our limitations and liabilities.

A negative self-image focuses on our weaknesses, failures, faults, and imperfections, and self-image is not always accurate and often differs from how other people view you.

Self-image impacts how you feel about yourself and generally how you interact with others. Therefore, it is essential to have a positive self-image as it boosts your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. If you have had a negative self-image, it’s time to change that perception asap!

8 Ways On How To Change Your Self-Image:

Take A Self-image Inventory:

Take some time to define who you are at the moment. Highlight things that you like about yourself, from your appearance to qualities and values you have.

If you think that you are beautiful or handsome, write down the features that make you feel cute, for example, a nice body or an extraordinary face. Emphasize your greatest assets, such as being funny or social. Your favorite personal skills such as cooking, athletics, and artistic skills are also a significant part of your evaluation.

Listing your positive traits and skills helps you focus more on your self-image’s positive aspects rather than the opposing side. Learn to appreciate your positives by recognizing them and emphasizing them.

It is also essential to list things that you do not like about yourself. What influences your negative self-image? List down all those things while writing down the reason they make you have a negative self-image.

If, for instance, you feel less intelligent, you should be able to answer what makes you think that and how it impacts your self-image. Also, highlight the particular situations where negative self-image crops up.

Recognizing your flaws and triggers is the first step to changing your self-image. Remember always to be honest with yourself as you take your self-inventory.

Understand The Need To Change:

You must understand how powerful your self-image is and recognize its impact on your life. A positive self is an advantage to you as you appear more confident and also more attractive.

You need to remember how a negative self-image has limited your life, held you back, and robbed you of great opportunities just because you don’t see yourself as that great.

Do not dwell on the chances you missed when you viewed yourself negatively, instead recognize them and put them to an end. You have to decide to stop having negative self-images and never allow them to clog your mind.

Embrace the things that you can not change about yourself. It would help if you challenged misleading assumptions about body appearances that affect your self-image.

Re-define Yourself:

By re-defining, we mean that you decide to be the best version of yourself. When asked who you are, who do you want to be?

Do you want to be that beautiful girl next door or the ugly girl downtown? This entirely depends on you. If you believe that you look gorgeous, you will appear attractive, and you will carry yourself around as a beautiful person.

Keep all the good qualities you noted down and turn the negatives into positive statements of yourself.

For example, if you see yourself as a shy person, turn it around and address yourself as a courageous person. Affirm that you are confident until you start acting like a confident person.

Stop Being A Perfectionist:

To change your self-image, you must first accept that nobody is perfect, and those you view as perfect also have their self-image issues.

Mistakes are parts of growth so never allow your mistakes to put you down, instead accept them and learn from them.  You don’t have to keep whining about your mistakes or viewing yourself as a failure if you did not achieve your goals.

Control your inner critic such that you only pick the constructive thoughts that build your self-image. Stop with self-judgments and degrading yourself.

For example, if you do not feel attractive, accept that you have imperfections and can not change how you look. Even the supermodels on runways are not perfect as they appear; it’s the confidence they walk with that makes them appear attractive.

Watch Out For The People Around You:

People you interact with can significantly affect your self-image. If you constantly hang out with negative and unsupportive people, you will probably have a negative self-image.

People who are supportive and positive with you will always boost your self-image. Hang out with people who constantly assure you of your self-image. Having positive people around you can reinforce the things that you see about yourself.

Positive relationships also give you constructive criticisms as they do not focus on demeaning you and making you look bad. Positive people are also inspirational and talk good about themselves.

To identify a positive person, watch out how they talk about themselves. Are they constantly talking ill of themselves or appearing unsure about themselves?

Positive people carry themselves with an aura of confidence and release only good vibes about themselves and others. Do not compare yourself negatively with others.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others:

Our self-image is mainly based on how we compare ourselves to others. Comparisons will always bring along frustrations and self-doubt.

In this world, there will always be someone better, smarter, more prosperous, prettier, and stronger than you. If you keep comparing yourself to such people, you will always feel like a lesser person and have a negative self-image.

It might be hard to stop comparing yourself to others, but you have to do it. Start building your self-image in comparison with what you have accomplished so far. Compete with only yourself and always strive to be better than you were yesterday.

Always do you and focus on your personal growth. It’s only you who knows your story, where you have come from, what you have conquered so far and where you want to go. Try as much as possible to stop comparing yourself with other people.

Having a positive self-image makes you a better person in the long run. You emit positive vibes anywhere you go, and how you see and project yourself is the same way other people will see you.

Make Yourself Feel Good:

Always strive to do things that make you have a positive image of yourself.  You can improve your physical appearance by improving your wardrobe and living a healthy lifestyle. Wear nice clothes that boost your self-confidence, work out for that body you want to achieve, and eat nutritious food for a healthy life.

When you look after yourself, you will develop a positive image as you love how you will be progressing.  Change those little things that make you feel good about yourself, such as doing your hair or applying makeup to appear more beautiful.

Ensure you take enough rest as sleeping benefits your mind and body and helps you to feel good about yourself. Enough sleep also helps in reducing stress, depression and sharpens your attention and

Spending time with yourself helps you to appreciate yourself more, and you learn to view yourself positively. Take your time and do the things that please you. Enjoy your own company first.

Repeat Positive Affirmations:

If you face a negative self-image, always keep reminding yourself of the things you appreciate about yourself. Read the list you wrote of the things you like about yourself over and over, and anytime negative thoughts about yourself creep in.

Always celebrate the little wins and accomplishments. Repeating positive affirmations will help you to counter self-defeating thoughts. Examples of positive affirmations include telling yourself, ‘I am beautiful, I am smart,’ and ‘I am intelligent.’

When you keep repeating these positive affirmations, you will believe you are who you say you are, thus a healthy self-image.

The Bottom Line: 

Having a healthy, positive image should be everyone’s goal in life. When you appreciate and feel good about yourself, even people around you will understand you more. Strive towards attaining a positive self-image.

Always take care of yourself and watch out how you perceive yourself. Above all, do the things you enjoy and spread positivity everywhere.

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