8 Meditation Techniques For Concentration!

Meditation Techniques For Concentration
This article will be going over 8 Meditation Techniques For Concentration. Meditation is such a powerful tool to use in multiple areas of your life.

I would for sure consider concentration is one of the top ways to use it. With concentration you can accomplish so much more in life.

What Is Concentration?

In simple terms, it’s a process where the mind focuses on a single object while keeping steady attention for a prolonged period. Concentration is an art that requires attention to detail and requires practice.

There is a perfect link between concentration and meditation. Meditation requires full concentration meaning that one has to ensure the mind is steady to strike a balance between various life aspects.

However, one can easily concentrate on his internal aspects such as the heartbeat, breathing among others. Alternatively, one can concentrate on various external aspects such as candle flames, pointing an object among others.

For successful concentration, one requires some forms of practice during the first stages. Although most people consider meditation for making their thoughts centered on a particular subject, improving their productivity and professional development.

Studies show that meditation offers more other benefits which include increased attention, focus, and creating positive changes. This, therefore, means that concentration is essential during meditation and even outside the practice.

8 Meditation Techniques For Concentration:

Concentration plays a key role in and out of this practice. There are numerous meditation techniques for concentration that can help in bringing focus. Below are 8 meditation techniques for concentration:

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

1. Counting Your Breaths:

This is among the easiest techniques that enhance concentration. Although it may seem a familiar practice to everyone, it’s actually the most popular technique for developing a concentration in meditation practices.

Focusing on your breath is a simple thing since you’re able to stay with the whole experience. When counting your breaths, there are various body spots you can use which include the nose tip, center of your chest, and even your abdomen.

To make the counting easy, you need to start by counting the first exhale, then the second one, and move on with that order. You can count up to about eight times and begin again.

The number of breaths won’t necessarily show how great you’re meditating but rather ensure you’re on track in the entire period. The numbers can be used in knowing if your mind has wandered. You can always start counting again.

2. Close Listening:

This is a great sense door technique for improving your concentration. This technique works well for people whose ears can perfectly hear something close. In most cases, it’s easy to hear something ringing in the ears especially if you’re in a quiet place.

It’s not a must to hear this ringing sound. You can even practice using the sound from your refrigerator, birds outside, music sound among others. All you need to do is to pay attention and focus on the sound as much as possible.

If your mind wanders, refresh and come back to this sound and pay attention and focus again. Also, try finding some good or interesting things about the sound. Doing this will help you improve your concentration.

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

3. Repeating Phrases:

When you emphasize repeating a certain pattern of phrases, then you’ll be improving your concentration. It’s, therefore, advisable to practice using heart related phrases to build your focus without too much effort.

You can also choose easy phrases to repeat during the practice by considering phrases that come to your head every time. For better concentration, these phrases should be matched with your breath.

You can repeat a phrase after every exhale. When you practice repeating phrases more regularly no matter how they’re complex, your concentration starts growing.

4. Try Not To Move:

Trying to maintain a constant posture without any movement for quite some time can help you to improve your concentration during and after meditation.

Although during the first stages you might be fidgety or uncomfortable, since you haven’t been used to sitting in the same position for a prolonged time, it’s essential to find a comfortable position where your mind will remain calm and close your eyes. This way, you’ll improve your concentration during meditation.

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

5. Playing With Candle Fire:

Playing with fire isn’t something recommended, and one has to keep safety a priority when practicing. It’s a great way of improving concentration in meditation.

It’s a good alternative technique for those who aren’t interested in repeating phases or counting breaths. It’s generally ideal for people who like something visible during meditation.

Here, you’ll meditate with your eyes wide open to ensure the proper focus of the candle flame. Just like other practices, you’re required to observe the candle flame keenly and with great awareness. You’ll notice a lot of changes if you utilize this technique and you’ll end up improving your concentration.

6. Eliminate Distracting Thoughts:

Since the main goal of concentration meditation is training your mind to have continued focus, it’s essential to eliminate all distracting thoughts.

When other thoughts and feelings arise, you should notice them and bring back your attention to your focus object. In case you feel frustrated, irritated, or disappointed due to any distraction, take time to notice the distraction and return your concentration to the object of focus. This way, you’ll be improving your concentration during meditation.

Meditation Techniques For Concentration

7. Reading A Short Passage:

This is a traditional practice that involves reading a short passage on sacred texts. If you read some words or phrases slowly, your attention will be drawn to a much higher level.

Let the attention remain during the meditation practice and memorize the phrases or words. Reading these phrases or words repeatedly will assist you in improving your concentration. Although it may seem an obvious meditation technique for concentration, it shows positive results.

8. Practicing Mindfulness:

You must be open so that you can concentrate on different things that come across your mind. Being mindful helps you in recognizing the point at which your mind wanders, and you’re stressed in focusing perfectly.

Mindfulness practice assists in developing mind awareness such that it becomes easy to notice if your mind grabs things properly even after focusing. Mindfulness is a great concentration practice that can help change your life.


In conclusion, these are some of the top meditation techniques for concentration. Before you practice concentration meditation, you should consider finding a quiet place, sit comfortably, set a timer, and direct your whole attention to the practice.

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