7 Tips On How To Dress For Success For Women!

How To Dress For Success For Women

In this article, I will be going over with you 7 Tips On How To Dress For Success For Women. Most people judge everyone, by the way, they look and act. It’s like the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, but we are conditioned to do that.

It’s simply saying don’t judge me by my outward look but consider what is inside me. But let’s face it, we as a people tend to judge by the outward look.

And that is why first impressions matter a lot. And for this reason, I am giving you 7 tips on how to dress for success for women.

From just the way you put your makeup to the outfit you choose can be a determinant of how successful your day can be. You will find that the workplace is becoming more and more casual with their clothing in today’s society.

But have you ever noticed that a good skirt suit and matching heels would have you exuding a level of confidence that cannot be attained by just wearing a T-shirt and jeans alone. And it is this that separates those that are successful from those that are not.

The inner game is everything. I have noticed that when I dress better for my business, I feel better, perform better, and my confidence is much higher. It’s the respect you are giving yourself, and your subconscious mind is feeding off that.

If you have never read the book “The Law Of Success” By Napoleon Hill, I highly recommend you do.

Over 25 years of research was done by him personally of the most successful people in the world during that time. Andrew Carnegie, in today’s dollars, was a billionaire then.

But one of the major things that he points out in that book is dressing for success and the MASSIVE effect it has on your inner mind and the correlation between your results.

It’s mind-blowing and a hell of a read. It’s long, but if you want to be successful, then do WHATEVER IT TAKES THAT’S ETHICAL TO WIN!

Anyways, the main thing about dressing right is because it will make you FEEL DIFFERENT. And that is what will determine how you act, what you attract, and how people perceive you on a subconscious level.

People pick up all of this subconsciously and react accordingly. So be extremely mindful that dressing correctly is essential. Now let’s delve in and change your life.

How To Dress For Success For Women

7 Tips On How To Dress For Success For Women

1). The Casual Dressing:

I would highly recommend that casual dressing be a big no-no. Unless the workplace has a more casual dress code, try to maintain the office look as much as possible.

Casual dressing tends to show that you are casual with your work, which is not an impression you won’t give when in a business meeting.

2). Power Of A Good Skirt:

A perfect skirt can make you beam with power. And the best part of the skirt is that in any environment you are in, they will always work.

From a casual environment to an office environment, the skirt is your office’s best friend. Just make sure it’s not too tight.

The main objective here is to look elegant. Remember, no matter how shrewd, successful women are with their wallets, they understand the effect of what a good wardrobe will do for them.

Please don’t freak out when you see the prices, but think of it as an investment that might help you secure that dream job. Napoleon Hill had over 30 suites personally and would wear one every single day. Think about that for a minute!

3). Grooming:

Successful women are not brought down by beauty and fashion trends; they use them to succeed. It is, therefore, imperative to know and understand how to groom yourself fully.

The thing about grooming is that it sends the message that you are attentive to detail and very comprehensive. In some ways grooming alone is more important than fashion.

Therefore choosing the right makeup becomes very important. Light touches here, and there will give you a natural look.

Create grooming habits that are efficient to you, and you will be able to stand out even if you are, you don’t own expensive clothes.

How To Dress For Success For Women

4). Distinguish Yourself:

When choosing what to wear, wear something that makes you be you but makes you feel powerful. Do not go copying what you see outside. Get your style. This is what will make you stand out from everyone else.

Your independent visual identity is what will reinforce your style as one of power and success. Choose colors that tend to bring the best in you.

Know what every color represents and wear that to specific occasions. For instance, red represents someone aggressive at what she does. If you don’t know your style, you can hire a personal stylist to help you out.

5). Don’t Reveal Too Much:

Avoid clothes that reveal your body too much. Clothes that reveal your midriff and your cleavage should be utterly avoided. Also, avoid beach sandals.

I get it; they are easier to walk in, but they are not office attire. So avoid them entirely. And like I said before, hairstyles and makeup should not be extreme. The hair should be well cut and clean without a lot of colors or, better yet, no colors at all.

6). Accessorize Like A Pro:

Sometimes a little painting here and a little brushing turns a mediocre painting into a masterpiece. This is what accessories do to clothing.

The right handbag, belt, or scarf can make an otherwise normal-looking dress-up feel like it was Giorgio Armani who dressed you up.

It can also be the same thing that can end up destroying a very sharp look. Accessories are what helps you change without actually having to change. Jewelry is your friend so use it to the maximum.

How To Dress For Success For Women

7). The Importance Of Shoes:

There is nothing as bad as seeing a woman who can’t walk in high heels. It shows that you have no idea what you are doing.

So if you can’t walk in high heels, then avoid them altogether and wear low heels. They will still work.

Suppose you want to, then practice until you get the feel of it. Also, keep and maintain your shoes in good and optimum conditions.

Unkempt shoes are just you shouting; you don’t know how to take care of yourself. Take them to be repaired. Please keep them in good condition and always polish them.

Remember, first impressions are everything to people, so always keep that in mind. You don’t want people thinking your not sharp as a tack, a force to be reckoned with, and an expert in your field. You want to be viewed as a power player, a big shot because those people get things shaking and moving!


Now, as you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and see how good-looking you are. This will give you the confidence to face the world and compete with the boys for that dream job and position.

You ought to remember that dressing to impress is one of the best strategies you can employ to survive in the current economic situation we are in. So follow the advice, and you will be more than ready to face the corporate world.

Remember more than anything that this is all meant for you to feel good and better about yourself, and dressing nicer is the fastest way to change your mood, especially since most of us are programmed to live from the outside in instead of the inside out as we should.

Life is our mental attitude reflecting at us. If you are not where you want to be, then you know it’s a mental adjustment that needs to be made, and you can do it.

So use this to your advantage. If you are feeling successful, rich, powerful, and sexy, you will attract all of that stuff back to you 100% through the Law Of Attraction. Hell, a promotion may be in the works if you FEEL it’s already yours!

What do you do to dress for success? How has it made you feel on the inside? Do you notice a big difference in your performance? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “7 Tips On How To Dress For Success For Women!”

  1. These are excellent tips, and it was a good reminder for me. Now during these last months of lockdown I started wearing my nice dresses at home. My home attire is usually casual, but I started noticing that I felt much sharper and better about myself when I started wearing my beautiful clothes, even if there was no one to see it, lol.
    I do have a problem with shoes, though. I hate wearing them – I blister easily and I feel locked in when I wear them – and since I live in the semi-desert I wear flip flops at home and sandals when I go out. I think that pretty sandals can still look elegant, depending on what you wear. Of course, no flip flops when you go to work 😉
    I will take your tips to heart, though. It is true that you should dress for success.

    • Hi Christine,

      thanks for commenting and the encouraging words. So glad you see the power behind dressing nice at home. It really is a game changer and it’s easy to do. Can you imagine wearing flip flops to a high end executive job lol? Fun times. Well I hope you have a great week, and thanks for reading.

      All the best,


  2. Hello, Great post you have here. I agree with you the “dressing code” is very important for some companies but I know for a fact that companies look a lot your dressing when you go to an interview and before the interview, sometimes they make their decision just from the look even before having the interview.
    Great post

    • Hi Line,

      Crazy how people judge you in seconds just by the way you are dressed. I know for a fact that dressing nice and coming of as sharp and knowledgeable has a lot to do with the hiring. Such a big difference when you look good :).




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